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Found 21 results

  1. I was looking back at old forum feuds and suddenly had a nostalgic feeling to try and find a lost Aegis map. Most of my efforts over the forums were to no avail, but apparently a quick search on the Google succeeded. Have fun exploring the past 🙂 (Also might want to update this, https://files.lordofthecraft.net/maps/) [!] A Shaman performing a spirit walk through the lands of Aegis Krugmar
  2. Foundation of the new County of Domus [!] Standing in front of the Aliquam Domain, hanging on the wall a the right side of the gate, a commemorative bronze plaque can be seen relating tidbits of the history of Domus and the Aliquam family. In addition to the text, you can see some illustrations engraved on the metal. "Everything begins with a simple idea, at first this place was just a little piece of land with only one building standing, the Aliquam Mansion, nothing much really, just a quiet place far in the north far from conflicts inside a pin forest that would later become the woods of the Kingdom of Suffonia. The Aliquam family, followers and allies decided to settle here after the war against The Holy Orenian Empire and the Federation of Mokh-Urak, where they fought bravely to protect the Merentel family during the siege of the duchy of Vintas led at this time by Sergius Merentel... [!][You can see deeper grove on this name] the same one who disgusted those who had sworn to protect him by his disgrace." [!] An illustration of the war against The Holy Orenian Empire and the Federation of Mokh-Urak "Eadon Aliquam alias Eadon I of Domus, patriarch of the Alquam family was lieutenant of the black army of Vintas and a successful merchant of artifacts and precious gems, he used his wealth to finance the construction of the Aliquam Mansion and to create a trading agreement with the castle of Warwick nearby for land and protection. This agreement has evolved over time into a good relationship and then into a strong bond leading to the culmination where Eadon Aliquam made the oath to serve the Suffolk family and the kingdom to Suffonia in return, they ennobled him as the Count of Domus and gave him a bigger land to prosper in the year of 1746." [!] An illustration of the Eadon Aliquam "After some preparation and more construction, the official opening of the County of Domus took place in 1748, the year of creation of this commemorative plaque. The pillars of the Dommusian society are tolerance of race and religion, wealth, prosperity and Honour. [!][The last work would be underlined] As a matter of fact, the Domussians would rather die to cleanse their honour than live in shame, which is why they would hunt down any oathbreaker to the end of hell if they had to." [!] An illustration of the Aliquam domain [!] At the end you can see some sentences written differently as if they were engraved by another hand. “The Crown of Suffonia and the Dommusians trusted me to run this place, this is why I, Eadon I of Domus of the house Aliquam, vow to make this place the richest and most prosperous county this realm has ever seen, for the honour of my family and for all Domusians. Ave Domus!” “A man's worth is no greater than his word.” ~ Eadon I of Domus OOC We are officially opening the county to the world, with this new land extension we have a lot of ambitions for the future. That's why we are making a new look with a new discord and this post. I invite you to connect to our discord if you are interested there are a lot of jobs to be filled. Looking forward to RP with you soon ~ Eadon Note: You can join officially only by rping with me or one of the council member. https://discord.gg/aCuEjTW
  3. The 5th of Horen’s Calling, 1746 Muffled shouts can be heard drifting in through the hallway and past a large wooden door left ajar. Colonel Sabari sits behind a large dark oak desk, an ever-growing mass of paperwork dominates a corner of the wooden surface as the days affairs marched on. His hand gloved in a very fine yet sturdy leather hovers near his face as he occasionally strokes his chin in thought. As the clamoring outside comes to rest he knew it was time to address his congregation waiting diligently outside. In a smooth motion, he rises from his seat and without a thought grabs the imperial coat slung on the back of his chair; draping it smartly from shoulder to shoulder. In a matter of moments he was already through his office door and down the hall that was lit in a warm orange glow of the afternoon sun. As he would appear before the courtyard a loud crack would echo across the air as a legion of Imperial Army soldiers would snap to attention, the heels of their boots smacking together in unison. Giving a moment of pause before he spoke he would remark to himself proudly of what he saw. Brave men, both young and old, willing to lay down their lives for something that meant so much more than the sum of its parts. A slight smile would creep across his lips just before vanishing as he addressed his comrades. “Men of the Imperial Army, it is with great pleasure that I am able to stand before you today and share with you such great news. It is truly a sight to behold you all, shoulder to shoulder, in the colours of the Empire. The sacrifices you must make on a daily basis are of immeasurable magnitude. And such is the fact that you are all of a volunteer force, ready and willing to lay down your lives in service to this great Empire. If you have not heard it, I thank you. Your fellow citizens thank you, this whole city thanks you, and most of all your Emperor thanks you.” “In absolute recognition of your selfless and dutiful sacrifices, we of your upper leadership body would like to make your service to this mighty army even more worthwhile- past whatever justification you already hold dear. Veteran soldiers, after your fourth year of faithful service to the army, you will become entitled to your own homestead. One that is provided by the state and exempt from taxation. In addition, you