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Found 17 results

  1. DaddyDwarf

    The Coailiton of Renatus.

    Hello my name is Ragnar Thorns- I am on the search for people who are wanting to end the regime of Renatus The Reason Why I want the imperial regime to end is because. They have gone to far sitting on there arses and drinking and playing chess there children are incredibly snobby ,scummy, and spoiled they don't even pay the servants nor do they pay the legionnaires. This is why they need to end the only thing that they I have seen is put up some towers. If anyone is interest please contact me either through bird Discord:ImTheOgDaddy#6527
  2. Name of your Charter: Sable Principality of Vira'ker Owner's Username: Morghuul Owner's Roleplay Name: Prince Avurak Syllar Location (XYZ): -1370 40 205 Tier applying for: 3
  3. theldryn

    The Iron legion

    THE IRON LEGION The iron legion is a hireling group made in atlas wich the year of founding never got revealed. The leader: Coronius Black has been in the legion for the longest, so he takes over the role of leader. The legion has a uniform, Heavy, knight or assassin. The legion is still looking for anyone willing to be taught and trained in the ways of: SMITHING. RAIDS. SIEGES. SWORDFIGHT. LEADERSHIP. SIEGE EQUIPMENT. ARCHERY. TRAP MAKING. One might also wish to teach in one of these classes, if wanted add it below the list Armies might also want to call upon its service's to educate the soldiers of said army. One might also call upon them if they have need of aid in raids, sieges, or combat. Trainings will be held, most will stay in the headquarters but sometimes they go out. A home will be provided for the ones who wish to enroll, one must choose one of the above. Below will be the list needed to enroll. OOC IGN: DISCORD: AGE: TIME ZONE: RP CHARACTER NAME: AGE: WICH ART WILL YOU STUDY: REASON FOR JOINING: RACE: WICH OF THE 3 UNIFORMS WILL YOU CHOOSE?: choice will affect your training.
  4. Fimlin

