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Hell Gate Festival~

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[!] Posters have been distributed all throughout Arcas, with an ink painting in a distinctly Asian style depicting a hundred ghosts pouring out of the Underworld, each carrying empty bowls.




It is that time of the century on the Li-Ren calendar, where the Gates of Hell have opened and the boundaries between the Other and the Living are at it’s thinnest. The air has turned colder and many households find items missing or moved around in their homes… Join us in our festivities to curb the spirits’ wrath, and their appetites! 




Hungry, Hungry Ghosts:


There will be a designated area marked out for this activity in red wool. Do not stray beyond these boundaries as that will be counted as cheating and ALL players must remain on ground level for this game.

Two players will don spooky-looking player heads and act as the ‘Ghosts’. 

Participants will each get stacks of one type of food, eg. Participant 1 will get only bread. Participant 2 will get only carrots, and so on.

Ghosts get 10 irl seconds to get into position (no hiding, you must position yourself in a place able to be seen)

After the countdown Participants are to seek out the ghosts and pelt food at them (literally). Ghosts may run to evade participants but they are NOT allowed to sprint. Participants may sprint.

Whoever gets the most of their food into the Ghost’s combined inventories wins a custom rp item of their choosing.

Each round lasts 3 minutes irl


Spice Challenge:


Think you have what it takes to become the King of Spice? Prove your worth in the Spice Challenge.

Players line up outside the Spice stall, where they will be fed a course of spicy Li-Ren Cuisine.

Each round consists of a different dish, slowly ramping up spice levels.

Roll to see if your character can take the spice, scores will slowly add up to a total of 100. 

Players will be eliminated from rounds depending on their rolls but worry not! You can rejoin the game if you head over to the tea stalls for recovery.


Tea Stalls:


Calling all Tea enthusiasts to sell their wares here. Taking a break from Hungry hungry ghosts? Need replenishment for your burning mouths from the Spice Challenge? Sip on some of Arcas’ finest teas before rejoining the festivities.


OOCLY: EVENT IS 31st OCTOBER (tomorrow lol), 8PM EST.


[!] An illustration of the directions to Talon’s Grotto would be down here.


To get to Talon’s Grotto, begin to make your way towards Sutica and keep going until you see a gate with a boat in an item frame on the left of the road. Turn down the path until you get to the Ferry with blue and white sails. Then, take the ferry to the Queen’s Isle, and follow the path that leads to the left, and you’re here!

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Gail Cordius smiles widely as he looks at the parchments that were tacked up around Talon’s Grotto, grabbing one off the wall for a moment to get a better look at it and the events listed on it.


“Ah! It’s been quite some time since we’ve had a festival like this in the Grotto! I certainly hope that we get a good turnout!”

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