will be awarded a plot of some of the Empires most fertile soil within which you may grow your own food, support your family, and contribute to a community of your own making. These homes shall be built by Imperial master craftsmen and shall adequately reflect our appreciation for what you all do for this organization. Take this opportunity to spread your roots and give increased meaning behind what it is that you fight for.” “Speak with your company sergeants or your brigade captains for further information regarding this announcement. I look forward to the future that we create together. Long live the Emperor, Ave Oren!” In yet another smooth and calculated motion, the Colonel performs an about-face and disappears from before the formation of soldiers and back into the red keep. His work never quite ending, he would return to his office. This time, the large wooden door would drift closed in his wake, ending with the light clank as the door latch finds its home with the stone frame. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Imperial State Housing Edict ENLIST HERE ((IMPERIAL STATE HOUSES IMAGES IN GAME)) To recognize the selfless service and sacrifice of our brave Imperial State Army soldiers, the following will become the rite of all eligible members. Upon the completion of one’s fourth year and until their final year of faithful service to the Imperial State Army, the member becomes entitled to the following: State-provided, tax-exempt, homestead within the walled confines of the newly dubbed Harlingen Estates. State-provided, fertile agricultural land plot within which any myriad of crops or livestock may be cultivated for the benefit of the member and the community of the Harlingen Estate. Access to the community stores of the Harlingen Estates. A modest tariff of 20% of all produced goods within the state-provided land plots shall be directly contributed to the Imperial State Army. Eligible members may invite their immediate family members to take up residence within the provided home and participate in the community of the Harlingen Estates. Additionally, non-eligible military members or Imperial citizens may be given access to the Harlingen Estates so long as they are sponsored by a current eligible member. Responsibility and accountability of sponsored individuals falls solely on the sponsor. The Imperial State Army encourages the establishment of familial military lineage. As such, as a soldier continues their service, increases in rank, and assumes higher responsibility; said members may enjoy increased and improved living conditions. This may come in many forms but most notably as larger and more opulent homesteads. Furthermore, veteran soldiers may continue to receive all of the aforementioned entitlements even after the conclusion of their military service through military lineage. Offspring may inherit said entitlements without having to achieve veteran status so long as they join the Imperial State Army as soon as they come of age; with these benefits extending to their respective household patriarchs. For each family member that joins from a veteran status household, they shall receive a service lineage pay bonus. ENLIST HERE
  4. The Lunar Domain of Asimu’lei ☽ A Settlement Guide ☾ WATCH OUR TRAILER “A traveller gets lost in the forest of whispers; an unexpected helping hand is there to help and welcome them” ☽ Overview ☾ The Lunar Domain of Asimu’lei is the home of the Mali’ker, though it is open to the other descendants. Asimu’lei is a peaceful town focused on commerce, harmony and progress. This blooming town can be found near the druidic grove, in the south-eastern region of Arcas (762 / 55 / -130), being a mere five minutes walk from Cloud Temple. To reach, just follow the signs for the southern road from Cloud Temple, follow for Sutica until you’ll see a sign on the left that will guide you to the blessed moon glade, Asimu’lei. ☽ Points of interest ☾ The “Adont’Haelun” clinic The “Twilight Trade Square” The “Dante’celia” Tavern The “Ilum’indor” Library The housing district “Diraar’ker” : the guardians The “Vallel’ame” forest The “Vihai’ame” forest ☽ Asimilian Government ☾ The Asimilian government is composed of many organs. First of all, the Lunar Sage, a guidance for the settlement. Then we have the “Council of many arts” with the ministers regulating their own ministries and fields of competence. And last but not least, the Lye debaters, the lifeline of the town, the citizens. Through debating sessions, they are be able to vote and express their desires and decisions, for a better future. Everyone is subject to the Ker’tir or the “Night Law” , a constitution-like document that regulates the everyday life and justice within the asimilian borders. ☽ Activity ☾ Need some guidance? Ask our stewards! Tigergiri#0744 / Mr.LordVoop#3803 / LordYuki#3274 / Josey#5073 Peak time: 3 Pm EST / 9 PM Gmt+1 US – EU timezones A huge thanks to everyone that helped and continues to help with this project.
  5. There was a poet known only as “The Mad Poet.” He lived a hermit life where his only friend had died years before the disappearance. Last seen he was with Ryia Von Savoia-Dalivous' on his way to Helena when he disappeared. He had willed everything to her, as he knew not many other acquaintances. When he disappeared Ryia looked for a bit but found no trace. It was as if this masked poet of an unknown name had disappeared. His home had seen no use in the years, in fact, it seemed abandoned until he willed it to Ryia, where the first layer of dust finally rose. He has a memorial for all those who want to pay their respects, far from any other places in the wildlands. It is said that the gifts put there disappear, this could be a thief or the mad poet back from the dead. The coordinates of his memorial are -2312 / 41 / -388. What does the memorial service, one might ask? Well, The Mad Poet is said to have a long history, once a soldier, a jester, a spy, and many other things, countless deeds, most bad of course.
