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425 Trelka Grand Prix Race Summary

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On this 11th of Jula and Piov of 426 E.S.



The fifth race of the season, and the final to take place within Karosgrad proper, the Trelka Grand Prix, taking place in the Hippodrome, provided intense drama, as well as a brand new race winner, as well as the first double podium for any team in the history of Snailula One! The Racers’ Championship is getting heated, and spots are shifting in the Constructors’ Championship!


It was a pole position for race debutant, Isabel Baruch, and her snail, Bernard Baruch, but they were unable to convert their pole position to a race victory. Snailbastian Snettel and Snaile Earnhardt Jr. started behind, making it two consecutive front row starts for Snettel.


It was Snettel who got the jump off the line, taking the lead of the Grand Prix, but this was not where the attention was at the start of the race, as Rhys Ruthern’s Skidmarks never made it past the finish line, spinning at the beginning and taking out Isa Basrid’s Ricky Bobby.


It was, like in three previous races, Snark Snailber that would take the lead of the race, just ahead of teammate Snettel, but right after Snailber got off the shortcut, they spun out and crashed, triggering the first safety snail of the race.


The number of snails would slowly decrease as the race went on, Grigori Vyronov’s Body Odour also attempted to use the shortcut, but crashed off of it before getting off. Later on, Margot Baruch’s Snuncan Snaruch would spin on the way out of the pits, rear-ending Adrian Colborn’s Snickelsen and taking them both out of the race.


Polesitter and debutant, Bernard Baruch, would have a slow start to the race, and without getting very far into it, had a slime issue that forced them to pull over and retire from the race. The very same would happen to Amadea Bihar’s Snance Snoll while using a shortcut. A second safety snail condensed the grid, which now consisted of only five snails.


As the snails were released again, Dorothea Bihar’s Marshella Escargeux would jump into the lead, leaving the others for the dust, and being close to the finish line, but Snaile Earnhardt Jr. crashed out, allowing Snettel the opportunity to catch up to Escargeux, who was having a slow pitstop.


It was all for nothing, though, as Escargeux got the good run out of their pitstop, and took home the race win, a first for LR Snailification, with Snettel taking home second place, a first podium for Alban-Ludovar. Margrait Ruthern’s Shellita S’cargo would take home third, making it a double podium for LR Snailification, a fantastic team result that saw them jump up the standings. Rudolf Vyronov’s Snairlwind finished a meagre fourth, far behind the rest of the pack.


As it stands, the Racers’ Championship Standings are as follows:

1st - Emma Bihar and Snailman - 51 points.

2nd - Erika Barclay and Snaile Earnhardt Jr. - 42 points.

3rd - Adrian Colborn and Snickelsen - 35 points.

4th - Amadea Bihar and Snance Snoll - 33 points.

5th - Margrait Baruch and Shellita S’cargo - 33 points.

6th - Karl Bihar and Snorlando Snorris - 28 points.

7th - Matyas Ludovar and Snailbastian Snettel - 28 points.

8th - Grigori Vyronov and Body Odour - 25 points.

9th - Dorothea Bihar and Marshella Escargeux - 25 points.

10th - Isa Basrid and Ricky Bobby - 24 points.

11th - Rudolf Vyronov and Snairlwind - 20 points.

12th - Esmée Kortrevich and Chicky Chick - 18 points.

13th - Maric Baruch and Shmichael Shellmacher - 18 points.

14th - Sorina Luceafaru and Snailium the Great Jr. - 15 points.

15th - Lucien de Savoie and Antonius Vilac - 15 points.

Everyone else has yet to score points.


As it stands, the Constructors’ Championship Standings are as follows:

1st - PR Sigmar-Auréle - 68 points.

2nd - LR Snailification - 58 points.

3rd - Force Rhenyari - 57 points.

4th - SNAAB Ultra Speed - 55 points.

5th - WFR Reinmaren Roadsters - 42 points.

6th - HR Alban-Ludovar - 28 points.

7th - RB Kortrevich - 18 points.

8th - Ayrikiv Snail Works - 18 points.

9th - Guardians of the Snailaxy - 15 points.

Everyone else has yet to score points.

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