    Condemnation of War Criminals

    *A piece of parchment is posted around the hall of Kal’Azgaryum. upon gazing towards them you would read;* “As per decisions agreed upon by the Rikkin’s Council of Agnarum, the following clans and individuals are banished from the Dwarven Kingdom of Agnarum for their crimes against their own people.” The Frostbeard Clan -For repeated unrepentant acts of kinslaying upon dwarves of numerous clans. -For the repeated warring upon other dwarven people. -For repeated attempts to enforce a Frostbeard hegemony over the dwarven race. -For the murder of Bastion Ireheart and Dwifur Goldhand. -For repeatedly breaking from the Brathmordakin faith. Exemptions: -Azkel Frostbeard, Pereus Frostbeard, and Rhewen Frostbeard for their dissociation of their hateful and vengeful kin. The Onyxheart Clan -For their contribution to the acts of the Frostbeard clan (listed above). The pretender Balrog and his followers -For the continuous failed attempts to further divide the dwarven race. -For the enslavement of Elves and Humans to expand his workforce. -For extending his hand out to the Khorvad and Undead aligned Ironborn clan. -For dealing with and supporting known promoters of kinslaying. -For the kinslaying of Boldrumir Cottonwood. “Any dwarves who wish to break away from their barbaric kin may return without harm if they wish to redeem themselves and make a new life in Agnarum. Members of the exiled clans must abandon the respective clan in order to be unbanished. Garrond, Hamnil, Nerak Frostbeard, and Koralon Onyxheart are to never be given passage into Agnarum for their role in these crimes listed above.”
  5. THE HAMLET OF STETTIN It is often an accidental feat to enter the hamlet of Stettin, but its people welcome you nonetheless. Merchants and travellers shrink before the gleaming walls of Carolustadt. They had no intention of visiting the humble homes and rolling fields just before the city, but the bustling Capital can be a bit overwhelming. For those less accustomed to travel, Stettin would seem the distance between the Seven Skies and Atlas in comparison to Carolustadt, though it’s walls are still close enough to revel in. Here the people share no blood, but call each other family nonetheless. Metal on stone echoes from the mine and children play about their mother’s feet as they plow the fields in harvest time. The passing merchants are welcomed as friends for a quick flagon of Castelo wine. Stettin is a hamlet of peaceful jubilation and the Castelo’s welcome you with open arms. Be sure to pick up a scroll at the town hall and read of our guidelines. If you cannot read, ask any passing resident and they will surely read it for you. 1. A resident must not be a member of a foreign military group. This includes mercenary groups and parts of the Empire other than Carolustadt. The only militant groups joinable by a resident are the Castelo house guard and the Imperial Legion. 2. A resident must not own a residence outside of Stettin. (On the same character) 3. If the resident is a Male, in a national state of distress they must accept levy service in the defense of the Empire. 4. A resident must abide by Imperial law. 5. A resident must not preach any word other than that of the Cannonist faith. 6. A resident must agree to pay taxes on their homes. Then on Taxes 1. Taxes must be paid every saint's week (by Saturday) and cannot be paid in advance without the lord's direct permission. Failure to pay taxes will result in the resident being evicted and a notice to vacate the home within three saint's days. 2. If the resident's goods are not removed after the three day period, they are forfeited and are now property of the lord of Stettin. These goods can be returned to the previous owner at the lord's decision. 3. If taxes cannot be paid due to some outstanding circumstance (Vacation, RL stuff, etc.) the lord must be notified. (Message on Discord) How to Pay Taxes: Taxes will be paid through the purchase of tax slips. These slips can be bought in the base floor of Stettin's windmill and vary in price depending on the house you have. Once a tax slip is purchased, deposit them inside of Stettin's tax office located within the castle. Each slip covers one saint's week worth of tax, thus one must be purchased and deposited every saint's week. Then on Jobs Farmers Agriculture is the backbone of the Empire. Farmers ensure that the commonfolk and soldiers have enough food in their bellies to be happy and healthy. Farmers collect bushels of wheat and meat from the animals, selling them at the stockpile in the windmill. It's not the highest paying job, but hey. It's honest work for honest pay. Miners The lands around Carolstadt have long been known for their rich iron veins. Miners use the Stettin mine to reap the world's mineral wealth, selling blocks of iron at the stockpile in the windmill. Hard work, but good pay. Guardsmen Though the capital is just mere yards away from the border of Stettin, the village is right by the busiest crossroads in all of Atlas. The commerce coming through can attract shady folk, and it's always good to have someone to enforce justice. Additionally, guards will be expected to accompany the Stettin lord into potentially risky situations or carry out missions themselves. Guardsman live in the barracks located inside the lord's castle and do not have to pay taxes. Special Jobs There are a couple of buildings designed for self-employed jobs, such as the brewery and the smithy. Your income is in your hands! (Make sure you rp selling your goods, it's great immersion!) Then on Houses There are two classifications for housing: regular and family houses. These are taxed differently, so keep that in mind during tax day. There are no special requirements for a small home, but for a family home you need to have at least two different people living there. Those seeking to join the humble community, be it for work or shelter, are urged to send courier to the Lord or Lady Castelo (Cranky_Varangian, Nonival). The settlement and its people offer their hospitality to those of virtuous intent. Merely follow the path to Carolustadt and you will find yourself there.
  6. wolfbluewalker

    Snow. The graphics and lag.

    The lag from snow in the server at some points gets really annoying and hard to deal with. I want to know how others would react compared to my reaction in this situation. Sometimes the snow lag gets to a point where it even gets you killed and that can cause some rage, some rage that does not want to be unleashed. AKA the gamer rage. (If you want anything added to the poll please leave it in the comments or reply's or whatever and I will see to adding it as soon as possible!) See that pretty girl in the mirror there?
  7. Lockezi

    The Sleetfells Darkens.

    The Sleetfells Darkens Sometime during the month of The Deep Cold, the day was cloudy in the Sleetfells, although, infront of a cave just a bit away from the Yatl Wastelands was a ‘ker, the place seemed to be filled with flourishing nature, color flowers along the paths that lead up to the cave, the dark elf seeming to have plenty of supplies out filled with many things, banners, wood, stone. It seemed that he was hoping to get some work done, perhaps hoping to revive the small settlement known as Elmagara’myan. Many of hours later, It would appear that the surface of the cavern was filled with stalls and plenty of red banners above them, although clouds would suddenly roll into the Sleetfells, the sky darkening as a sudden cold fills the area, the sun completely disappearing, the ‘ker looking up at the sky, in an instant it seems that snow would pour down, he’d blink in awe before taking what he can, although wouldn’t be much as he’d rush back into the cave, settling himself as a few more hours would pass, peeking out of the cave only to see mounds of snow, covering all the progress he’s made, everything.. covered with snow, the man thinking in his head “Well.. ****” (OOC info)
  8. *a wiry man in a white lab coat, wearing large goggles on his white-haired head goes about, placing parchment on local bulletin boards* -=+=- "Scientist and researcher looking for room and housing. Must have adequate room for experiments and materials. Willing to pay rent, or contribute resources to landlord. Will live in national or independent territory. Send a bird to Dr Wolfgang Dippel" ((Tadmonster)) -=+=- *he shuffles off, wringing his hands and nervously thumbing the various glass vials in his pockets*
  9. Roosterington