  6. The Sleetfells Darkens Sometime during the month of The Deep Cold, the day was cloudy in the Sleetfells, although, infront of a cave just a bit away from the Yatl Wastelands was a ‘ker, the place seemed to be filled with flourishing nature, color flowers along the paths that lead up to the cave, the dark elf seeming to have plenty of supplies out filled with many things, banners, wood, stone. It seemed that he was hoping to get some work done, perhaps hoping to revive the small settlement known as Elmagara’myan. Many of hours later, It would appear that the surface of the cavern was filled with stalls and plenty of red banners above them, although clouds would suddenly roll into the Sleetfells, the sky darkening as a sudden cold fills the area, the sun completely disappearing, the ‘ker looking up at the sky, in an instant it seems that snow would pour down, he’d blink in awe before taking what he can, although wouldn’t be much as he’d rush back into the cave, settling himself as a few more hours would pass, peeking out of the cave only to see mounds of snow, covering all the progress he’s made, everything.. covered with snow, the man thinking in his head “Well.. ****” (OOC info)
  7. Codex Justinianus Foreword, Every person within the Realm of Athalia and all of its appendages, including vassalized states and the surrounding lands are bound by this codex. While the law is derived from the Crown of Athalia the Crown itself, the Ministries, the Oracle, and the Royal Family are also bound by this codex. No alterations or exceptions are to be made to this codex unless voted and agreed upon by the Privy Council and the Crown itself. Table of Content Legally Important Titles and Terms A. Nobility The Crown The Royal Family The Grand Prince The Oracle The Ministers The State Secretary The Lords The Archdukes The Dukes The Counts The Viscounts The Barons Honorary Titles B. Rights of Nobility C. Duties of Nobility Laws of Athalia A. Acts of Violence Battery Murder Manslaughter Mutilation Torture B. Acts of Vandalism Burglary Robbery Vandalism Arson Trespassing Poaching C. Acts of Theft Theft Robbery Fraud D. Acts of the Dark Arts Forbidden Arts Resurrection Demonology E. Acts against the State Treason Sedition Contraband Obstruction of the State Tax Evasion Absconding Bribery of State Officials Extortion Perjury False Doctorate F. Acts against Morality Kidnapping Dafamation Impersonation Indecency Deviancy Fornication Adultery Consanguinity Disturbance of the local Peace Racism Trials and Punishments A. Trials Right to have a fair trial Roles Procedure of trials Mutilation Torture B. Punishments Punishments Light Punishments Average Punishments Average Punishments Heavy Punishments Critical Punishments C. Written Exceptions Taxation A. Taxation Costs Class C Home Class B Home Class A Home Mansion Shops B. Tax Exemptions Legally Important Titles and Terms The Nobility is defined as the body of all individuals holding heredity or honorary noble or lordly titles, typically holding land in tenure to the State or other members of Nobility. As such one may be ascending to Nobility, while are others are Nobility from blood. Nobility Nobility, as stated before, can be obtained through two possible ways, either by birthright or through ascending into Nobility. As such Nobility is often a given right and can also be taken away, depending on one’s action or the actions of a family as a whole. While this applies to most ranks of Nobility others are excepted from such rule, including the Royal Family and unique titles, as those can solely be removed by the Crown itself or through the Privy Council as a whole. The Crown The Crown is defined as a sovereign or monarch of a kingdom, above the royal family and is to be referred to as His or Her Majesty or as My King or My Queen. The Royal Family Members of the Royal Family are defined as siblings or offsprings of the Crown and are carrying the Titles of Princes or Princesses, excluding the Grand Prince or the Grand Princess. The Grand Prince Being the direct and first offspring of the Crown the Grand Prince or Grand Princess is to be seen as the future monarch of the kingdom, as such the future ruler of the land. The Grand Prince or Princess to be referred to as His or Her Serene Highness. The Oracle Known as the spiritual leader of the kingdom the Oracle is known to act on their visionary sight and are often seen guiding members of different religions, while also maintaining peace within the kingdom. The Oracle is commonly referred to as His or Her Holiness. The Ministers Each Minister is leading a specific aspect of the kingdom, as such, they are also known to manage and control said aspects while maintaining a proper workflow between Ministries. As such they are often referred to as His or Her Ministerial Grace. The State Secretary The individual who holds this tile is formally responsible for the completion of documents passed by the crown while having a general overview of the economic and financial policies. The State Secretary is often referred to as His or Her Honorable. The Lords and Ladies Being a given title the lords and ladies of the kingdom earned their titles through years of hard workmanship and often through aiding the kingdom in events of wars and danger. As such they are often granted bigger landmasses by the Crown and are also able to create vassals underneath them. Their titles are either His Lordship or Her Ladyship. The Archdukes and Archduchesses Archdukes is a title given through the hard work of a duke that wishes to gain a higher title and has shown a stronger devotion to the state more than anyone else. The Dukes and Duchesses Dukes are known to have been working for the crown with such devotion that they have been granted lands which come together to form a duchy, they are beneath Archdukes but higher than counts. The Counts and Countesses Counts are known as a higher form of Nobility for those who transcend to higher expectations from the crown, usually granted more adequate lands which form their