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Soeng Karoseo

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Soeng Karoseo

‘A Song of Crows’

By Vorion Baruch


A Haeseni tapestry depicting the Scyfling fleet travelling from Athera to Arcas. It is thought that the leftmost figure of the central ship depicts Bralt the Boar, blowing a Scyfling horn.



In honour of the recent independence of Haense, I present what is one of my favourite pieces: ‘Soeng Karoseo’. This was a difficult piece to create, and an even harder one to translate well. Nonetheless, I hope that this tale of the Scyfling war resonates with those searching for their national identity in these historic times.


Vorion Baruch


Soeng Karoseo


Usaer zezr haulyy haldae haenzi

Wiem hag dercurvsk denraat, huil zwyzi

Padrevar Ybiseo vzrarev kuz koeng

Luzeng weld ag wauldlund: Kholv ag walic.


Karos kyghyntae zwyen bottel routae

Karos trazk raez humovsk viktry velyae.

Krusae vatragan ag Godan zakisk:

Kursin ag zvaerd usaer byk drazativsk.


Nat lund vatragano supaes szar triek,

Va rotasseran nie vokja byk tuek

Tamort lafsk hauchoxtzen, lauderre, herzen.

Zejr kvesja, warae laujisk aestbrein.


Wiem mortesk feinvrago, tiz stratlyy rot

Ag zinsk maeno weo fitsk dlum supaes Got.

A Song of Crows

(A Translation)


They poured ‘cross sea upon coasts haeseni

At dawn slaying the weak and lame, then these

Sons of Iblees set out unto the king

Along woodlands, marshes: cold and soaking.


And as honour demands that war be brought

The crows struck out to seize the victory sought.

Of hearth and faith they were a stalwart shield:

With coats of arms and shining blades of steel.


Upon the fields of flame their spears did meet

And dawn ‘til dusk no army knew defeat.

There fell warriors great, peasants and lords

Above the mud, where Godan’s heavens poured


They broke the horde, the rivers stained with blood

And sang of men who gave their lives for God.

ooc info:


never write a poem in naumariav it’s not worth it

also, big love to yoppl and quinn for their crazy work in making the language, and putting up with all my dumb questions


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”What a pleasurable tune!” *He’d say as he’d hum it*

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Joseph Gaultier softly hummed along with the tune as he tapped his foot

“Dat be o’ lovely tune”

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