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  1. "Whub da...Bug too? Mi knew him, it ahm a dizgrace tu have fallen tu buurz korruption, mi nub-more-brudda..." Fagh is overwhelmed with shock and rage for the loss of another fellow Uruk to darkness.
  2. "zho many whitewazhez in diz time...mi wonderz if the urukim are bekoming lezz honorable or too quick tu judge our own" he sigh as he reads the sad announcement
  3. Protection of the Southern Summit 2nd of The Grand Harvest SA 168 The chapter is written in a hurry, with a thin layer of sand coating it. The Southern Summit is near, and there is a lot of work to do. I'm one of the shamans appointed to help guard this place from buurz infiltrators. It's the largest meeting I'll be attending yet, next to that party at Haelun'or...that was a blast, everyone of my bruddas got wasted. Good times. But back to work! May Jevex give me the strenght to carry on those tasks. There is salt and aurum to be spead, for it prevents demons, undead and other darkspawns from entering, shall there be unwanted attention form those corrupted forces. May Scorthuz protect us and cleanse all the taint creeping towards the meeting. There are totems to erect and wards to cast, but since I'm not yet powerful enough to do it myself I'll lend my energy to the other shamans performing the rituals: hopefully my lessons will bring me closer to the great shamans we have at the lodge. May Theruz guide me in the pursuit of the knowledge. The sand shifts hot, but we shall be tougher. The wind blows strong, but we will be stronger. The mountain stands unwavering, and we will be steadfast in the reaching of this alliance-to-be. Lûp'Krug, gaakh ghûlumta'izishu morûzalul!
  4. "Mhh, lotz ob conzpiraciez deez dayz" -"mi hopez da urukim will nub follow diz path too" as he reads the missive with a concerned face. "may Scorthuz purge deez buurzness onze agh for all"
  5. "No kaktuz Green? Whot if it's a..uhh..medical prezcription?" sweats profusely while hiding the green
  6. "Kould thiz be? Our minto a liar ahg decievur..." Fagh trusted the lodge, but couldn't believe those allegations to be true. Something felt very off for him about this affair.
  7. A Promise to Akezo 20th of Sun's Smile, SA 167 These pages strongly smell of cactus green with a faint hint of sage and nutmeg. Today was a pretty important day for me, as I finally got to meet another great spirit: Akezo, the immortal spirit of healing and vitality. I always wanted to meet him, as I always tended to her shrine in the old Krugmar, and prayed to him many times in my medical career. Hera, my current teacher in the shamanic art of Farseeing, brought me in her realm through a spiritwalk, though it was a bit different than what I usually experienced from my more frequent spirit walks through the Stargush'stroh; The smoke that Hera conjured was warmer, and way calmer than the dead cold cyan mist I'm used to, and instead of being pulled down or feeling as if falling, i felt a pulling upwards. It was very refreshing, as I always wandered what it would feel like to fly, or levitate. I Woke up in a huge hall, surrounded by quartz pillars and marble arches above them. It was pretty dark, but fortunately the place seemed filled with a faint blue light, letting me see a throne at the end of the hall. Sat on the throne I finally saw her: a huge winged serppent with shiny diamond scales, her eyes pierced the darkness with their icy blue shim, and it was like they were looking through my very soul. Akezo firstly thought Hera brought there just another soul in need of purging, but i tried to erase her doubt by reeting her in Old Blah with: "Lup Akezo, za kulat zrii trafat lat". I studied it for a few years, but it wasn't easy to remember all the words, especially when time was not in my favour. She seemed to have liked it, and so we both started speaking in Old Blah (at least I did some good practice with a native speaker). She told me not many uruks came to his realm, but a lot of desendants did just to get rid of their curses: a shame I thought, our land has always been inflicted with great wounds, but there are not many that have the will or kindness to heal them, instead of making them deeper. She then asked me if I was to pact with her, and I accepted. She asked me who I was, what I wanted from her and what I was willing to give. I waanted the power to heal my people of every harm that could come to them, and in truth, I was willing to give everything for that chance but that would not be a wise answer to give to any spirit, so as an equivalent exange, I offered my worship, my medical skill at the service of others and, in the future, to be the teacher of many other medics to come. Then I woke up, with the command from Akezo to build a shrine for her, and a renewed hope that our horde would be more safe, thanks to her power. Lup Akezo!