county. The Viscounts Viscounts are known as the form of Nobility given to Barons and Baronesses that have served the crown loyally and upheld them in great stature. They typically have more land than Barons which form their Viscounty. The Barons and Baronesses Barons are known as the lowest form of Nobility, holding their titles mostly as vassals to lordships or dukes. As such they are often only holding smaller pieces or land, but more often none at all. Honorary Titles One of the possible honorary titles is known as the title of Knight or Dame. Such title is given through the laborious work and fealty to the crown while it is often granted through the privy council. Typically holding the non-hereditary title of Ser or Dame and given land in tenure to the state or other lords. The Rights of Nobility While Nobility is often a given right, those with such special right are also given unique exceptions in regards to the law. As such they are holding unique rights and a person is also to be given such rights if ascending into Nobility or stripped away if removed from Nobility. The right to hold a noble title within the kingdom and to be referred to by their respective titles. The privilege to hold land within the boundaries of the kingdom, which was assigned by the Crown itself. The right to hold estates within the city of Athalia and on their assigned land outside of the walls of the city. The right to manage and steward the allotted land as seen fit. The right to organize a force of armed men within their estates, to train and fit their militia as seen fit, and to protect their estates with their militia. The right to organize marriage between their houses with their peers. The Duties of Nobility The Duties of Nobility is for them to manage their lands and businesses, creating job opportunities while also giving valuable resources to the state for growth. They have sworn to the monarch that if any hostile forces were to present themselves to the state, they would raise arms in order to protect all that dwell within the borders of Athalia. They are to uphold the laws that are enacted to protect all, while also keeping loyalty and hope in the state for future generations. Ignoring such duties is often seen as treason against the state and will result in punishments. Laws of Athalia The laws of Athalia were created to ensure the safety of each citizen and also of the state as a whole, as such they are the guideline which every person within the lands of Athalia shall follow. Breaking such laws will result in heavy punishments, reaching from fines to executions. §1 Acts of Violence §1.1 Battery Known as an intentional act of violence Battery is forbidden within the lands of the kingdom. Breaking such law will result in an average-classed punishment. §1.2 Murder Murder describes the intentional act of taking someone’s life and is as such forbidden within the kingdom, with the exceptions of official executions. Breaking the law will result in a high-classed punishment. §1.3 Manslaughter Manslaughter is known as the crime of killing a being without malice aforethought, or in circumstances not amounting to murder. Breaking such law will result in an average-class punishment. §1.4 Mutilation Mutilation, or also called Maiming, is the act of violently damaging the body part of another being to the stage of it being permanently damaged or even fully removed. Breaking such will result in a high-class punishment within the kingdom. §1.5 Torture Causing long-term damage to the body and/or mind over a longer period of time is known as Torture. As such Torture is forbidden within the whole kingdom and will be punished with a high-class punishment. §2 Acts of Vandalism §2.1 Burglary Burglary is defined as the tried entering of a building, often with the intention to do a robbery. Doing so is forbidden within the kingdom and will result in an average-class punishment. §2.2 Robbery (Within a facility) Robbery is the crime of taking or attempting to take anything of value by force, the threat of force, or by putting the victim in fear within the facilities of another person. Such criminal acts are forbidden and will be punished with high-class punishment. §2.3 Vandalism Known as the intentional destruction of buildings or other structures Vandalism is not accepted within Athalia and will result in an average-class punishment. §2.4 Arson Arson is known as the act to set a building or structure aflame, causing permanent damage to the building and often destroying such. Breaking such law will result in a high-class punishment. §2.5 Trespassing Entering the ground, house or structure owned by another person without their consent is known as Trespassing and is not allowed within the kingdom of Athalia. Acting against this law will result in an average-class punishment. §2.6 Poaching Poaching has been defined as the illegal hunting or capturing of animals within the kingdom, which is already in possession of another citizen or noble. Poaching an animal will result in an average-class punishment and the replacement of the animal by the culprit. §3 Acts of Theft §3.1 Theft Theft is known as the act to take someone's belongings without them noticing or without their consent. Doing so and being caught will result in an average-punishment and all of the stolen goods shall be returned by the culprit, else they are forced to do labor to repay for the stolen wares. §3.2 Robbery (Of a Person) Robbery is often classified as the violent attempt to take someone’s belongings, often by creating fear within a person through the usage of weaponry. Attempting Robbery is forbidden and will result in a high-class punishment and the returning of all stolen goods. If the goods can’t be returned the culprit will be forced to do labor to repay for the stolen wares. §3.3 Fraud Fraud is the intentional deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain or to deprive a victim of a legal right. Such acts include scamming and also blackmailing and will result, if performed, in an average-class punishment. §4 