  10. -=-The Dawn of the Red-Cloak Inquisition-=- The Red-Cloak forces giving justice to the realm by burning a vile elf-lover, who brought an elf into her chambers and interbred with it. -=- The Red-Cloak forces found their-selves rallied for a cause greater than this world, the men of Renatus, the men of Haense, the men of Belvitz, and the men of Atlas, all united under one banner to relinquish the elven scum from the lands of Humans, and bring back the justice of GOD. They found themselves marching towards Haense, the known capital of harboring elves, and what they found was more sickening than an elf itself. They found a woman by the name of Alayne av Grimrich, or Alayne Tosali, who slept with an elf prior to her marriage to whatever Grimrich she is married to, being declared by her brother, Arstan of the House Tosali. The men began to tie her up, and bring her to the Flame of GOD for justice of the realm. They placed her on the cross, and said prayers to calm the souls watching, the scene was glorious and holy. The vile elf-lover screeched as the men did their duty, only departing after she was gone. They all screeched the call of "Bog Vedet Nas!" or in other words, "God Guides Us!" The men found themselves marching back home, ready to secure the fate of another heretic who wishes for their trial. Alayne av Grimrich looking to the crowd as she awaited her trial by Flame. -=- The men lighting the cross and giving justice to GOD for allowing this filth on his land for so long. -=-
  11. Minecraft Name: Mordu Discord: Elrith/Mordu#7561 Being a World Dev is more than just building so what can you bring to the team that unique? I have a wide variety of ideas and creativity that I can bring to the board. When designing on a scale of a whole world what do you think the most important design decisions are? Location, Location, Location, Location. When designing small-scale areas, like a village, or a cave singular elements what is your aim in the design? (I.E. function overlook, Player Centric, Looks over everything else etc) The build needs to be appealing, realistic(varies), and has a story behind it that is not expressed through words but through the build itself. Unique! A large part of a WD’s job is creating new ideas for environments, give a brief synopsis of an environmental build/design idea. Terrain. The area contains many low cliffs and ridges, the rock type being soft and light on the surface layers, and harder dark layers beneath. Small streams and ponds are all across the area, with a few tiny waterfalls. The water is dark and murky. Large crystals are scattered across the landscape, being made of a variety of elements. Only a few emit light, others are normally opaque. Rocky spires tend to shoot out of the earth, made of darker rock. Large Plants. Blood Oak: The trees have dark colored bark that appears sickly and the branches droop downwards. The leaves are diamond shaped and almost crystal in nature. They give off a soft glow, illuminating the forest floor. However, upon closer inspection, these trees aren’t normal, they’re carnivorous. They aren’t in large quantity. The roots are very visible, many parts above the surface. Greater Oak Tree: The bark of this tree is slightly lighter than that of the Blood Oak. These trees are taller and larger, but are still low for the standard of most trees. The branches don’t droop as much as the Blood Oak, and the leaves appear arrow-head shaped. They feed themselves like normal trees. They are the most common tree in the forest. Small vegetation, bushes, fungi Vipers Vine: Large vine-like plants that run along the forest floor and rock faces. Small blue flowers are sprinkled along the vine, while large thorns protect it from animals. Grasses: The grass grows tall and thick, with very little flowers growing directly from the soil. Black Cap: Very large mushrooms that are low to the ground. The cap is sooty in color, while the stem is a bright orange. Tendrils spread out from the base of the stem and appear to connect with other shrooms. If you could, what would you change about Atlas and why? The map looks nice, but there are no special traits or interesting biomes, everything seem normal. There needs to be locations that seem vastly different than the rest of the map that the player will normally come across. How much time are you on average able to contribute towards being a WD? Most likely a lot, School is pretty easy at the moment and the summer will be coming sooner than later. I have hours of free time on the weekends, and any days I don’t have school I could probably do some mineman. The world dev team is a diverse group of ideas and opinions meaning disagreements happen show do you handle disagreements or criticism when it comes to your designs? Yes, I ask for criticism! PICTURES https://imgur.com/a/LPWBs Stuff that ain't impossible to see. https://imgur.com/a/bESSD
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yj_wyw6Xrq4&ab_channel=AdrianvonZiegler The Kingdom of Caer Conaithe & of Y Tuath Cadeyrn "They are tall in stature, with rippling muscles under clear white skin, they look like wood demons" Physically the Bradáchs are terrifying in appearance, with deep sounding voices. They frequently exaggerate with the aim of extolling themselves. They are boasters and threateners and given to bombastic self-dramatisation, and yet they are quick of mind and with good natural ability for learning" Lore of the Bradách The Bradách peoples are a mix of Northern raiders and a unique culture. Choosing to live either on islands or hillforts, preferring proximity to the sea and living most of their life as farmers and fishermen, some worshipping the Bradách Pantheon. Despite their usually typical occupations, they put a large emphasis on Warfare, Raiding and Combat, which is how Bradáchs gain popularity and fame within their societies. Their unique culture is also carried into their government, which is ruled by a Rí, also called King. Also, there is a Derwydd Rí, also called Druid King, who is in-charge of all things to do with the Gods. These are two of the most powerful peoples in the government, but there is also the Bradán, who is the heir to the Rí, but not necessarily his son or family. What is most unique about the Bradách is their emphasis on the community and it's say. The Rí is chosen by the people's choice, most commonly the most battle-tested and intelligent chosen, which is the same for the Derwydd Rí, although that title is chosen by the other Derwydd. Finally, the Derwydd are the Druids, who are responsible for up-holding the will of the Gods by hosting the rituals, sacrifices and all else considered holy. For someone to become a Druid, the Derwydd Rí may decide if someone may become one, which is usually based on their intelligence and commitment to the Gods. The Bradách Pantheon Since the Bradách people are Pagan, they follow multiple Gods and Goddesses; Mormaer - Goddess of all the deities. Goddess of Sacrifice and Fortune Belatucadros - God of War, Hunting and the Weather Belisama - Goddess of the Sea, Agriculture and Peace Sirona - Goddess of Fertility, Health, Love and the Sun Myrddin - God of Knowledge, Wisdom, Planning and Magic. Also the God of the Undead. The Bradách also have Gods for their own Clans. Currently, Cadeyrn is the only Clan; Tuath Cadeyrn's God - Bendigeidfran - The Giant God of Kings, Resolve and Decisiveness. Application OOC Username: Discord Username: Knowledge on the IRL Celts IC Name: Age: Skills: Experience in Combat (RP and PVP): (If you want to contact us, or just organise some sort of RP or meeting, message either me with the username: TheNanMan2000, or the Tánaishte with the username: HareBear_. We welcome all sorts of RP, including raids on our land or generally anything that may be fun and good character developement)
  13. JuliusAakerlund


