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  1. "Is he sure he can even manage his time between Sulianpoli and the cihi...?" Hileia says while furrowing her brow.
  2. THE BALLOT ((MC Name: woozerly)) Name: Hileia Vote 1: Luthien Maeyr'onn Vote 2: Luthien Maeyr'onn
  3. "Maybe you should ask about a collaboration with Mistress Anara if you plan to teach about first aid. She is elOkarir'hiylun after all." Hileia muses after reading the missive.
  4. [!] This missive would be pinned neatly along the streets with a majority of them being around the Eternal Library of Haelun'or. Mali'thill Haelun'or aheral. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━-x-━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ I'll keep this short and simple. It has come to my attention that the position of Okarir’maehr is open. As tilruir’naelu and effectively Okarir’maehr in everything but name already. I, Hileia’illera, would like to show interest in the open position. I take great pride in my work in the Eternal Library and college. As I’m sure most of the citizenry would agree to my merit and work. I have given my all to these institutions and I'd hate to see it be brought to its knees from further stagnation by another disinterested Okarir'maehr. I will fight tooth and nail for the preservation and continued existence of these institutions in the Silver State. Should I be granted Okarir’maehr you can expect more classes, more life brought into the library, its continued existence for elMaehr’sae Hiylun’ehya and a more vested interest into its workings for the citizenry. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━-x-━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ayMaehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. Hileia’illera
  5. "Average Sarah W." Hileia says with a smile.
  6. "If only he'd come to my classes instead of smoking "fat joints" underneath the lecture hall..." Hileia sighs.
  7. Hileia'illera smiles at the thought of getting to tell more people the culture of the Mali'aheral!!!
  8. Name: Hileia'illera Username: woozerly I'm expecting the most useless shit for my pretentious little girl!!!
  9. This is a dream, so like, don't act like you know this if you see her lel.
  10. OOC: Genuinely going to try some of these out if not all of them omg, bless up for the recipes.
  11. Narril would read the missive and smile from ear to ear. "My dear friend Senna seems to be getting along really well! I should visit and wish her a congratulations sometime." She would walk off, extremely happy for her friend's success.
  12. Narril would read the missive and sigh. "Foolish, foolish. I thought the Cerusil's had a certain standard within them? Thought cowards weren't the greatest imagery for them." She chuckles. "Well, at least he's out now. Can't taint the name any longer."
  13. OOC ((MC Name: woozerly)) ((Discord: wooz#7961)) ((Timezone: CST)) IN-CHARACTER What is your name? Aleksiya Why seek membership to the Mages Guild? I would like to expand my knowledge on the world and the void. I appreciate knowledge and would like to know more in general. What arts, if any, do you currently practice? None. I have never attuned myself to the void. What position do you desire to attain upon acceptance? Practicus, since I've never been attuned to the void. When should you be contacted for an interview? All the time. I have no duties that take up my time, yet. ((I'm free everyday from 12pm-11pm CST, just shoot me a msg on discord.))
  14. ((Only IC past this point.)) What is your name?: Hileia'illera How old are you?: 164 What is your race?: Mali'aheral Are you aware of the rules of the College and that not conforming with them will attract consequences?: Ti, I'm very much aware. I think it's a bit silly to ask a cihi of 'aheral if they know of the concept of consequences. What class/classes do you wish to enroll in, of the options? (✓) Thaumaturgy [!] some writing would be filled in under the question; and Alchemy as well if you teach that. I would hope you would. Why is it you wish to enroll in this class/ these classes?: I would like to learn Thaumaturgy to understand the knowledge and power of the void. Alchemy to understand better how herbs and botanicals influence each other and the world. Please describe yourself in a few sentences, to the best of your abilities: Well, I'm not sure the best way to describe myself. So I'll leave that to your imagination. But I know this much; ask of me what you will and I will try my very best to accomplish whatever was asked of me. Anything else you wish to add?: I hope you take me under your tutelage. Having been born and raised outside of the society of 'aheral I've never had the opportunities that every one else in the cihi has. I would like to live up to the expected standard of a Mali'aheral.
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