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Study of the Rhenyari Relics

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The Study of the Rhenyari Relics
Published on the 6th of Owyn's Flame, 1807





Since arriving back from the lands of Ba’as, my mind has been buzzing with the stories and history of the Rhenyari, and in an attempt to satisfy these visions, I have decided to write a paper on a few of the Rhenyari Relics which I have seen or own.


Rhenyari Relic of Simon Basrid


Colonel Basrid’s Riding Sabre
This riding sabre is made of steel and brass and was gifted to Simon Basrid when he was appointed as Colonel of the ISA. It is was made during the 18th century but is still in remarkable condition after all these years. Stories that circulate around this sabre say that it was personally used during the Second War of Orcish Aggression. The date 1734 is etched into the hilt and the proverb “I am Owyn Son of Godwin, servant of the Lord” is etched onto the other side. A cherished weapon by the old Colonel and Arch Chancellor, I am pleased to say that this relic has survived the test of time.



Relic of Darius Sabari


Colonel Sabari’s Riding Sabre
A weathered and used riding sabre that has been out of commission for some years. This sabre was a personal relic to the Colonel and has signs of everyday use. It is rumored that this sword was used in the rescue mission of Empress Lorena Augusta and on the Sabari March - an event that solidified him as “The Colonel”. Etched on one hilt of this sword is the famous Rhenyari saying “Every man’s life is a fairy tale written by GOD’s finger.”



Relics of Jasper Carrington


Jasper Carrington’s Wanted Poster
Well not necessarily a relic to Jasper Carrington, this is an integral part of Rhenyari history nonetheless. During a hectic time of Helena’s history, where people were being arrested for riots, barfights, and petty crime, Jasper’s wanted poster is one of the few posters that survived to this day. Jasper was sentenced to two years in prison for Sedition, Disorderly Conduct, and Violent Assault. He served his entire sentence before he ascended to nobility and to a cabinet position. A copy of the wanted poster is included below.


Rhenyari Tome
An aged book passed down through the lines of Jasper Carrington that predates the arrival of the original Rhenyari. Suspected to be from a scholar in Ba’as, this book contains information about the Rhenyari of the past, specifically their language, culture types, and beliefs.


Relic of Jahan Basrid


Jahan’s Gunner Uniform
One of the last remaining pristine Gunner uniforms, this was once used every day in wartime before the ISA formed into what it is today. Used in many different climates, conditions, and missions, this uniform and the legacy of the Gunners is and will always be an integral part of Oren’s history. Below is a depiction of young Jahan Basrid in his uniform.


Relic of Cyrus Basrid


Cyrus Basrid’s Headband
A surprisingly clean and well-kept headband that was used every day by Cyrus Basrid. The story behind the relic is that after Cyrus had the letters “VRA” (Short for Ves Republican Army) carved into his forehead, he decided to wear the headband in order to cover up the scars that it left behind. While some may think this object does not deserve to be in a paper such as this, it should be noted that there were many family fights and arguments over who inherited such a thing - though it now rests in my possession.



Relics of Anthony Basrid


Gazanama - Legendary star chart
An old and ancient chart listing the names and displaying the designs of the seven Arcane Zodiacs, Kitran, Esa, Tephes, Nam, Mahara, Barraman, and Arsan, among other stars. These Zodiacs have deep meaning to the Rhenyari and this scroll is believed to be some few hundred years old. It was gifted to me by a family relative in Ba’as.


Star Compass
A portable compass made out of star steel that I acquired in my youth. Hues of green shine throughout whenever light strikes its structure. The design reminds me of an old sundial, but I assure you that it has a needle that points dead north. There are faint wear marks along the edges due to many adventures, but the instrument still works without fault


A Note from the Author
Hello! I am Anthony Alexios Basrid and this was one of my many papers. My next paper will be on the oceans of the world, thanks to help from His Imperial Majesty.  If you have any questions, feel free to send a bird. 
OOC: BobBox (Austin)#4660 


[!] A self-portrait of Anthony Alexios Basrid is drawn at the bottom of each paper.



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Beryl Jasper Carrington chuckles, upon reading the study, nodding.

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