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T H E   E N D

O  F     A     R  I  V  A  L  R  Y


12th of Harren’s Folly, 1791


Viktoriya DeNurem marched at the fore of a proud Orenian rally, a cart secured behind her as the men, clad in red, tangled through the undergrowth.

Recruit Neldor, Recruit Jacker Gendik, Recruit Maglure Varak, & Recruit Merlin Forrester trudged on behind her, having come to her call amidst the sudden chaos that’d broken out minutes prior. 


At the very centre of the city, a commotion had stirred – a silhouette spotted upon the roofs. Jamila Al-Nabeel stood upon the crook of Varoche Hall, a note held betwixt her trembling grasp. A woman, Viktoriya DeNurem, raced up through the halls, desperate to halt the poor Farfolk in her actions – alas, too late, as she fell from the sky, landing with a sickening thud upon the pavement. The DeNurem watched on with a grimace, descending back down the climb to stop at the decrepit body below, evidently horrified.


”COMRADES!” she cried. “We must deliver this woman back to her family! To Al-Hadirah, we must go!”


The aforementioned soldiers rallied to her shout, readily gearing up & preparing for their journey ahead. 




They reached the shore of the encampment, yet the city was empty – a stale, dank scent hanging in the air. They lingered, for several moments, before moving on toward the stone keep, expecting citizens to be lingering. Yet, as they rounded the corner, they were met with a foul surprise. 


An infamous convict – Elene Komnenos – reeled forth, attempting to lunge at Recruit Varak. Her blade clashed with his iron breastplate, and her fist, his eye, as he shoved her off from him – the Officer that lead them, Viktoriya DeNurem, then surging forth to protect the newly Oathed. Yet, the Komnenos was clever: she was aware of the woman’s brash, arrogant nature from their past encounters. Whirling about, she brandished her longsword, delivering a terrible blow to her flesh, slashing the Officer’s chest. Viktoriya stumbled back, a string of incoherent words escaping as she fell upon her bottom – the rest of the party that’d remained now advancing. 


Recruit Neldor stepped forth, fending her off well enough for the DeNurem to regain her bearings, now finding Elene upon the floor, a bloodied mess. She bowled through the Farfolk that’d begun to appear to the commotion, grabbing the woman by the collar. The Orenians held their ground, sure to allow for the Officer to pass as she dragged the Assassin through the halls – glaring forth at the double-doors ahead with clear intent. 


Dropping Elene upon the floor, the fight continued. The Komnenos had managed to send another barrage of attacks upon the woman, yet, her actions were slow – dulled, now, as she began to lose consciousness. The woman stood atop her, drearily glaring down into her gaze as she unsheathed an ivory dagger, dragging it across her visage, before plunging it within the crook of her throat.


There, a three-decade long rivalry lay ended. 

Years of hunting – fighting – slaying – waiting, boiled down to a single few minutes. 

Elene Komnenos had been slain.




And, out from the corner of her eye, as she trotted away . . .

She could see a dim, teal manifestation rise from the mangled corpse she carried, dissipating into wisps as she caught its gaze.

Something unholy had clawed its way out from within the blackened depths of the Komnenos’ soul.


“Tyranny's child hast not broken us yet,
Try as she might, not a drop will she get!
Tyranny's tantrums have come into play,
Striking down witches for what we don't say!”



To CasualNuker, thanks for the fun RP! Great way to end their fighting – Can’t wait to be haunted for the rest of my life, now, haha. Ha...


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Sir Alaric DeNurem traveled about the diverse landscapes of Arcas, observing their fauna & flore with great care, keeping a little catalog of his own as per the numerous species he encountered. During a passing by Helena, the man came to hear of his wife’s revelries, thinking to himself of the extent this seemingly unending series of conflicts that this rivalry produced – since the before their marriage, when they first went out to chat in the Dragon’s Rest. Remarking to himself:


Truly this ist the end of a Saga. . .”


And thus the Knight ventured forth from the Imperial Capital, wandering up the continent, to the frozen wastelands of Northern Oren to find Vik, and learn more of the ordeal. . .

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Vitali nodded, proud of the people he used to command. “I’ll have to congratulate them later, however I would do that...” He trailed off, quickly returning to his duties. 

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Sergeant Willem Galbraith would scan the missive moving to reach for a glass of whisky, lifting it in the air thereafter ”Bloody Brilliant , Finally we managed to catch that dastardly woman for once and for all”

Edited by Willem Galbraith

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