Acts of the Dark Arts §4.1 Forbidden Arts Classified as forbidden arts are the following forms of magic; Blood Magic, Dark Shamanism, Necromancy, Shade Magic, Mysticism, Thallassos Magic, Strength of the Abyss, Frost Witch Magic, Paladinism (of Xan) and other forms which affect a person physically or meta-physically. If performed, taught or in any other way used within the kingdom one will be punished with a critical-class punishment. §4.2 Resurrection Bringing the dead back alive, in any way or form, is forbidden in any possible way within the kingdom of Athalia, this includes the usage of Necromancy, the usage of any relicts, or any other way. Bringing a dead person back will result in a critical-class punishment and the destruction of the undead being. §4.3 Demonology The usage of demons and creatures related to demons is forbidden in the kingdom of Athalia, including their summoning, usage of their demonic powers and the worshipping of such beings. Exceptions can be made by the Crown itself and only after a long-term trial. Breaking the law will result in a critical-class punishment. §5 Acts against the State §5.1 Treason Treason has been defined as the act of disloyalty intended to undermine the authority of a government official or taking action against the state in order to harm it, knowingly aiding an enemy of the state shall also be classified under this crime, a critical-class punishment is to be given. §5.2 Sedition Sedition is the activity of speech which is used to incite people to rebel against the government's authority, If committed a average-class punishment is to be given. §5.3 Contraband Contraband is formally known as the possession, production, and auction of illegal items which include and are not limited to, literature, substances, weaponry, et cetera. If perpetrated a average-class punishment is passed on. §5.4 Obstruction of the State Obstruction against the state includes the interference and or delay of an investigation conducted by government officials which could be a criminal activity or anything else listed as illegal actions, A critical-class punishment is to proceed. §5.5 Tax Evasion Tax Evasion is when an individual isn’t able to provide full payment in a timely manner, whether it be a civil tax or wartime tax the individual is to be given possibly an extended amount of time before a average-class punishment is passed. §5.6 Absconding Absconding is the act of intentionally refraining to hand oneself over to the custody of government officials at the proper time, an average-class punishment is to be given. §5.7 Bribery of State Officials Bribery is typically the act of persuading individuals or giving temptation with gifts for them to act unlawfully, dishonestly, et cetera. This crime is to be appointed a punishment based on the given circumstances, It could range from an average-class punishment to a critical-class punishment. §5.8 Extortion Extortion is known to be the crime of threatening another individual for benefits that could perchance allow them to rise in station. This includes money, titles, and land, punishment is to be given through extensive understanding of the situation. §5.9 Perjury Perjury occurs when an individual intentionally deceives or withholds relevant information from government officials and during the course of a trial. This crime is to be given a critical-class punishment. §5.10 False Doctorate The work of doctors and nurses are known to be fairly hard ones, requiring intense knowledge on the medical base. As such only licensed doctors, which hold a license from the Minister of Health and Medicine, are allowed to treat patients. If one fakes such doctorate or claims to be a licensed doctor, despite not holding a license they are to be given an average-class punishment. §6 Acts against Morality §6.1 Kidnapping Kidnapping is the act of abduction, restraining, or confining another individual against their will the possibility of physical violence, et cetera. This crime is to be treated with critical-class punishment. §6.2 Defamation Defamation is when an individual knowingly proclaims false information about another individual with the usual intent of harm upon their name. This is to be given a average-class punishment unless the situation calls for something stronger. §6.3 Impersonation Impersonation is a crime typically used for personal gain as It could lead to the harsh punishment of said person the individual is impersonating, this is to be given a critical-class punishment. §6.4 Indecency Indecency is when an individual dress in such an obscene manner, shall it be sexual or otherwise this is to be given a average-class punishment. §6.5 Deviancy Deviancy is were a individual acts in an unusual standard, usually in political and social behavior. This is to be given a average-class punishment. §6.6 Fornication Fornication is when an unmarried individual fornicates another individual in a public or private setting and would be given a punishment based on the further insight of the situation. §6.7 Adultery Adultery occurs when a married individual intentionally fornicates with another who is not their spouse, this is to be given a average-class punishment. §6.8 Consanguinity Consanguinity is were a individual fornicates or has immoral relations with one’s close family, namely with a father or mother, siblings, et cetera. This shall be given a average-class punishment. §6.9 Disturbance of Peace Disturbance of Peace is where an individual purposely interrupts the common peace within the state by unruly public behavior which ranges from fighting, preaching of false information, immoral acts, et cetera. A heavy-class punishment is passed onto the individual who commits this sort of crime. §6.10 Racism Racism of any kind is unwanted within the kingdom of Athalia. Each person is to be seen as equal, despite their race, color, origin or other aspects. Breaking such simple law through the usage of racism will result in a average-class punishment. Trials and Punishments Trials and Punishments are part of