  8. Dust and weird colored particles stain these tightly organized chapter. A strong smell of pure alcohol and burnt leaves comes when turning these pages. Extraction Tests (Phase 1 to 5) 1-Air Symbols Extraction (Nightglow) I turned on the stove and put a large copper dish, with a grill on it, on the fire. Then I spreaded evenly the Nightglow bundle on the grill, and waited for it to dry completely, watching closely the fire to prevent it from cooking or burning. As the nightglow dried, I transferred it in my trusty turquoise mortar, and crushed it without grinding it too fine, leaving a thic blue powder in the process. After the crushing, I took a clean glass jar, and put the powder inside it. I sealed the jar hole with elastic cured goat belly and hard wax, then pushed the belly inward to compress the powder and pulled outward after to decompress, lifting the powder still inside the jar. I opened a bellow side an put the bellow side and put the volatile powder inside, making sure no leaks happened, and blowed the bellow in front of him, releasing the particles in the air. I then precisely arranged the particles with small tweezers in three distinct patterns close to each other. Symbols: Light x3 Swiftness x2 Peace x2 2-Fire Symbols Extraction (Blood Lotus) I turned on the stove and put a large copper dish, with a grill on it, on the fire. Then I spreaded evenly the Blood Lotus bundle on the grill, and waited for it to dry completely, watching closely the fire to prevent it from cooking or burning. Once dried, I chopped the herb with a kitchen knife until the consistency of sawdust, then transfered the reddish powder into a cast iron wok. I set the powder on fire with some wood shavings and a flint and steel, and waited until it turned all to pink ash. I then used a heat resistant tweezer and wore leather gloves to pick out the symbols and arranged them in 3 different bonfire-like piles. Symbols: Strenght x3 Vigour x2 Rigidity x2 3-Earth Symbols Extraction (Diddyfunkle) (note to myself: this was surprysingly the shortest description but with the longer process, because I messed up many times before reaching the desired powder consistency) I grinded the Diddyfunkles with my mortal and pestle with a half-ratio of salt equivalent to it, until left with a rough powder of salt and crushed flowers. I then carefully sieved the powder to separate the salt from the Diddyfunkles, until i was left with 4 differnt chunks of symbols. Symbols: Dark x3 Lethargy x1 Poison x2 Fear x2 4-Water Symbols Extraction (Mandragora) I prepared a large bowl and filled it with distilled water, then put the mandragoras there and left them submerged until fully soaked. I then crushed the roots with a flat rock on a cutting board, until i was left with a mushy (and stinky) paste. I spreaded the paste evenly and thinly in a large copper plate, and left it there for a full day, until it was fully dry. I was left with 4 irregular sheets with the symbols in it. Symbols: Separation x1 Impedement x3 Fear x2 Lethargy x1 5-Aether Symbols Extraction (Ponderlot) I finely cut the Ponderlots with a halfmoon knife, then put it in an aurum mortar from the alchemy lab, and crushed it into a fine powder. A pot filled with acqua vitae was preapared and put to simmer with the whiteish powder inside, until fully saturated and turned into a dense liquid. The liquid was then filtered until only the powder was left. I then put the powder to boil, until the liquid evaporated, and finally arranged the 4 different symbols into separated petri dishes. Symbols: Clarity x3 Chaos x2 Rage x2 Sound x1
  9. A Lost Uruk Shanty A barnacle-encrusted glass bottle was washed ashore and catched the cutrosity of a fishing goblin. He opened the bottle with great effort, and the pure smell of the sea invaded his senses. inside, there was a small and mois piece of parchment, with words followed by a written melody that went like this: Mi grukked mi heard the Old Yar say "Keep her, Krughai, keep her" Tomorrow ye will get lats pay And it's tik for uz to keep her keep her, Krughai, keep her Oh, keep her, Krughai, keep her For the voyage iz long and the windz will blow And it's tik for uz to keep her Oh, the wind waz foul and the sea ran high Keep her, Krughai, keep her She shipped it green and none went by And it's tik for uz to keep her Keep her, Krughai, keep her Oh, keep her, Krughai, keep her For the voyage iz long and the windz will blow And it's tik for uz to keep her Mi luv to sail on this rotten tub Keep her, Krughai, keep her All grog allowed and rotten grub And it's tik for uz to keep her Keep her, Krughai, keep her Oh, keep her, Krughai, keep her For the voyage iz long and the windz will blow And it's tik for uz to keep her We swear by rote for want of more Keep her, Krughai, keep her But now we're through so we'll go on shore And it's tik for uz to keep her Keep her, Krughai, keep her Oh, keep her, Krughai, keep her For the voyage iz long and the windz will blow And it's tik for uz to keep her
  10. Name: Fagh-Xetol'Yar Race: Goblin Shaman Class: Lutauman Tacher: Azfrai'lur
  11. "A hozh uruk never backz down from a hozh challenge" he says to himself while reading the emissive and goes to sharpen his tool.
  12. Pages are torn and scattered together, full of unintelligible scribbles and unfinished phrases Notes on Project Date: Unknown I FINALLY DID IT! Well, sort of... At first I tried following Silth's advice, and went looking for an evil ghost to slay, but unfortulatley i'm not a strong enough lutamancer and not experienced enough to try. I travelled looking for an alchemist that could have sold one, but with no avail... So I went fishing. Sorry readers, I'm so exausted I forgot to explain myself: for my project I need a way to see through objects, and my current method does not produce a clear enough image of the separated layers, so i asked for some guidance and Silth suggested to use ectoplams, i guess because ghost are pretty much see-through, so by using it I would have also made my target object see-through. My few years of fishing now brought me to discover various different fishes, crustaceans and other sea critters that share a similar see-through ability, that can make them camouflage in plain sight in the deep sea. I considered using land animals, but frogs (glass frogs to be exact) are only amphibian and cannot stay underwater for very long, and obviously butterflies (the glasswing butterfly type) cannot survive in water. So, as I was writing, I went fishing, and tried to use a lot of different species, including but not limited to jellifishes (those stingy sea moppers..), glass squids, baby octopuses, cleaner shrimps. But in the end, there was one creature to do the job: the barreleye fish, the only one that surprisingly had a reaction to the separation of layers. it turn out his eyes are the key, as they are "inside" their head, like a closed transparent helmet, and when the immobilised fish eyes met the ray of light, it scattered through the prism, and projected sort-of-clear images. they are a little wobbly as if they are underwater and seen from outside the surface, but otherwise the borders are clean and the image is barely colored (notes on accentuating the color? may be needed for medical application). I spent months fishing without stopping and testing the fish, I need to sleep, and a shower, and...[the notes there stop, as the pen trail goes wild on the pages, along with some signs of drooling and sleeping on the page.]
  13. "Ah, hozh! anotha occazion tu bring mi fish tu a party" he says smiling while reading the letter, and preparing his fishing net and rod
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