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  1. Announcement of Banishment Recent efforts to allow Bug, the whitewashed uruk, to redeem hismelf through a series of trials have not emerged fruitful. Bug has shown he is incapable of honor and thus will not be given the option of redemption.. Any and all who encounter Bug are to capture and bring him forth to the horde. His actions and dishonor to Krug himself will not go unpunished. Vukh clan wargoth Gundanat, Haeilie Mirhana (honorary in trial), Ay Cohi (Honorary in trial), agh Founder of Lurin Mika Anarion were present to witness Bug attempting to sow chaos within Lurin, spreading lies amongst the Lurinite people, attempting to tarnish what is a healthy alliance between the Iron Horde agh Lurin. Gundanat’Vukh, Haeilie Mirhana, agh Ay Cohi all witnessed Bug telling me, Gnarla, the he chooses to never return to Krugmar agh that he wishes to abandon his trials to clear his tarnished name. Bug also accused me, Gnarla, of being a darkspawn, in which I conducted my own darkspawn test on myself, with multiple witnesses about. The salt used to test my blood was then verified to be actual salt after no reaction to both tests happened. It was then when Mika stepped in, ordered the group of us to head near the Lurinite klomping pit, and attempt to solve the dispute. It was revealed that Bug had kept his dishonorable past a secret to the Lurinite citizens. It was then an honor klomp was requested by myself. It was then that I slayed Bug in this klomp, taking his head as proof for the horde of his death. His body was incinerated, hoping to cleanse the world of his dishonor. Bug has been known to come back from these deaths, and so he has once again. Squee, clanless goblin of the Iron Horde, and I, Gnarla, both witnessed whilst on an exploration in search of herbs, Bug sprint into the gates of Celia’nor. No news has come out to my knowledge of what happened after, but one can only assume, Bug is not dead. Let this missive serve as a message and an official warning of the banishment of Bug from the Iron Horde, as well as all of the deserts blessed by Krug. Any and all who encounter Bug are to bring him back to the Horde ALIVE for him to face punishment. [!] A drawn picture of the whitewashed orc Let their spirits be broken, and their lives lived in fear. Ang Gijak-Ishi, Gnarla’Vukh, Krimpgoth Of The Iron Horde.
  2. Another dishonorable orc has seemed to emerge from our investigations. For breaking the urukhim codes of: MAARUBH’U ILZGÛLU Code Dub: Greater than any other weakness of faith, practicing bûrz’mojo such as Dark Shamanism, Necromancy disgusts the Spirits and violates the will of KRUG. MAARUBH’U HÛR Code H’: Knowingly evading the consequences for one's actions, whether defeat or violation of the codes, is cowardice; One should accept their punishment. The orc known as ‘Bug’ shall be considered whitewashed. Those who seek to hunt this individual are to be cautious upon approaching as the individual is a known Vampyre Bug was tested with an aurum needle which passed the darkspawn test, then was administered salt on his wound, to which his grizh started boiling. He was then subdued by the urukhim of Krug, and taken into custody for cleansing of his vampiric curse. Bug then refused to be cured and attempted to attack a fellow urukhim in which resulted in his inevitable death. [!] A drawn picture of the whitewashed orc Also! Due to my own mistake on the last whitewash announcement in not identifying what the crimes ‘Krognag’ has committed, I will list them here! MAARUBH’U KRUG-HAI Code Futh: To raid or attack the allies of Krugmar is to violate the will of KRUG. It is my duty to ensure not only the codes of Krug are followed… But to inform everyone of when they are broken. From here on out, I will continue to provide the codes that are broken by the whitewashed, as well as update everyone on what actions were taken. Their spirit be broken, and their lives lived in fear. Ang Gijak-Ishi, Gnarla’Vukh, Krimpgoth Of The Iron Horde.
  3. Announcement of Whitewash A new dishonorable has shown their face around the horde! For cimes against the Urukhim people and dishonor of Krugs name, the one known as “Krognag” is to be considered whitewashed. [!] A drawn picture of the whitewashed orc May their spirit be broken, and their lives lived in fear. Ang Gijak-Ishi, Gnarla’Vukh, Krimpgoth Of The Iron Horde.
  4. Krimpgoth Announcement As the newly appointed Krimpgoth of the Iron Horde. I will ensure that all orcs within the horde follow the standards set by our spirits and by Krug himself. Any who dishonor the orcish grizh will have to answer to me and my fellow krimphai. Honoraries Honoraries have served to be an important part of the horde. As it stands, these honoraries are to be recognized as urukhim until otherwise stated. The only current honoraries in the horde are: -Minto'Lur -Obok'Ugluk -Slith'Ungri -Sally'Yar Whitewashes These specific orcs have shown that they do not honor the urukhim way and shall be hunted until they learn to change their ways. Current official whitewashes include: -’Yrmsik Fiyem’ of Kaethul -'Krognag' of (possibly) Petra Both of these lists will be updated as needed and posted on the notice board within Krugmar. Ang Gijak-Ishi, Gnarla’Vukh, Krimpgoth Of The Iron Horde.
  5. Gnarla'Vukh would rub her hands together mischievously as she read the announcement. "Oi'm boutta 'ave zum fun if dey cruzz mi!"
  6. Ayee! This is so useful! thank you for this!
  7. This is such a useful tool! Thank you for this! <3
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