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  1. well i dont know who that is but they need to dm me details if they want to meet (honestly i cant beleive this post has almost hit 1000 ******* views) I seriously have people in game recognizing me for this post
  2. straight up bet round one FIGHT
  3. Taking down the post if i don't get serious responses by tomorrow - - I'm to tired for this shit (i wont actually people are having fun )
  4. Figured id put this up on valentines day but i forgot so here it is after
  5. i do not posses a lick of shame
  6. yes it has come down to this i must do this now before i forget again Leonardo Mallory Faervel has been single for long enough. guy's and galls welcome mostly guys cause gal's be traumatizing this poor guy. the ladies are welcome to try tho since he is actually bi. this eligible Bachelor is 58 (8 years past elven age of maturity), 6 feet tall, and has long auburn red hair with a pair of red eyes. he looks in all sense of the word like someone raised in the jungle. leonardo is a wanderer with a plethora of skills which include fighting,blacksmithing, innovation, and not taking any bullshit. if ya wanna meet him DM me and we will see. if not dont judge my ass its hard out there for this persona as a writer i am trying to make his life easier. i will now provide a picture (both skin and art) as I've provided enough information ya gotta get to know him in person to truly know his vibe. (Discord is Aliki#2975 and time zone is Est time)
  7. the second kidnapper has been found
  8. Hello the child has been adopted thank you for all the offers
  9. Hello I am looking for a parent or parents for my orphan wood elf six year old child. The child is sweet and deserves to be adopted by someone who will take care of them the child character is shy but strong and will develop over time as they grow. My purpose here is to sharpen my role-playing skills and develop a strong warrior when she is older all the while having fun and developing the poor kids story I've put it off for to long now and intend to make sure the character has a good life. Race, Nation, Occupation, Nobility doesn't matter for me as I can role-play but somewhere in the west is preferred i have not played the character for long, so this character will be a fresh start. Me and my to-be-parents can shape the character together. My timezone is EST and I am mainly active between 3:00 pm to 01:00 am EST i dont often have many plans and my sleep scheduale might change but this is my current availability ps. the child's name is Aspin she has blonde hair and green eyes with tanned skin
  10. Leon stood at the grave stone staring down feeling guilt fill his soul. he comes to the grave, over and over, every night with a sunflower in hand. tonight he sits down and works on a jewelry piece. a necklace made of silver. decorated with green swirls in some places. like falling leaves in the wind of a bright summer day. he hums a lullaby his mother used to sing for him. Engraving a message for the child into the centerpiece of the necklace. a locket with a silver sunflower engraved into it. As he did this he sometimes mutterd out the lyrics. He sang softly. for the small child he met all those years ago. The one who brightened his day like the brightest of suns. Even when he was at his lowest. “may you sail far...to the far fields of fortune...with diamonds and pearls...at your head and your feet...and may you need never...to banish misfortune...may you find kindness in all that you meet” he worked and hummed till finally the message was done. he read it out loud to himself. “brightest sunflower...may all your lives bring you only joy”
  11. Alikiforever


    Leon was born in Aegrothond. in the dark oaken forests with running streams and freshwater springs. her father died before she was born. and her mother raised her. Along with a sailor and a huntress that both dropped by as often as they could. teaching her things about the sea, how to hunt, and how to use weapons. This continued till she was ten when a horrible incident took her mother’s life. Leon was forced to watch as the one person she cared about the most in her life was taken from her. by strange people that set fire to her home. with her mother’s last wish being for her to escape. she ran from her home as everything but the necklace around her neck was taken. later on, with no known extended family, she was left to fend for herself. for a very long time, she was left alone surviving off of what she could hunt. she used the skills given to her to survive. in the next 4 years, she had gained friends here and there though they never knew where she lived. Except for this other elven girl she had known since childhood and soon realized she was enamored with. she was the only one to know that Leon was homeless and didnt judge her for it. This girl helped her study ever since she was young. When she had become homeless she taught her everything she knew from school. She brought Leon books she could read on her own time. Leon was a good study and enjoyed any book she could get her hands on. life was good until the girl was sent away leaving Leon to face her worst fears. Once again being left alone. after this, she never really got as close to anyone else. but during the first year after her young love had been sent away. Leon was found by the sailor Rena Alabaster. and the hunter Artemis alabaster. who were married and hadn’t known Leon was alive. Leon Griffin was believed to be dead for the longest time. by Then they had a 5-year-old daughter who was the one that ran into Leon not aware of her identity. Leon had scared off some bullies and was about to walk away. Before Elena (the five-year-old) had insisted she come to her house so she could thank her properly with some food. Leon had Reluctantly agreed and was surprised when the two women who had raised her were waiting for the girl at the door. recognizing Leon’s eyes they immediately wondered if there was an apparition at their door. till Leon spoke snapping them out of it explaining how she had escaped. to prove her identity she held up the necklace she’s had since she was a baby. without a second thought, they hugged her and pulled her inside to catch up. Rena and Artemis were so glad to have Leon back. soon enough with Leon’s consent, they had adopted her officially as their own. Elena was happy to have an older sister. And Although she had her new family Leon kept her last name. from that day forward Leon lived with her two Adoptive mothers working and training herself to earn her keep. she was also homeschooled by a tutor A friend of Rena that owed Rena a favor which is how she had finished her education. at 17 she had Become a decent warrior and her hunting skills were second nature. Sometimes she would travel with her Adoptive mothers to surrounding Areas. like Agnarum and Sutica. She was on another one of these trips when she had gotten her extensive scars. the only difference being that it was during a job with her sailor mother Rena. captain of her own crew at the time they were going farther than Leon had ever gone before. Artemis disagreed with the trip but Rena convinced her it was a learning experience. they were out at sea transferring important cargo and all was well till they were attacked by a sea monster. Leon had been on the deck and was forced to defend herself against the mighty beast’s attacks. Before her mother could get Leon away from the fight she was knocked out. Leon and the crew were left without their captain she was down for the next 3 hours. Leon had taken over command of the ship and crew while Rena was out of it and they all fought bravely. some men went down into the drink as the sea monster was finally driven away but not before trying to take Leon down with it. The crewmen pulled her away from the beast’s deadly grasp desperately and after all the fighting the sea beast had gotten away leaving Leon mortally wounded. The onboard doctor was tasked with keeping her alive till they got to shore and got her proper care. She was half dead and bedridden by the time she did and the family was told to say goodbye. “There is almost no chance of survival with such extensive wounds some are showing signs of infection you must face the reality this child is dead” the family of course objected in anger arguing that she had been conscious a couple of times before. this went back and forth till the doctor agreed to keep treating Leon to the best of his ability Rena was later scolded by her wife who was absolutely terrified of what would happen to Leon. “you never should’ve taken her with you! Why did I let you talk me into it!?” Elena heard this and had run away but was later found her sister had scolded her when she was conscious. telling her to behave for their mothers Rena didnt leave Leon’s bedside for twelve days after that. Elena had to go to school but would come right back home every day. Artemis worked to pay for Leon's care and came right back home. This was how it was they were breaking apart over this and no one blamed them for it. One day while in the usual routine Leon’s condition improved significantly and the doctor told the family the good news. somehow Leon had survived she swears to this day it is because she was too stubborn to die and her family agrees. after a year of recovery, Leon was good as new training and playing with her younger sister working with her mothers, and so on. she never feared the moments she got back on the boat because her life was on the water as well. the crew was happy to see her up and about as she set off on her own journeys stubborn as ever. She left with a determination to be strong like they believe she is not the weakling she knows hides within her nightmares and sleepless nights.
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