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  1. Holy Ser Theon takes a copy of the paper from the boy. Finding a comfortable park bench to recline and read he says to himself "what a marvelous topic for the people to read about. Finley the news is taking on worthy topics."
  2. Employment Registy of The Holy Palatinate of Aquila To the Faithful of the Church of the Canon, With our move to the Crownland of the Empire we, The Holy Palatinate of Aquila, have seen fit to extend an opportunity of employment to any loyal Canonist willing to relocate to the Palatinate. Currently we are looking for people to open businesses within the city. Some needed vendors are: Blacksmith Tailor/Draper Restaurant Apothecary Other merchants of all kinds If you are interested in starting your own business please fill out this form.<link> For those of a less vocational bent, there are other positions needing filled as well. We would extend an invitation to any man or women of fighting spirit to join the All-Saints Order of The Palatine Guard. These holy soldiers defend the Palatinate and the High Pontiff himself, along with any other priest who calls on us for aid. Finally we offer the rare opportunity to join the staff of House Vuiller, the regents of the Palatinate, in the keep as personal servants. Knight-Regent Vuiller is looking for cupbearers, pages, and scribes. If interested in any of these positions please send a letter to Holy Ser Theon (aworldwithoutdanger1#6336) Signed, The High Council of The Holy Palatinate of Aquila Penned by Holy Ser Theon Virosi, Alderman of Vuillermoz.
  3. Holy Ser Theon, proud to see his name among the ranks of the Holy knights, smiles reading the document.
  4. Ashton smiles while reading the document in the house Draco common room. "this is truly wonderful news, maybe we can talk about treaties in our next military history class" he says to one of his classmates.
  5. Theon sits his copy of the Bull on his desk, "I must remember to congratulate Johan when I see him next."
  6. Aworldwithoutdanger


    Born in a small farming community to the south of Oren, Theon was raised of the stories of the great men of the faith like his ancestors Fabian Verosi the Lesser. When he was three his mother died bringing forth a stillborn child. This lead his father to isolate them in a cottage deep in the /woods/. Being raised in Isolation gave little time for the stories he loved so much but gave ample opportunity for work to grow his strength. Knowing one day he would have to take over this farm from his father he gave up on his hopes of joining the church far-fetched as they were. The first twenty years of his life passed in the same dull monotony. Planting the fields, tending the few animals they had, and hunting for what meat they could find. It was returning from one of these hunting trips that he saw the pillar of smoke rising over the trees in the clearing where his house should be. Rushing to his home he finds it ablaze he hurried inside to find his father sitting calmly in his chair as the house burned around them. Theon grabbed up his father dragging him from the burning house and leaving him in the grass outside. Going back into the smoke filled house to see what he could save he found very little, a small locket that had been his mothers. As he rushed to leave the house a beam from the roof crashed down on to him. He screamed for his fathers help but none came. He managed to lift the beam off himself gravely burning his left hand in the process. Theon stumbled out of the house coughing and wheezing to find his father laying right where he left his. Though his father was still breathing he would not respond to any prodding from Theon. Putting together a sled he drug his father to the nearest farm and from there to the city of Oren where they know reside In a dockside in. Know doing everything he can to keep he and his father alive as an illiterate farm boy in this world that is so unfamiliar to him.
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