every kingdom and their lawful codex and rules. As such the following section is focusing solely on trials and the punishments which are to be given out. Trials Right to have a fair Trial Unlike in many kingdoms, Athalia is giving each citizen the right to be given a trial, unless their wrongdoings were causing little to no actual damage, in which the time and energy to hold a trial would be pointless. As such citizens are to be given up to average punishments without a trial by the guard forces. Any higher punishments can only be given out after a fair trial was held. A fair trial is often referred to a trial where either side is given a possibility to talk, bring forth evidence or take actions against claims while being judged by a jury or judge. Until the acclaimed culprit is found guilty he is to be seen as innocent, while still being limited in his powers and rights until the trial is concluded (Example: Right to roam the kingdom freely -> Can be limited to the city or a cell alone). Roles at a Trial Victim The Victim is a person harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event or action. They can be a singular person, group or even the state/kingdom itself and are required to be represented at a trial. Accused Culprit A culprit is a person accused to be responsible for a crime or other misdeed. They are the ones being charged by the victim and prosecutor for crimes within the kingdom of Athalia. They need to be present at the trial, else will face the full punishment and are seen as guilty in the eyes of the judge or jury. Prosecutor The prosecution is the part of the victim's party, responsible for presenting the case in a criminal trial against an individual accused of breaking the law. They can talk on behalf of their clients and can represent the victim. Defendant Attorney A defendant attorney is part of the culprits' party, specializing in the defense of individuals and groups charged with criminal activity. They are to bring forth evidences, which show that the accused culprit isn’t guilty of any crimes. Lay Witness Lay Witnesses are witnesses, which saw the actual crime taking places or which otherwise may hold information or evidence against an accused culprit. They are being called forth by the judge or the prosecutor and are to answer correctly at a trial. Expert Witness Expert Witnesses didn’t witness the crime, yet, have extensive knowledge in a matter relevant to a crime, including magical knowledge, knowledge about weaponry and many more topics. They are to be called forth by the judge. Secretary The Secretary keeps an eye on the time each person is allowed to talk, while also keeping track of any pieces of evidence, noting such down on an official document. They are to be present at any given trial and are required to send all finished documents to the crown, so that they may be preserved for the future. Judge A judge is a person who presides over court proceedings, either alone or as part of a jury. Judges are to be impartially and are to conduct each trial, giving out punishment or announcing that a culprit is not guilty. They need to be present at any trial which takes place within Athalia. Jury A jury consists of a judge and several individual state officials, which are given the right to conclude a trial. However, a jury is only been called forth if a citizen of nobility is being trialed. Procedures of a Trial The purpose of the trial is to present all relevant admissible evidence to the court. The jury will decide the guilt or innocence of the accused person. All trials within Athalia gives full rights to all people of different races, social background, and religious beliefs. The Procedure of the Trial is listed below: The accused appears in the dock and a document known as an ‘Indictment’ is presented by the prosecutor. The Indictment details the alleged offence. It is read by the Secretary to the accused who is asked to then plead ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty’ to the accused crimes. The prosecutor starts with an address to the judge or jury, outlining the case against the accused, and then calls witnesses to give evidence, who the defense can cross-examine. After the cross-examination has finished, the prosecutor may re-examine the witness. The defense case follows the same procedure. After all the evidence has been presented, the prosecution and the defense review their cases in final addresses to the judge. The judge will afterwards review all of the documents and decide upon the verdict of the accused individual, either pleading them as ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty’. Punishments Forms of Punishments Within Athalia, four different levels of punishments are to be given out, classified as light, average, heavy and critical punishments. For most crimes a culprit is being charged with laws, which result in average punishments, yet, depending on the crime they may also receive a critical punishment. Light Punishments Fines A fine is of lower grade sentencing, considered the utmost minimal punishment possible. When a fine is sentenced, the criminal must pay the fine within one elven-week from the day the fine was announced/recorded. If they do not, they face graver punishment. Detention A detention is of lower grade sentencing, which results in the rights of free movement to be limited to a certain area, often a cell. The criminal has to stay within their confinement, else will receive graver punishments. Average Punishments Forced Labour If a criminal did thievery or can’t pay a fine they are to be forced to physical labor, either for the state or for the victim. Such labor can range from easy work as a salesman or to harder work, as the work of a coal miner. The criminal will be under permanent observation until he repaid his debt. Branding Branding is of average grade sentencing, considered the procedure to take when a criminal must be identified for their crime in the future. This punishment is done in private. When branding is sentenced the branding will be