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  1. The Valorous Griffin guild An organization that came out of its founder's deep sense of justice and independence. Leonardo Mallory Faervel Griffin founded the guild. All so members could do good in the world in the ways only they could. instead of helping create, protect, or build an organization for someone else? He had come To be the founder of his own. A decision not made lightly in the slightest and one that did not change his ideals. To help those in need, protect those who need protection, Pursue knowledge, feed his creativity and to take care of his fellow guild members. all things he will encourage each member to strive for. The Griffin guild's oaths are ones Leonardo brought over from another guild. Ones he helped write himself and ones he adds to as necessary. His goals are lofty but attainable. The Griffin guild is to have 4 branches. One for each cardinal direction. They will also have a naval ship And in the future most possibly a fleet. The Valourous Griffins will take to the water protecting Aevos seas. Each member will be trained in naval and or non naval combat but that is not the only option to help. The guild has different crafts available, and divisions all its own. Such as woodwork and crafts, trade in weapons, alcohol and jewelry, a smithy shop, as well as the pursuit of magical, alchemical, or medical knowledge. finally don’t forget the care for the cities where guild branches base themselves. There is truly no task too small for every action and skill counts. People of all backgrounds are welcome to join. Everyone does their part to support the guild. Members will have access to knowledge, opportunities, and training they could not receive alone. They will be provided shelter in the guild halls, materials for their crafts, herbs if needed, and a forge for the smiths. The guilds combat-focused divisions will have chances to go on many missions. Be it fighting monsters, thieves, or crooks. To raiders, Dark Cults, And large-scale disruptors of peace. There will be Chances for competitions and activities will be plentiful as the Griffin guild has its own celebrations. Both to keep up morale and keep their members sharp. please read bellow for recruitment possibilities and contact information Contact Signed Leonardo Mallory Faervel Griffin
  2. Good luck Josh! We all had a wonderful time playing with you. you’ve been an Amazing influence and friend. I wish you luck in every future endeavor.
  3. The Valkyrie's To be a Valkyrie is to defend the innocent all over Aevos. The guild's goal is to be a force unbound by any bias. One that destroys evil and upholds justice. May they be influentially powerful or a soul gone astray the Valkyrie’s will not indulge injustice in anyone. This is a call to all who have wished for an organization that upholds justice no matter who the enemy is. From simple monsters, thieves, or crooks. To raiders, Dark Cults, And large-scale disruptor's of peace. The Valkyrie's vow to have a branch in all four cardinal directions of Aevos. To have eyes everywhere and to uphold justice in every region they can. Come and join the Valkyries as we move to make a better tomorrow in Aevos To be recruited send a letter to Leonardo Mallory Faervel (For more info see down bellow)
  4. The musings of a man with burns charcoal black Leonardo was just making an order. Just out on an errand, just walking the streets. When he heard the screams and shouting of his niece fighting a battle. Concern filled him as he ran making his way up as stealthily as possible. She and his daughter were all he had left. There was no one else but them. He reached his destination without being noticed, ready to pounce at any second. He had forgotten his armor tho and this…this was a fatal mistake. For when he was about to pounce from the heights above to land on an enemy…he felt a sudden tug on his hair. Someone had grabbed him by the braid. He was furious ,beyond angry, he despised when people touched his hair but then his rage disapated. Replaced by a traumatic response of fear and desperation. He felt it before..oh that familiar feeling…the wretched feeling of being burned alive. He could almost feel the smoke filling up his lungs again. this pain was beyond anything he had ever felt. He couldn't think, he couldn't breath, he couldn't hear. To top it all off it was as if this specific fire was burning his very soul. He bit his tongue determined not to yell. But as soon as he was knocked out he let out a pained cry before everything went dark…. Next thing Leonardo knows he