    ESTERMONT REAL ESTATE WE BRING THE HOUSING YOU DESERVE RENT PROCEDURE We of Estermont Real Estate charge rent upon our tenants, this is beneficial to our tenants as selling owned property is not needed to move. It serves well those who have little money to spare, it shall also be noted money is not returned should one move before saints weeks end. CITY RENT Senntisten Marna - 15 Per Saints Week HOUSING IN SENNTISTEN - MARNA Birds Eye View Godfrey Avenue 2 [Sold] Godfrey Avenue 5 Godfrey Avenue 6 Pictorus Square 1 [Sold] Pictorus Square 2 [Sold] Rovin Way 6 [Sold] ESTATE LAW & REGULATIONS Man or woman is not to harm the exterior of the rented structure. Rent must be paid prior to moving in, then paid at the start of each saints week after. Rent must be paid in timely fashion otherwise one may be evicted. To cause trouble for local authority is met with immediate eviction. To rent real estate you agree to the terms above. Contact Eadmund Estermont to Rent [Message Julius55]
  14. What is the name of your guild, village, organization, etc.: The Grandaxe clan What is the purpose of your guild/village/organization : resource base and fortification in the wild southern dwarven mountains What plot size are you interested in: 70x70 What tile are you interested in: A50 If your tile is currently owned by a nation, do you have that nation's leader's approval: its unclaimed Signatures (players should sign their persona/character name and their MC name): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CMQVeY-QjVbjATguPBypNpwx98riTigV8_7QvHJ0dbY/edit#gid=7961373
  15. WinterWarrior01