placed in a clear location, usually the head, neck, wrists or palms Public Torture Public torture is of average grade sentencing, considered the go-to sentencing for medium to severe or recurring criminals. This is the procedure when a criminal is found for charges that require more than the light sentencing but must be dealt with efficiently. Public torture can be sentenced, like light punishments, regardless of a trial. This includes public branding or lashings. Lashings are the most common in public torture, a strict form of punishment dealt with conservative numbers. Heavy Punishments Revocation of Citizenship Revocation of citizenship is of heavy grade sentencing, considered the way to punish a criminal and force them into rehabilitation by earning society’s trust once more, usually through gaining a career record and then after repenting for their crimes appealing to the royal court. Castration Castration is of heavy grade sentencing, considered the answer to male sexual violence. It is the private removal of a male’s genitals, and falls under the act of dismemberment but does deserve its own punishment title due to the common occurrence of it. Dismemberment Dismemberment is of heavy grade sentencing, considered the procedure to remove the criminal’s ability to repeat a crime. In the case of sexual violence, castration is necessary, though in the case of murder, a hand might be removed, and in the case of repeated disrespect, slander and harassment, a tongue might be torn out. All sentences of dismemberment are specific to the crime and precisely which body part can be removed to prevent the criminal from ever committing such a crime again. This can also be the go-to for recurring criminal acts if public torture does not stop them. Critical Punishments Banishment Banishment is of critical grade sentencing. When a criminal has gone so far that they can no longer be rehabilitated into society, nor can they be trusted to be forced into labor and not commit further crimes, they will be banished from Athalia. They are to be thrown out into the wilderness with no supplies where they are forgotten and doomed to die or live a nomadic lifestyle for years to come, never legally to return. Execution Execution is of critical grace sentencing and is used when a criminal has gone so far that they must be eliminated in public to be made an example of. The main objective behind execution is knowing that there is no other viable punishment and no rehabilitating option for the criminal. Written Exceptions Known as licenses or, more commonly, as exceptions to the common law those, often uniquely handed out by Ministers or the Crown itself, documents are placing a specified person above parts of the law. Most commonly such exceptions are given out to trustworthy individuals, which served Athalia for years, or to those which are needing said exceptions for their work, mostly doctors and nurseries. Each exception needs to state the name of the holder, the specified law exception and also the signature and sigil of the Minister, which handed out said exception. Taxation Taxation Costs Within every kingdom taxes are a fairly important part, as they provide the kingdom with resources for their treasury, which in return can be used to buy building resources, animals, weaponry and much more for the citizens. As such each house owner needs to pay their taxations costs at the local taxation center, where the taxes are collected at the beginning of each elven week. Class C Home A Class C Home is often described as a small house, often containing a singular floor and around 8x5x4 cubic blocks of space. Said houses are often fairly cheap, as citizens often need to pay only 100 Minas to move in and are asked to pay 50 Minas per week as taxation, making those places affordable for any kind of person. Class B Home Unlike the Class C Home the Class B Home is known to be more spacious, often holding two floors, each with the approximate sizing of 10x6x4 cubic blocks of space. Due to the amount of space those houses are a bit more pricey, but still affordable for most people, pricing at around 200 Minas to move in and holding a taxation of 100 Minas per week. Class A Home Class A Homes are often referred to as the most spacious of all homes, besides manors, as they often hold a fairly big amount of space. Most commonly whole family's are living in such homes, as they are given those houses preferable instead of a singular person. Class A Homes are known to hold up to two floors, each floor holding approximately the size of 12x8x4 cubic blocks, which makes the purchase fairly price, standing at 300 Minas, which a weekly taxation of 200 Minas per week. Manors Reserved for Nobility Manors are the most spacious of all homes, allowing nobles to create their own little paradise. However, while Manors are reserved for Nobility not all nobles are granted a manor, either due to the limited amount or due to their actual title. Manors are known to hold 15x10x4 cubic blocks of space and are often having two or three floors altogether, making them rather ginormous. Yet such space comes to a fairly big price, as the purchase alone costs 500 Minas, while holding a weekly taxation of 400 Minas. Shops Shops are unique areas, either stalls or buildings, which are allowing a person to sell their wares. As they are granting a steady income they are often less pricey when firstly purchased, yet, hold a higher taxation cost. Normally shops hold around 6x5x4 cubic blocks of space, yet, some may be bigger or smaller, depending on their location within Athalia. The first purchase costs normally 150 Minas and their weekly taxation is placed at 150 Minas. Tax Exemptions Sometimes granted by the Minister for Interior Affairs or the Crown itself a Tax Exemption is removing someone’s weekly taxation, making their purchase a one-time-deal. Most commonly tax exemptions are given out to specific title holders or to people, which aided Athalia for a long time, allowing them to live without any bigger worries within the city.
