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Death and Ash

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[!] A letter would be distributed on notice boards throughout the Kingdom of Norland so that it may be seen by all who enter its borders.


Death and Ash

77 S.A.



On the 18th of the First Seed, the body of Olivia Freysson Ruric was discovered in the Hearth Temple. This death, unfortunately, marks the death of a Rurikid chieftess, and as such we hope that Clan Freysson are able to peacefully decide on a new Chieftain to represent their clan.


Unfortunately, it is the circumstance of their death that is the worst of all. It is believed that she came, with an accomplice, to cause destruction to property of the Red Faith. Sacred murals were desecrated, the front bench vandalised, chandeliers cut from their chains, and the Hearth in the centre of  had been extinguished. While there is no certainty, it seems very likely that Olivia’s death was suicide. Whether it is was an assisted suicide is unknown. However, their accomplice had marked the Hearth Temple with what was seemingly a Canonist Cross using Olivia’s blood, which hints at a Canonist link between the two.


It is due to these considerations that, using the total power granted on matters of administration and diplomacy during the regency, Olivia Freysson Ruric is henceforth posthumously considered ashed - to bear the surname of Ash when referenced. Throughout and towards the end of her life especially, she has demonstrated an opposition to the values and tradition of the Rurikid that make her undeserving to be considered Rurikid, and is now considered Ash because she no longer has the inner flame that the Rurikid possess. As an Ash, this means that Olivia may no longer be referred to as a Freysson nor a Ruric. If she had any children before death, they too are considered ashed unless they prove themselves worthy.


His Excellency, Einar Edvardsson Ruric, by the Blood of the Herald, Lord-Regent of Norland, Prince of Norland, Chancellor of Norland, Chieftain of the Edvardssons



Mera Camian, High Keeper of the Red Faith, Matriarch of Clan Camian



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