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Brandybrook Gaming Night, the sixth!

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Brandybrook Gaming Night!


~Halflings shogging!~

I, Filibert Applefoot, the greatest halfling to have ever lived, bring you yet another Gaming Night! Be there or be a rotten pumpkin!


Every year, on The First Seed The Grand Harvest ((Saturday)), us halflings will gather together and be merryuntil the sun sets and has risen anew! It will be a joyous occasion!


Mock Siege!

To test the integrity of the newly constructed anti-demonic fort in Brandybrook, we’re gonna divide ourselves into defendin’ and attackin’ teams and see who wins!


Pie-Eating Contest!

Whoever can their pumpkin pie the fastest, wins!



T’a traditional halfling sport of balance! Knock yer opponent off their log before they can do the same to you!


Come on down to Brandybrook on The First Seed for a blast of a time!

-Filibert Applefoot, local halfling smart-alec.


((4 PM EST this Saturday on 8/8/2020. Located in Brandybrook, the main halfling village in Arcas. You can get to Brandybrook by heading to Aegrothond and then taking a right after you’ve gone off the main road.))

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Jade Sunbrook claps her hands together, clearly excited.

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