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Ex. Sigismund's Day


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Exalted Sigismund’s Fair

A celebration of the Prophet



[!] A prior painting capturing the festivities of Ex. Sigismund’s day, circ. Unknown



To celebrate Exalted Sigismund’s Day - the national Haeseni holiday; a fair shall be held in the streets of Karosgrad. Traditionally, it is a time for feasting and sitting down with family and clan members as the winter months set in. A time for reflection, joy, and thankfulness. 


So it is important that the city, too, will celebrate. Games will be set up for the entertainment of passers-by around the square, along with informative statues to provide some insight into the life of Sigismund I, prophet of the faith. These will include a balloon game- to test how high each player can ascend! To play, simply grab ahold of the bunch of balloons, and allow them to lift your body weight up off solid ground. 


Also- for a limited time only, there will be stalls selling the own-brand of Sig’s Cigs to the merry-goers!


Common foods to be served during the fete include veal, iskov and restineol - accompanied by classic bottles of Carrion Black! After all: it would not be a proper Hanseti holiday without some intense drinking competitions. 





Her Royal Majesty, Emma Karenina, Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska






at 4pm EST

karosgrad square


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