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  1. oh i want this rewrite... i want this rewrite i want it so bad...
  2. wooz

    The Bloodied Keep

    A scaled being eyed the man in front of him as he gave quiet reverence to the banner that claimed his soul. "Bithe'Vah dul."
  3. wooz

    Qizu Skin Auction

    Skin Name - Loremaster Bid - 20$ Discord Name - woozerly
  4. An Azdrazi sits and hopes no one else is using the symbol he uses to brand his Heralds.
  5. Pardon if it came off relatively toxic. I've been at work for 7 hours (i am very tired.) and I'm very autistic. My intention isn't to say "all azdrazi are being disrespectful!!!" It's more "people are whether intentionally or not, it happens. Considering the high stakes nature of the eventline. It's to be expected and I think it's a bit... Lack for a better word, cringe, to say everyone is being respectful." That goes for both sides obviously.
  6. rukio13 told me i smell today

  7. Cringe rukio ban 🥱

  8. "He is here..." A paladin, reached for her head with a glowing left arm, wreathed in silver light. Forehead drenched in sweat from imaginary heat. She'd look to the ceiling as if it was sky. Remembering the scenes of the previous Elven day. A man laying in front of the Tree, the tears. "We will make this worth it..."
  9. wooz


    [!] The sun had just yet cemented itself in the center of calm skies when it came. All across Aevos it was seen and felt. A golden wave of Xannic energy cascading across the sky. Disturbing clouds like seafoam on water as it shot across the sky. Following this abnormal display in the heavens the distinct tolling of a bell was heard. Bong, bong, bong the bell tolled. For Helios had rung once more. Those that knew what the ringing of the bell meant would be comforted, invigorated, resolved even. Justice has been brought to the world. The light of Xan seemingly illuminating the shadows of the world once more. A reminder that the Sun would not and had not set. But in the darkness. Those that would see to it that the Sun would be extinguished. At the sound of Helios’ tolling would feel fear. Deep and existential. Dread unlike any other that would grip their very beings. For He was judging them. Lasting for but a moment as it too abated. Justice was served. The Sun smiled high up in the sky. He was reminded that his Duty was still being followed.
  10. A man scratched his arm. Tired of wearing this skin. "Father will do just fine without me. I only answer to one, and it is not Him." Ash fluttered in the air as the letter he was holding erupted into flame.
  11. Aurae gripped the letter after reading it. "It is time, then." She'd turn her gaze towards the direction mentioned.
  12. "Father." The young Nephilim's voice hissed out from his polymorph. Smile plastered upon his face.
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