is speaking to a masked man in a strange place with shadows whispering in his ears…the temptations are endless. the world has been so cruel…first his mother then his sisters, his brother, his studies and just when life was getting good again? Just when he had started to love again. His husband, his children, his home…it would be so easy to give in oh how easy it would be ...but that's just it- it would be far too easy this man has learned that when something comes easy it comes at a cost. a terrible cost he does not know of. If he gave in he wouldn't be able to face his former loved ones in the afterlife. They would not recognize him; he would be warped beyond comparison. That is what keeps him from accepting. the knowledge that if he were to give in he would be disappointing everyone he loved up to this point. He can imagine it..his mothers face full of sorrow and horror. His siblings disappointed stares, his children's fearful gazes. He is better than this, his mind is not so weak, not now, not after all he has been through. So he resists and is thrown into a cold cell where even though it's freezing his burns are a horrible constant ache on his skin . He attempts to trade himself for his fellow prisoners but it falls on deaf ears. So he converses with his fellow prisoners instead and tells his niece an old story about her mother. By the end of the night he seeks to escape his pain through sleep. even that does not succeed as the skin on his left arm and side slightly glowing and covered in black patches burns with unimaginable pain. this pain jolts him from his slumber It came at random suddenly and without warning he was writing in his cell. right in that moment all he wanted was to be safe. To be home and for someone to be waiting there. For someone who cared to stay. he wished it so badly and through his cries, ripped from him against his will. He finally fell unconscious again. Reduced to a lone wolf in a cage with a pack containing only two cubs that he protected viciously, one in the cage beside him and the other waiting back home. This painful process continued for days, then weeks, then a month had passed. He hopes this isn't his end. There is much he still hasn't learned. Subjects he still wishes to pursue. At least one person who still needs him around. He will survive this, he needs to there is no other option now.
  5. Fox cubs Orphanage I am proud to announce that as of today the orphanage of helios after half a year of construction Is now opening its doors. We are now prepared to take in children from ages 0 to 17 During the orphanage's construction I have already been left with three infants one toddler and one ten year old. They were left at the orphanage over the past couple months. Potential parents are welcome to send me a letter to come visit children. I would like to reiterate that the purpose of this orphanage is to keep these children safe and sound, fed, and educated. In this mission we will now be accepting donations of materials, food and toys for the children. I wish to make their environment and time here as peaceful as possible. We will accept all children big and small so do not hesitate to bring any lost or abandoned children to our doors or send me a letter if you find one. Children are our future and they’re potential is boundless we must protect and guide them. Fox cubs orphanage is a place for them to grow and learn and just BE children. With that said I bid the people of Helious and Aevos a good elven year It is my hope that the fox cub orphanage becomes a safe haven for children all over aevos Signed, Aspin A. Munnel
  6. Orphanage of helious Over the years I have come to the realization that there are many needs in life. Food, water, education, and protection, The need that I come back to most tho is the same one i needed so long ago. A Home, A place to be safe and sound and away from all the dangers that Surrounded me. A place to come back to where there is always food and a bed. A place where I would be educated without having to worry over where I would go to sleep that night. I see a need for a place where Orphans, such as I once was, to be Protected, fed, sheltered and educated till they can be Matched with a set of Guardians or a single guardian who wants to build a family. Or until they have become adults and are then old enough to make their own homes. Therefore I am proud to announce the coming of an orphanage in Helios where all children that are lost, scared, alone, or hungry are welcome. no matter where they came from, who they are, or what they are. The First Orphanage of helious, Fox cubs orphanage, will accept them. the Grand opening of Fox Cubs Orphanage Will be announced as soon as possible. I will be building the orphanage with my own two hands. Once it is finished we will start accepting children Immediately. Signed, Aspin A. Munnel
