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  1. Tantalus stands over the dying ‘ker, his skills in the arts of healing failing him for the first time in his life. His one good eye shed a silent tear for Dachia, for, though he did not know him well, the little time he had spent with him had left a big impact on his life.
  2. +1, can’t wait to see blinking lore as well
  3. MC Name: blackhand7 Discord: MagicTurtle#9888 Name: Tantalus Age: 95 Race: Dark Elf Reason For Joining: To learn the practical applications of alchemy, and perhaps their medicinal implimentations. Affiliation: Asimu’lei
  4. I hope selfishly you’ll succumb to your addiction and come back to LOTC, but if you don’t (and even if you do) it was a pleasure playing with you and I’ll cherish the memories of roleplaying with you for a very long time. And now, for old times sake: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/642186138244612113/687832374125658132/c.mp4
  5. A white dove, after travelling to the continent of Athera for months, landed at Tantalus’ feet as he sat around a campfire, bearing the news. He picked up the note and read it, his face growing cold and unreadable as his eyes scanned the page and learned of what had happened. His heart beat fast as he rose to his feet, not saying a word to his fellows, and he walked silently into the deep depths of the ancient city of Ker’nor. He wandered aimlessly through the dark caverns, still in shock as to what had happened, until he reached his destination: a small house carved into the ancient rock walls of the city into which no man or elf had entered since its abandonment when Athera fell. He closed the ancient door behind him, locking it, and stood in the small house for a second, still stone-faced, until he broke. With a screaming yell of remorse, rage, and pain he began to punch the stone walls of the house with all his might, his knuckles growing bruised, then bloodied, then breaking with loud sickening cracks as he angrily hit the unbreakable stone walls, his screams only being heard by the silent city that surrounded him. Eventually the pain became to much, and he fell to his knees and curled up in a ball in the corner of the house, crying like a baby until even that became to much exertion, his sobs fading into sad and defeated whimpers as he lay there on the cold stone floor. Tantalus returned to the campfire the next morning, his hands bound in fresh bandages, his face cleaned from his tears and returned to its unreadable state as he quietly retook his place at the campfire and sat there silently, staring into its flames and thinking unknown thoughts to himself.
  6. Tantalus signs the document, a proud smile on his face. “To the bright future of the South!” he said, to no one in particular.
  7. RP Name: Tantalus Atropos MC Username: blackhand7 Discord: MagicTurtle#9888 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Asimu’lei Why Do You Wish To Come?: Tantalus wishes to explore the lands of his predecessors, as well as help prevent an apocalypse. He also wants to uncover ancient Dark Elf civilizations, and learn of their traditions/customs. What Skills Can You Bring?: Decent swordsman/archer, experienced combat medic
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    Tantalus was born in a primarily dark elf small farming village, on the outskirts of the silver state of Haelun’or. He was the only child of his parents, Fr father being a travelling bard who had fallen for a local farmer’s daughter, his mother. While his father no longer told stories for money, he would often tell his son some of his favorite tales, inspiring a love of stories in him. This love of stories and knowledge, which eventually became more of an addiction, drove him to steal from his neighbors(his family was not very well off financially), so as to pay a wandering merchant to teach him to read. The books he used his newfound talnets to read were mostly of other cultures, causing him to have a vastly different outlook on life than his communal and expressive neighbors. He got away with stealing from them to pay for books from the travelers who occasionally passed through his insignificant backwater until he was sixteen. Unluckily for him, at that age he was caught in the act by one of his neighbors, branded as a thief, and subsequently banished from his village. He then, having read to many stories about heroes surmounting impossible odds through the power of friendship, traveled to the Eternal Library, hoping to become a scholar there. After a year on the road, having been kidnapped and robbed by bandits so often that he was left with nothing but a loincloth, he arrived at the library, only to be promptly denied due to A. His Race, B. His lack of qualifications, and C. the fact that he was practically naked. Following that shattering rejection, he lived life much like he lived it in his home village, stealing what he could to make ends meet, and get his hands on whatever sort of magical related thing he could find. He also began running cons to sponsor it, wherein, due to the anger those who he swindled, he began to cover his face with hooded robes. This was also done to hide the thief brand his village had scarred his face with. All of the”magic” tomes he bought were, of course, hoaxes. He still nursed his dream of becoming a great and powerful ruler/mage, and hoped that it would eventually come to fruition.
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