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Assimilation of the Beast

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“Why didst thou rein thyself, to shackles of great detention?                                                                                                                                                                   

Why hast thou allured thyself, into the lair of the Great Serpent?                                                                                                                                                                     

                      Why hast thou drawn unto thyself, thyself?”                                                                                                                       “Assimilate thy beast and bathe in flesh,

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Cleanse thyself of mortal blood.”




Deep along the shores of a folk-deprived hamlet, symbolic nightmares appended by dreaded sensations take to depleting the mental – and thereby, to an extent, physical - health of a specific bloodline of people following what is thought by their elders to be the cyclic return of an old and far-flung breed of man-fiends wont on upbringing ruin and consternation upon the land, preying on beasts and men alike without true distinction.


Unable to physically cut long distances, the monster in the beginning derives its first inception and arrival on Arcaesan mainland from a mother-surrogate through the twisted form of Krekavac, where on the sixth month it rends the womb open and gorges the fresh corpse dry to suffice its carnal wants. In this early phase of suckling the child-beast, a mere husk to a far older beast, experiences already a kind of inhuman pleasure, for he apparently establishes the indulgence principle and the bestial instinct and considers that the former is primarily rooted in the latter, bringing to rise at once the more primordial nature of it’s true form . In well-thought precaution thus, it is greatly advised to those who hold their own safety and that of others at high regard that they let not the beast achieve that state of euphoria in the first place (lest it irreversibly degenerate and set itself upon the land), but instead deter it’s regression by slitting the throat of suspected impregnated womenfolk – who at that time serve as a potential catalyst to the parasitic beast – and imposing thereby an early end to the nearing scourge.



This post is introductory to an expansible medium-scale event-line I had been working on, and more strictly targets a select playerbase than the wider populace. If you wish to get involved, send me a PM in Discord. Consent to PK is obligatory.



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