  7. Name: Leonardo Mallory Faervel Age: 75 Race: Mali'ame (wood elf) Nation: wanderer Based in helious
  8. Players for faervel family members wanted The faervel family had been blessed with three children so far. therefor players are needed to play the faervel twins, two 16 year old twins that grew up together. The faervel family was separated while in travel to aevos. The twins were raised solely by their father Leonardo Mallory Faervel in the wilderness and on the run from mori and other dangers. I need someone to play one male and one female both elves. The male has red hair like his father and blue eyes along with tan skin. The female has black hair and red eyes once again like her father. The boy has been trained in survival and medicine while the girl has been trained in the way of the sword as well as hunting. Beyond this you can do whatever you want with their personalities and such. This family prides itself in training even their medics in the ways of combat. The family businesses are as follows: Forgery, medicine, and trade. If anyone is interested please contact me by replying to this page. There, if your serious, you can put down your discord and we can talk further. (this is leonardo mallory faervel) (my timezone is est time and my username is alikiforever )
  9. The Sol Dame and Desert Lun, a solar Eclipse in love… 17th of hedgehogs Harvest, The Solaric year 51 Sun Light always Lowers so moonlight can rise. It is rare and not so common amongst the people that elven kin or distant humans who live within the kind of Mali- conjoin in a union in comfort. Even rarer that the family of Solarii, like the Munnel would have a marriage after so long. But finally, in the age of Unity and rebuilding, a miracle happened. Thus it is proclaimed that on set elven days [ June 30th] Sil’rumeiry-Luzxi Aspin Aelius Munnel & Gine Kyrie Elise Faervel With their self conscious and right to choose. They chose to let life guide their hearts into the union. Thus the Ganrim (groom) takes upon the Foxes' challenge and commits to the Munnel trials together. As follow the trials are issued Trials of Union Da aitun ou’ Amire A hunt held for the groom alone, the proposed will await the throne, claimed as the prize. She will judge whether the hunt is worthy or not. If found worthy she will be allowed to pass on into the making of the catches Blood wine chalice creation. (Private) Rrisem’ ou’ por’aty Upon such being prepared the drink is brought to the soon-to-be wedded and the head of the highest ranking house or lady of the highest ranking house. They both would kneel as the officiator presents such to them as an oath is made to the house. (Private between families) Rrisem Ou’ zte’rs The wedded the. Take a trip to the Astral plane where they shall meet the lesser spirit of the household, and speak of what they wish to ask it, before being United under it. (Private) Mae’inao ou’ Sol a’ Lun Upon the Sunlit sky, the pair come together in a public ceremony held in the city of Helious. As the bride and groom are now United under the Sun of Solaris. (Public) INVITATIONS The cordial Talonii of Faevrel and their esteemed pedigree The Cordial Sol’Talonii of Aelrothi and their Esteedmed pedigree The Sol’Talonii of Munnel, and their Royal Pedigree The Sol’ Gine and Gino of Helious and their esteemed pedigree: Valahrii’Talonii of Roa Sol’talonii of Aesserg Valahrii’Talonii of Bishop Valahrii’Talonii Hope All Citizines of Helious and amathine, and her allies may come and witness the union first hand on the said date Signed, Aspin A. Munnel and Kyrie Faervel His Serene Highness, Jarad Munnel, Ac’Luxz Kni’ich of Helious, Taur, and Ruke of Alterk, and Lunderia, Magin of Vali’mae, Co’tr of Voclia, Cond’pos of Oblen, Vaton of Achyae & Sievis, Gin of Sen’nyor, Patriarch of Munnel, Ac’Luxz of the Mali’Solaril Her Serene Highness, Sorise Munnel, Ac’Luxzi Kni’ich of Helious, Tauria, and Ruchess of Alterk and Lunderia, Magine of Vali’mae, Co’trine of Voclia, Cond’pess of Oblen, Vatoness of Achyae, Floyya & Sievis, Gine of Sen’nyor Matriarch of Munnel
  10. well i dont know who that is but they need to dm me details if they want to meet (honestly i cant beleive this post has almost hit 1000 ******* views) I seriously have people in game recognizing me for this post
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