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The fall of Asul'hilsia

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A Report of the leading up events of San Luciano and final battle of Almaris:

Night fell on the land of Alamaris - Haelun'or knew to prepare themselves taking the unnatural darkness as a sign of warning. Alas, they were correct in doing so for war horns echoed over the sea bordering elcihi thillin. The smell of gunpowder and rot billowed through the marbled pristine halls. Suddenly, the ground shook. elSillumiran gathered , rallied in the main square, prepared to defend their homeland, and her citizens. elSillumiran spread out on the overarching walls and stood ready for whatever was coming their way. The ground split from beneath them and from the center of elcihi mori began to claw their way into their sacred home. Through great teamwork, alchemic weaponry and discipline they slowed the creatures down from clawing their way up from the depths, and holding their ground against the flanking pirates that assaulted the back of elcihi. However - there was no end to them , and Haelun'ors galant struggle proved to in the end be futile against the dark magic at play.

A high tidal wave crashed against the walls, flooding elcihi we once called home. Haelun’or was routed and was compelled to flee back to Savoy for the safety of her people.

Together with the other descendant survivors of the Mori’s attacks, they gathered for one last fight in the last remaining standing city.

The war was grand, forces pincered the remaining descendants from all angles; however, they managed to hold their ground over a multitude of aggressive attacks, and waves from the dastardly flying, acid spitting creatures that had plagued the realm for the last couple years.



Haelun'or demonstrated excellent militant skills with their organization and the leadership presented. Not a single Sillumir or Haelun’orian was lost. The remaining descendants had their last stand in the Savoy palace just barely managing to escape thanks to a splitting crack that emerged in its center.



In the end, they were forced to retreat deep down into a strange underground territory but not before long they managed to find an exit thanks to a convenient landslide that revealed a path way to the surface, a new realm. 



Haelun'orians are strong of spirit and mind. elcihi will be rebuilt- better than before and the mali'thill of Haelun'or will continue to flourish. 

thill'leh inde'leh Talonniileh'ehya chul'okarae!
[[ We must safeguard (the spirit of) our purity (the spirit of) our history and (the spirit of) our family ]]

Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya

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Well written Alex!


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I am very happy for you, this is amazing!! <3


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My man!! 💪

A curt nod is given from a fellow Divkinael that looked over the report.

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[!] A high elven woman, though not present for the conflict, would be roused from her sleep; cheek taken from the cushioning of papers upon the elfess' desk. Her ears flickered once, twice - hair in a mess, and looking rather dishevelled, the scholar would take slow rise, the sounds of trouble abrew just beyond her doorstep.


With shouts and cries, a gaze outside would reveal the swarm, swiftly drawing closer. Swiftly gathering up the most precious of belongings - though most lay stowed already within her draping, many-pocketed cloak - she'd step out; stormy winds biting, lashing at her brow.

And as upon the horizon, something began to rise - closer, and closer, a wall of water - in measured, even, but hastily quick steps, would the woman desert the city.


Robes soaked and sodden, a good thing it was that the paper-parts of her belongings kept from dissolve within the inner part of her cloak - though still a little damp, littered with blots of run ink. In shadow of the Sillumir who lead the way, she'd follow towards the final stronghold - spending such a last battle once again in shelter before moving along with her kin.



such a brilliantly written post ! glad to be able to catch my characters up on the dramatics of world-ending proportion whilst on study hiatus :] <3


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