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Another Whitewashed

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Another dishonorable orc has seemed to emerge from our investigations. For breaking the urukhim codes of:


Code Dub: Greater than any other weakness of faith, practicing bûrz’mojo such as Dark Shamanism, Necromancy disgusts the Spirits and violates the will of KRUG.



Code H’: Knowingly evading the consequences for one's actions, whether defeat or violation of the codes, is cowardice; One should accept their punishment.


The orc known as ‘Bug’ shall be considered whitewashed. Those who seek to hunt this individual are to be cautious upon approaching as the individual is a known Vampyre


Bug was tested with an aurum needle which passed the darkspawn test, then was administered salt on his wound, to which his grizh started boiling. He was then subdued by the urukhim of Krug, and taken into custody for cleansing of his vampiric curse. Bug then refused to be cured and attempted to attack a fellow urukhim in which resulted in his inevitable death.




[!] A drawn picture of the whitewashed orc



Also! Due to my own mistake on the last whitewash announcement in not identifying what the crimes ‘Krognag’ has committed, I will list them here!



Code Futh: To raid or attack the allies of Krugmar is to violate the will of KRUG.


It is my duty to ensure not only the codes of Krug are followed… But to inform everyone of when they are broken. From here on out, I will continue to provide the codes that are broken by the whitewashed, as well as update everyone on what actions were taken.


Their spirit be broken, and their lives lived in fear.

Ang Gijak-Ishi,

Gnarla’Vukh, Krimpgoth Of The Iron Horde.

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"Whub da...Bug too? Mi knew him, it ahm a dizgrace tu have fallen tu buurz korruption, mi nub-more-brudda..." Fagh is overwhelmed with shock and rage for the loss of another fellow Uruk to darkness.

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The sound of feral chittering drifted along the streets of the Horde as Gummy would notice a missive left at the cave door she called home down below. Recognizing Bug's face on the paper felt both relieved to be able to at least protect the picture gifted to her from who-knows-where had brought it from, but the child would carefully tear out the picture & name from the parchment to keep with her at all times in comfort.


"..Moar like.. Krug-rawr rot-wazhed...." Gummy would chitter a bit angrily to herself under her breath, a light sound of angry giant beetles buzzing at the bottom of her words. She couldn't help but feel a tear trickle down her cheek, but with someone waiting for her to teach her first lesson, she wouldn't hesitate to head inside the cave to grab a few things & head out right away.

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