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  1. Agnes only smiled as she read over the document, looking up at the large city whilst she took her leave. "Blackvale, always moving forward." She chimed, humming and turning upon her heel to continue down the road, sipping a nice tankard of ale.
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    On Safety

    Another step to a better server :)
  3. Quietly, a large dark elfess sat in the darkness of their home, glancing over the paper she smiled warmly. Excited for more time to spend with family and potential or past friends, a glimpse of hope for a brighter future in the family was had. ‘Just like old times’, she thought. Though, old times were gone now. And hoping for them again was a futile attempt she made the mistake of trying for time and time again. But, just maybe this once? Folding the paper neatly, she glanced outside the old barred windows and into the usually quiet and empty city that was Stygian Hollow. ”I shall await for you here, sister. This event shall be exciting.” Though.. A much more displeased feeling came upon her as she realized she will need some sort of fancy dress for this. Ah well, time to break out the sewing needles..
  4. Name: Freyr Vilkinski Atmorice Race: High Elf Age: 102 Gender: Female [[OOC]] Username: Heartezy Discord: Hearts#8244 Timezone: MST (Moving at some point this year.. Temporary!)
  5. Aitous looked at the letter, removing her mask as tears streamed down her face, she closed it neatly, setting it on the counter “Not again.." Her voice cracked, before leaving, and walking to the grave of Wren, sitting down and staring, “Dad always spoke so highly of you.. What should I do.. I just want to know.” Her ears drooped, before she pulled her knees to her chest, “I just want to know.."
  6. Mcname: HeartOfTheCard Talent: Drawing! (Art)
  7. Heartesy


    Okay! I have finished editing, I just realized how much I got the timelines wrong, and I’m so sorry, hopefully it’s better this time.
  8. Heartesy


    Melissa, daughter of Keishous Steidos and Eiliin Steidos, was born in 1694. At the age of nine, though, her parents left her on a road near Renatus, the trip took a few days, since they lived in Haense, but they eventually got there. The reason for leaving her there was simply because they were running out of money, and could no longer take care of her. Of course, someone found her, Evelyn Kadion, her stepmother, Evelyn was sadly widowed a few years before she found Melissa, so Melissa would never get a stepdad. Once Melissa was old enough, at the age of 15, she began working at a farm, but one day, (Age 17) her stepmother fell down a well, and died, Melissa knew this because she had left behind a few pieces of her clothes that ripped on the wooden part of the well, after mourning her stepmother for a few days, she continued to work, until she was 18, and chose to quit, and found another job as a bartender continuing to work there and live a normal life, still living that normal life today.
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