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Da Kirkja Dverga : Yemekar

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~ ᛞᚨ ᚴᛁᚱᚴᛃᚨ ᛞᚡᛖᚱᚷᚨ ~


“When being had not yet become and the only existence was Vuur’dor and the primordial forces within it, there was no purpose, there was no design. There was only chaos. But sound through the dark expanses of Vuur’dor was a boom, the fall of a hammer. With each hammer’s strike did the primordial forces, once chaotic, bend into shape and were given the design that only a Creator could give. YEMEKAR, lord of creation, used his infinite might and power to shape reality.”


YEMEKAR is the god of creation, the Forge Father. He is patron to the workshop, where one may express their soul on the world through their skills and craftsmanship, and the works made within. He is patron to design, the beautiful perfect forms of each work, and those who ensure it. He is patron to leaders, those who guide their people to honor and create long lasting cultures.



Teachings of the Anvil


The Teachings of the Anvil are a collection of moral principles based in the patronage of YEMEKAR. They serve as guidelines for those who seek to honor the Forge Father, and revolve around the honor and dignity of craftsmanship.



Yemka, meaning to create, is the principle of craftsmanship. To be like YEMEKAR is to be a creator, a craftsman. Develop your skills until mastery, and express your soul onto the world, crafting great works to bring yourself glory. This is the greatest honor any may hold, to be a master craftsman.



Galat, meaning design or form, is the principle that everything has a perfect shape, an ideal form. This does not mean that everything is already in that form, however. Instead, it urges those who were made in his perfect shape, the sons and daughters of Urguan, to strive for that ideal form. Be that a blacksmith dedicated to his craft being made perfect, the preservation of YEMEKAR’s design of the dwarf, or the ensuring of the goldsmith’s design of the world, a philosophy often denoted as YEMEKAR’s Balance.



Akhoral, meaning guidance, is a teaching that encourages leadership, guiding kindred and allies to honor and prosperity. Leaders may learn from the example of YEMEKAR, who leads not through domination but creation. To lead honorably, do not assert your will but rather work for the people, create for them glory and grandeur, and they will follow your guidance. 



Paragons and Heroes of  YEMEKAR


Paragon Urguan Silverbeard

Urguan was the first dwarf, the most perfect mortal ever made. He is father of fathers, descent from him the progenitors of every clan. He carved into the stone the first dwarven city, becoming creator and leader to the first nation of dwarves. As progenitor to all dwarves, he is named the first Paragon of YEMEKAR.


Paragon Thorik Grandaxe

Thorik was the founder of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, through his leadership forming a new system of governance and national identity that would largely stick with the dwarves for all time. He brilliantly led the dwarves through peace and war, bringing great economic and cultural prosperity, and was thus named Paragon of YEMEKAR for leading the creation of such an enduring culture.


Paragon Omithiel Strongbrow

Omithiel was famous for his diligence and humility, both as worker and a ruler. Instead of rushing to conflict for personal glory, he would only act the mighty fist of Urguan when absolutely necessary during his reign as Grand King. He was a renowned and dedicated stonemason, working endlessly throughout the reigns of several kings for the benefit of the kingdom. For his efforts as a builder and as Grand King to preserve and develop Urguan, he was named Paragon of YEMEKAR.


Paragon Thorin Grandaxe

Thorin is the most successful dwarven conqueror of all time, knowing how to utilize the faults of his enemies to ensure YEMEKAR’s Balance. At the height of his legendary conquest, he brought the Kingdom of Oren, the Kingdom of Savioe, the Kingdom of Adunia, the Kingdom of Salvus, the Kharajyr and the Pirates all under the Second Grand Kingdom of Urguan. He created the sacred Obsidian Throne that every true dwarven king has sat on since, and for his creation of the greatest dwarven empire ever, he was named Paragon of YEMEKAR.


Paragon Gotrek Starbreaker

Gotrek is the most legendary and famous craftsman of all dwarven history. His dedication to developing his skills was unparalleled, and legend says that he was recognized by YEMEKAR himself, and made his apprentice. Gotrek is responsible for the dwarven discovery of runesmithing and developed the art of golem crafting. He taught these dwarven craftsmanship magics to the dwarves, and for his work is forever known as Paragon of YEMEKAR.


Hero Simppa

Simppa was the savior of the dwarves, who through his leadership was able to topple the corrupt Ironborn dynasty. He rallied the exiled mountain dwarf clans who fled the Khorvadic Empire, and led a march on Kal’Urguan to rally many cave dwarf allies. After finally uniting the clans, he personally led the attack on the Ironborn, and is said to have fought the Ironborn Emperor in an honor duel. He led a long and prosperous reign as the founder of the Second Kingdom of Urguan before peacefully resigning into retirement. He is named Hero of YEMEKAR for leading the dwarves to freedom from the Ironborn.











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((Good read, will there be one for Belka and the rest of the Brathmordakin soon?))

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