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Core Race Lore - Dwarves: Forest Dwarves


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LotC Core Race Lore - Dwarves




Core Race Lore - Dwarves: Forest Dwarves


The Forest Dwarves are unique among the Dwarves. Unlike their brethren, most Forest Dwarves choose not to live in the earth in caves and mountains. Instead, as their name suggests, they choose to live in the forest. This has made some of them highly dislike the other dwed, which is sometimes mutual, but more often they have at least some friendly connections with the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Seeing a forest dwarf in the dwarven legion is not as rare as one may think, and tales speak of heroes of forest dwarf origins. They are often travelers, roaming forests month on month, meaning they have learned the ways of the forest can navigate through them with more ease than any other Dwarf subrace, even better than some of the main races as well. Despite their not so classically dwarven nature, their dwarven honor and dignity still shine as an example, although their greed sometimes goes other directions that are not gold related.


Skin Coloration

In the past, those with the blood of the forest dwarves noticed that their skin darkens much more easily compared to other dwarves. Over time, their skin has become brown as dark oak bark, even darker than Southern skin. This has led to the Forest Dwarves having darker and brown skin, similar to that of the Wood Elves.


Hair Coloration

The hair color of the Forest Dwarves varies, though the colors are relatively mundane. Brown, black, amber, and red are all commonly identifiable colors for hair amongst the Forest Dwarves.


Eye Coloration

The Forest Dwarves have much variety in eye color, all of which being relatively common. These colors include green, grey, brown, and pale blue. These are generally the only Forest Dwarf eye colors, and others tend to denote mixed ancestry with other subraces.



The Forest Dwarf height range is 3’6" - 5'0" ft. This range is somewhat wide, and the Forest Dwarves vary in build. However, they are almost universally less bulky than the other subraces. This range ecompasses most all Forest Dwarves, with few exceptions. To be above this range is virtually impossible given that it’s the upper cap of Dwarven height. Additionally, being below the 3’5” height minimum would be very unusual and strangely built for a Forest Dwarf.

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