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The Private Property Act




Year 22nd of the Second Age, 3rd of the Deep Cold.


Upon the expansion of our prosperous City-State of Yong Ping to a nation comes increased land and holdings. This wouldn’t be without our people and thus we offer the Private Property Act, to encourage newly constructed homes and ever-expanding families and groups.




一。Private Property

If someone wishes to apply for private property, a form must be first filled out which you’d find at the bottom of this page. Varying questions are asked to grasp the broad concept of what is wanted, not limited to but including what you and your group or family is about, how many members you have and so on.



There are four options to take into account when looking to acquire Private Property of your own.

The construction of a household on rented land within Yong Ping within the dimensions of 25x25 meters.

The construction of a household on rented land within Yong Ping within the dimensions of 50x50 meters.

The construction of a small boat along Yong Ping's waterfront.


The construction of a large boat along Yong Ping's waterfront.

Each option comes alongside an initial application, down payment if accepted and taxes following whatever contract is made with the Minister of Interior. 


三。 Laws Surrounding Private Property

In regards to the dimensions of a private property, these may not be altered at all without seeking out the Minister of Interior first. Those who are found to be altering their bounds will be subject to losing their property as a whole. 


If a non-Yong Ping citizen is staying on a Yong Ping Citizen’s private property, the Citizen must report the non-citizen to a worker for the Ministry of Justice for clearance. Those who are found and not reported will be treated as squatters under the Housing/Property laws of Yong Ping.



Private Property is still subject to the laws of Yong Ping and must follow them as though they were within the central city bounds, as the city laws now apply nationwide. Private Property can still be evicted like any property, on the basis of failure to pay taxes, the inability to follow laws or at our discretion. We may also deny any application.


五。This act will come into effect immediately upon the City-State of Yong Ping’s expansion into nationhood.




Wenping of the Chen Household, Minister of Justice and Head Judge of Yong Ping

 陈  文平 

Yunya of the Chen Household, Minister of Interior and leading lady of the arts within Yong Ping.


Apply here!


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