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((Not my art!!))



An eye for eye, a phrase we have all heard before


Many of thy descendants have their two eyes, but there are many of us who only have one. Whether it was someone taking an eye out in a fit of anger, fighting along brothers and sisters on the battlefields, or just pure stupidity, wrong place; wrong time.



Some even go to far lengths to say that it’s a family curse of sorts, each generation of one's family seeming to be missing the extra orb, leaving one side blinded; blinded to see oncoming attacks, or even missing just the finer details within their daily lives.



The one eye fool, is the one who doesn’t see their missing eye as a downgrade or the time to slow down. They take this disadvantage, push themselves to become a stronger person, be on the winning side of a battle with someone who has their two orbs. Some would see this as a foolish move, foolish that one with a disadvantage should remain the weaker, remain on the bottom of the pit, remain on the outskirts of a battle, to stay where they belong.





                                                                                                              ~Signed~  A.P




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Gray hues of Elizabeth Winter began to flicker about the page, open palm resting on the back The Palmers chair. "And you say you're slow to think of memorable things." The woman stated with a chuckle while patting her dear friend atop the shoulder.





small comment but a comment none the less <3


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