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The Spicy Shrimp's First Trip

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A sand-covered rat totters up to each crew member of the remarkable ship known as the Spicy Shrimp. The rat lay down a note at the feet of each person before waddling away. Upon opening the note, the crew would find it to read as follows.


"To my dear crew,

   It is time for us to set sail! Pack up your bag, gather your food, and ready your sea legs! We will be setting sail out on our first ride across the grand mistress that is the deep blue sea in the coming day.

  Now keep in mind, my dears, that this is our first trip out on the sea as a group, so I ask you all to be kind and patient with one another, for you never know what you will come across on the sea. At any moment, you could find yourself in the grips of a cannon fight with some living dead or wrapped up in the tentacle of a magnificent squid.

  Now for the logistics of our little trip, we will be heading out at the same time the sunrises and then taking a simple trip out into the deep waters of the ocean and anchoring down there for a few hours before heading back home. Truly simple, so there's absolutely nothing to worry about. 

  Now get ready and stop wasting time!"



At the bottom of the letter rests the Rat Queen's seal.


[OOC: Meet at the Shrimp @ 5EST 5/9. This event will have a good bit of CRP, so be ready for that and make sure to have any items you want to use taken out of the chest on the ship and in your inventory.]



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"Oi, dis also seems cool" says Filibert Applefoot

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