    [Complete][Completed] A farm

    *A note is posted on all the boards of all the main cities in Valior. "I am looking to buy a piece of land for a farm!" Description: A medium sized piece of land preferably along a river with some hills in the background. Enough land for a small farm, a nice not-too-small house, and possibly a small barn or paddock of some sort. I don't mind having to clear some woods for the desired effect so if there are some woods in the area that would be fine. Price: If you have a suitable piece of land I will first take a look at it then we can decide on a price. Conditions: For us to buy this land there are a few things we would like to see. Firstly: I would like it if the land was clean and has no buildings or other man-made structures like that on it, If there is I might still consider buying it, but I will want to pay less for it. Secondly: I would like it to be farmable. Also, if it is green and lush, I will most likely pay more for it. Lastly: I would prefer if it was far away from cities. The further it is from cities or settlements, the more I will pay for it. Please Contact Llewellyn Oakleaf if you have some land you would be willing to sell! -}&{- Llewellyn Oakleaf -*-
  16. My character is looking for small land to set up a cottage and farm, she can pay with a negotiated price and amounts of the crops she farms, along with other services she does like lumber. if you have a land for sale that isn't to big nor pricey then please either pm me or comment on this post!
  17. Altiak

    A Holy Land (Updated)

    Direct Leader of the Charter: Altiak/Casualghost Nation/Settlement/Guild Name: The Church of the Canon Type of Charter: Nation expansion If possible, Declare an Official Timezone: EST Area Being Requested(Outline the Region Using the Map Provided by the GM Team. If possible, set coordinates as markers for us to make a good region on the first try): https://gyazo.com/2a73eaf428db08ef007513e6f99bdf61 Screenshots of Area In-Game: https://gyazo.com/819f174f8c42b9164ab6eb0cc0ceedc9 https://gyazo.com/027fd5c90b82c5b2d454c74e1b7a988c Proof of Meeting Material Requirements: https://gyazo.com/0e467f8409f2012c2ec013248d8caebf https://gyazo.com/0aca9cc4674f7a45f58baa25403d4bc2 https://gyazo.com/180d33c1048ebb16d8bd3357f5b23352 https://gyazo.com/698920010e5efa32c53f9ff20cbcf53e https://gyazo.com/dc7817ca2354df0dd0af58fc74fd297e https://gyazo.com/388b96a0939be9d58fbefc4b9db8244b https://gyazo.com/6a9058cf87dae0f40d6caa3315313439 https://gyazo.com/9a8c65e5b39093dbba59e91e45b4f634 https://gyazo.com/95637166adba474209c7fa1af36ef644 https://gyazo.com/af77044431c28d0c44e6a7708597526e https://gyazo.com/9dd8d3aca15dadd47302b84be5b87d32 Charter Signatures: Daniel II Guy de Bar Adrian de Bar Brother Leon Aemolius Bracchus Edmond Brother Brennen Baldwin Joachim de Bar Drevin de Sarkozy Victarion Radoslav Vladimir Allae Iosif Vladov Lydia Hatter Siegemeyer Myaskovski Allen Adeney Franz Sarkozic Quinn Falk Philip of Koviran Leopold Lamprecht Neero Dederick Varodyr Richard of Huntshill Sancho of Veracruz Bishop Edmond Vytenis Oscar Jatt Riventon Brittanus Vanir Thenias Valur Adrian Chivay Constantine Silent Knight I, Altiak , fully acknowledge that if roleplay in the region in question does not occur, or player retention of the area depreciates to a level where hardly any active RP remains in the area, then the area will be removed, ruined or naturalized by GMs/ET members with a 1 week probationary period. Additional Roleplay: The roleplay around the establishment of this Canonist center of learning in the west is based on the Eventline ‘The Holy War on the Sanjak of Dasoguz.” In sum, Canonist monks explored the western continent in hopes of spreading their faith to the various foreigners there. They docked in the halfling village, but finding it abandoned, pressed onward south, only to run into a band of heathen Tarchars; a steppe warrior race who, according to rumor, pillaged the halfling realm to oblivion. Harassed and assaulted by this warband, the monks flee to Felsen, where they report the matter to the High Pontiff. Under duress, he advocates a Holy War, to salvage the halfling homeland. A weeklong Holy War event will occur between the Tarchary and Canonist soldiers, duking it out in the map shown. Depending on how the event fares, the Canonist forces will expand to encompass the entire region, driving the Tarchars out and establishing a foothold for learning and defense in the western frontier for the human faith. http://imgur.com/xitSWa4,ACPARZP,EZrbuj3,Zn0HNGT,msa8DCN,gPgSQV9,gYTZ2o1,jtU07Ry,0XoGusq,hVw1aHx,EFZTubI,kcgBIW0,duZHEHN#0 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/132978-the-old-gods-awake/ https://i.gyazo.com/7ccba3d3106837787d11153e30b3a734.png