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The Liturgical Record of Jorenus

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Issued by the Patriarch of Jorenus



The Liturgical Record of Jorenus








To my dear and faithful flock of Godanistan,


I wish you all the best luck in these tough times which are set upon us all. No matter how hard the time, God is with us, and we are with God. The Holy Mystery that He has given us is the Liturgy, my dear ones. It is an act that we as Canonists cannot avoid. Nor should they. That is why worship is not passive. We can’t just just sit back and let things happen around us. If we want to be truly the people of faith, we must strive to surrender to Godan. To thank Godan for all He has given us. You should not just say it, but live it. That little word, amin. We must actively seek the Godan’s home, the Seven Skies. Therefore, let us surrender ourselves and our whole life to Godan, through the Liturgy.


A very brief introduction to what we, Godan's servants, do to pass on His love to you, and even to us, because of course we all need Godan's love. In order to have a nice insight into all the liturgies that will be performed in our patriarchate, with the blessing of the Holy Father, we are compiling this Liturgical Record, which will facilitate the work and improve the organization of the patriarchate.


Let me conclude this letter with a prayer:


For the salvation of our souls. Have mercy on us, O Godani’.

For peace in the world. Have mercy on us, O Godani’.

For the strength of Holy Mother Church. Have mercy on us, O Godani’.

For spirit of Pontiff Jude II, Patriarch Alfred, Archbishop Yaromir, and all other servants of Godani. Have mercy on us, O Godani’.

For vy alone are Godani, Creator of all things, and Savior of our souls.  Amin.




Location of Liturgy (Karosgrad or other vassal):


Date of Liturgy (Year):


Clergyman’s name:


Penned by,

Alfred Cardinal St.Tylos, Patriarch of Jorenus,

Titular Bishop of Leumont, Prelate of the Clergy


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