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[✓] [World Lore] - Titan's Eye

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Titan's Eye, The Venerable Gemstone





Material Name and Description (Raw form)

     Though long undisturbed, Almaris hosts similar stones to the rest of the continents plagued by descendants. Given it’s long untouched nature, it is theorized that familiar crystals known as Adfectio Stones have taken on a unique shape in some areas upon the continent. Unlike normal Adfectio, these deposits take on a trigonal, clear, transparent colourless form. Much more brittle and in much smaller quantities than standard Adfectio, these crystals in their regular form - are rather mundane, only taking on minimal versions of the coloured effects of standard Adfectio. A strong emotion, would yield minimal - if any - change in colour. Rather robust, these gemstones would be notable for their ability to be resistant to scratching and bruising, but like any other, susceptible to being smashed to pieces by a moderately hard strike of a hammer or cut apart with gemcutters tools.


Applications (Raw form)

As a base form, this version of Adfectio is mundane - and yields nothing out of the ordinary. At beast, a dim colour when emotions are shown, in similar to regular Adfectio. 


Red Lines (Raw Form)

-Titan's Eye must be mined from a node

-Titan's Eye is not standard Adfectio, and is not transformable from regular Adfectio

-Titan's Eye has no abnormal or nonmundane effect. If combined with something else in any way shape or form, it aswell will yield no effect.



Harvesting Method

Requiring a gentle and steady hand, one would pry these crystals gently from their stone prison. Any touch or scrape against the crystal itself would yield a horrific scratching sound, which may interrupt one’s focus - but likely required, for prying the crystal from rock. 



Harvesting Red Lines

-Unlike standard Adfectio, anything but a gentle touch of a hammer and chisel would shatter these crystals completely. Even then, if cringing of the sounds of harvesting, one may slip into breaking the crystals.




Material Name and Description (Refined form)

Titan's Eye, when “refined”, takes on a significantly more robust and colourful form. When fueled with mana directly from a voidal magi, it would permanently take on the form of that mage’s Aura colour. As a lightly more potent managem, enchantments would be a bit more aesthetically pleasing- taking on the aura colour of the gem, with no added effect. However, the aura colour of this gem, much more vibrant and permanent than that of Adfectio, would give off an emotion to the user. When on contact with one’s person by general proximity (ex. Upon their breastplate or on a ring), they would become much more vulnerable to that Aura’s associated emotion - feeling such quite quickly, and literally.


Red - Passionate, Angry, Loving, Prideful

Blue - Cold, Orderly, Tranquil, Sad

Yellow - Greedy, Happy, Cheerful

Orange - Enthusiastic, Content, Productive

Green - Envy, Jealous

Purple - Curious, Controlling, Mysterious

White - Innocent, Balanced, Pure

Black - Corrupt, Evil, Malicious, Fearful

Pink - Vain, Deceitful



Applications (Refined form)



As with any Enchantment, a Titan's Eye Gemstone would be able to be used in place of a standard managem - it’s only addition, is that the weapon the gem was enchanted within, would produce the colour of aura of the mage- not changing effects of the spell trapped within, merely how it was presented.


Ex. Instead of a blue or aqua coloured wall for a water-wall enchantment, it may be the colour of the enchanter/refiner’s aura (A transparent-green water wall, a purple one, etc)


Aura Affliction

Auras, in many cultures, are a reflection of ones state of being mentally and physically. Proven, these Auras reflect a person’s emotion most often. Seeming to meld with it’s dormant-adfectio state, imbueing an Aura unto an Titan's Eye Gemstone would give someone a minor to major feeling of that emotion, alongside emotional susceptibility to aforementioned feeling.


Ex. Making a necklace of a blue aura causes one to feel a bit more down, making a necklace of red may make them feel a bit more prideful and perhaps quick-to-anger.


Red Lines (Refined Form)

-Acting as “Enchantment”, Titan's Eye yields NO BENEFICIAL OR COMBATIVE EFFECTS. Purely aesthetic.

-Acting as an Aura-Afflicting stone, the user is by no means compelled to keep on the item and may remove or put on so freely.

-Titan's Eye may act as either and is not limited to one effect (It can both do Enchantment and Aura Affliction.).

-Titan's Eye may be voidally felt to understand it is much more potent than a standard managem.

-A Titan's Eye Gemstone is not locked or limited to the effects listed above- generally colours associated with an emotion, or emotions similar to the ones listed above, may be used and are handled at ST-Signing discretion. 

-Titan's Eye may not be used to metagame if someone is a Voidal Mage or to tell what emotions they are feeling as the colour presented is static and unchanging. 

-Acting as an Aura-Afflicting stone, the user is by no means overwhelmed with such emotion unless they wish to be. They are simply far more easily tugged into that direction of emotion, and are far more susceptible to feeling that direction.



Refining Technique

No matter which line down (Aura Afflicting, or Enchantment) taken, a voidal magi is required. They must have the aura colour shared with their desired outcome.


The magi must gently grasp the raw-form of the stone.

The magi would follow by connecting to the void.

Gently, they would prepare to cast - mana emanating from their form, concentrating upon the Titan's Eye which acted as an anchor. 


Refining Red Lines

-Titan's Eye must share the aura colour of the one who funneled mana unto it. This requires a voidal mage. 

-To funnel mana, one requires a valid and active MA in voidal magic. It may not be done by anyone.

-Titan's Eye requires understanding to use and manipulate. It may not be "guessed" that the refining technique does yield results. 

-Following standard aura rules, one requires a drastic, lifechanging event to swap their aura. This does not suddenly apply to change a stone, then go back.

-Titan's Eye will not change colour in accordance to it's users aura, a permanent mark upon it's creator left behind indicating a permanent shift in colour.

-Titan's Eye will never change it’s colour. If broken or cracked, it will lose it’s stored colour and will become clear and dormant- unusable.

-A Titan's Eye Gemstone may not be used to restore mana.



Purpose (OOC)

cool material unique to Almaris which plays well in hand with existing materials and the current ongoing Voidal Project.



Highelf Aura Theory (ooc)




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This Lore has been accepted. Moved to Implemented Lore, it will be sorted to it's appropriate category soon. Please note that if this is playable lore, such as a magic or CA, you will need to write a guide for this piece. You will be contacted regarding the guide (or implementation if it isn’t needed) shortly.

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