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The County Of Selestia Lore

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The County Of Selestia Lore



The city was originally founded by elfs and humans of which most were Illitian (which is also the reason for their style in language). Their mutual friendship and cooperation was mainly because they were sick from the wars and conflict not only between their people but between all the nations. And with the former continent of Arcas being scarred by the inferi they are done with all the destruction. Deciding to live together in peace in this new land while trying to stay independent if possible and only fighting to defend themselves.


The culture, economy and ruling system:

The County of Selestia is known for its fine wine and their peaceful ways of life. Having no city walls it is very much in touch with nature and the original inhabitants of the coastal plains they now live on. The constant singing of the birds and the simple way of life gives a calming climate for all who enter the city. The Selestians often wear light clothing with light and warm colors thanks to the hot climate of living near the coast. Often rather open and free instead of being entirely covered up. Their economy is mainly based on trading. producing wines, tea and all kinds of fruits in their large fields. With this most within the city are farmers, bakers or wine producers. Shipping these off with merchants to the great cities of humans and elves alike.


The local government is a monarchy who works with the council of elders. The positions are chosen by their skills and leadership, having a medic, trader, commander and so on in the council to put their skills to use to make the right decisions for the city and its people. Even with magic mostly frowned upon they would still have one mage in the council. The mage would be able to give advice on how to deal with magical threats and so on. Who is accepted in the council is voted on by the current ruling monarchy and the council itself. The new member has to be above 40. All have to agree on a new council member or else said person would not be accepted into the council. This is to make sure that everyone works with each other in unity for the best of the city. 


The village inhabitants are peaceful and caring towards each other. Defending each other if a threat may occur and helping when somebody needs it. They love the nature around the city while still finding a balance to build their homes where needed. Their architecture often exists out of stone and wood. Preferring light colours for their houses to fit in with the animals and nature while also with the warm climate of living close to the sea. 


Coat of arms:

Their coat of arms is a lily of the valley which is a symbol for their love for nature and how they rather stay peaceful. The shield form around it shows their defensive nature. Being vertically split in two colours which are light green and light blue. Showing their balance with nature and their way of life. (Art to be added)


Over time a new religion came to existence within the city. The religion is called Spriteism. They believe that those who die return as spirits. Either being invisible and not being able to interact with the world at all and floating around to actual ghosts (refer to spirit lore). Each 10 In role play years they have a festival to celebrate that the dead may live on as spirits. Remembering everyone they have lost and how they are still amongst them.

When somebody dies within the city they get a Selestian funeral. This fitting with their belief they bury the deceased individual without a casket. This way the body can be consumed by nature and with that give something back and with that also pass on their soul.


This religion is although not forced upon anyone but instead is a free choice to follow. Not all have to follow the religion while living within the city. They do have a dislike towards any magic that harms nature or people. This being voidal magic and such. You may simply not cast within the city if you are a voidal mage but that does not mean you are not welcome. They do however hate dark magic, seeing it as opposing nature, foul and only to harm innocent people. The penalty upon being found out is banishment with a death mark upon your head may the dark mage return. The druids are more than welcome. Seeing they believe that these are all holy and to create life while in harmony with nature. Paladins however is in a grey area. They see them in balance with nature but heavily disagree against them slaying spirits. As long as they don’t do that they may stay within the city.


Relationship to other nations they wish to achieve:

Selestia wishes to achieve a peaceful relationship with most nations. Although they would stay neutral within any senseless war and only fight for what they believe is right. With this they do prefer to trade with humans and elfs. Avoiding Orcs where they can for their senseless fighting however that does not mean they hate them. 



Over time with the culture their own language started to form. This not being a full language with all kinds of words and grammar, it is purely words that started to form over time. Being vaguely based on the illitian words in the style but has mostly formed on its own. These words being:


 ~Common Words~



Hello - Adiu papair

Goodbye-Adiu siatz


Kinship Terms:

Family - Familha

Father - Paire

Mother - Maire

Children - Pichon

Son - Feyo

Daughter - Filha

Husband - Marit

Wife - Femma

Brother - Fraire

Sister - Sorre

Uncle - Quenque

Aunt - Tanta

Cousin - Cosina

Niece/Nephew - Neboda

Grandparent - Aujol

Grandchildren - Felen

In-Laws - De jure


Other things:

House - Casa 

Flowers - Florir

Nature - Natura

Drink - Beure

Food - Manjar

Animal - Animau

Spirit - Espirit



Credit to my lore team (There Discords)












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