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  9. AND TO THE MIRE, HE RETURNS ___________________________________ [!] A depiction of Kaer Glythen, the Aeldinic seat of House Grimm The war between the feuding Imperial Houses of Horen and Marna has claimed many lives as of recent, and families all throughout the two imperiums now grieved for lost sons and daughters - taken all too soon in the conflict. One such family is the noble House of Grimm, its members having learned of its patriarch’s death in the most horrible of ways; The Baron’s corpse was shipped to the stone-maken walls of Reza, confined to a wooden box devoid of any means to initially identify him. Eventually, however, upon reaching hold of Lady Grimm, authorities were able to properly identify the bloodied husk as her spouse - a man who had so chivalrously lived past his prime. As the family grieved together and sorted through the late patriarch’s belongings, a piece of parchment was found. On the paper lay dozens of crossed out lines of text, all discarded before the middle of the page. In there, a handful of lines remained, writing comparable to chicken scratch, though legible nonetheless. I remember my arrival upon Atlas hazily, though some memories do not escape me. The overwhelming fear of leaving my parents, and my eldest siblings, on their lonesome in Venerra. Thankfully, I had my sister Alana by my side throughout the voyage. Tempests raged about us as we ventured further into the murky waters, our vessel soon being consumed by a grey mist -- restricting our vision for a good while. In the days following, we could make out a jagged mountain ahead; Overjoyed, Alana and I leaped into the frigid waters and gradually arrived to Haeseni shores. As we made our way into the confines of Markev, we were greeted by our cousins, Emma Ludovar and her younger sibling, Jacob. My sister took the path of Chamberlain; I, on the other hand, pursued the path my father had always desired for me - knighthood. And so life went on for me: I had four beauteous children and a supportive consort. Alas, I write this for I have spent fifty-some years alive - Death encroaches, and rapidly at that. Should you find this and I’m deceased, my sole request is to be returned to my grand-nephew, William I of Venerra, where I am to be laid in our family crypts with my father Elias, my mother Selina, and my siblings. To the mire, I return. Credit to Axelu for writing the entire thing, I’m just here for the rep.
  10. Stargush

    The History of Orc

    (Iblees disguised as a man attempts to fool Krug with riches and luxury) THE HISTORY OF ORC Instances of Orcish history across the major realms of Aegis to Arcas DAWN OF AEGIS (BCW) 1 BCW: The Four Brothers are born into the lands of Aegis: Krug, Horen, Malin, and Urguan 2 BCW: The descendants battle in the fateful war against Iblees and the Undead 3 BCW: Krug becomes scarred and burned by Iblees acid skin and cursed with bloodlust after the Arch-Daemon was defeated. In return, the Aenguls blessed Krug and his kin with Honor and Valor as contribution after the war. 4 BCW: The Four Brothers split into separate ways raising great families and unique civilizations. 5 BCW: Krug and Grahla birth children named Rax, Dom, Gorkil and Lur. 6 BCW: Krug’s children triumph in many battles and obstacles earning great respect to their names. 7 BCW: Krug wages war against the Empire of Horen. While the Orcs sieged the city, Krug is challenged to an honor duel by the Emperor. Horen is swiftly defeated by Krug who planted his axe into his brother’s skull. CLAN WAR (CW) 1 CW: The Orc Clans came about when the Children of Krug began having children and eventually they separated into different families, or Clans. These Clans would have many differences and would respect their Clan Father and die for Him. 2 CW: These Clans would eventually start following Greatfathers, and there were two who possessed the most appeal; The Great Warrior Tythor, slayer of the Kar'ak Scorpion, and The Great Shaman Or'ta, who could call down whole lightning storms. 3 CW: Two major Mega-Clans of the time were the Rax Clan led by Tythor’Rax and Dom Clan led by Or’ta’Dom. 4 CW: The Clan Wars tear through the lands of Krug between the Clan Dom and Clan Lur 5 CW: Warlord Veruk’Gorkil leads a campaign against Warlord Tythor’Rax in the Battle of Nomad Plains leading 500 Gorkils riding their fastest war boars against 1,200 Jabbernacks that Tythor’Rax brought to battle. The Gorkils tore through the Rax cavalry while the Dom’s sent lightning crashing from the sky into the center of the Rax forces. At the end of the battle, Tythor’Rax retreated with 150 Jabbernacks while Veruk’Gorkil only lost 30 War Boars and even fewer Gorkils. 6 CW: Tythus’Rax is pronounced War Lord of the Rax Clan after Tythor’Rax falls in battle. 7 CW: After slaughtering through the numbers of Clan Lur, the clans of Krugmar are revealed the dark shamanism utilized by the Dark Shamans of Clan Dom. This causes Clan Gorkil and Clan Rax to join Lur and face the Doms. 8 CW: Warlord Tythus led many victories over the Dominus Clan and in one fateful battle, the High Shaman Or'ta tried to use Dark Magic to win. Krug, in anger, showed his displeasure for the weak and sent down lightning bolts to aid Tythus. Or'ta was killed and the Dominus Clan was eliminated, many joining Tythus soon after. 9 CW: War Lord Tythus’Rax leads a great victory over the Elves, taking their ruined city and establishing it as the capital of the War Nation, San’Jazel. AEGIS (1305 -1349) 1CW - 1305 - Tythus’Rax unites the Clans after the end of the Clan Wars and establishes the first Rexdom of Krugmar 2 13XX - Bein’Lur suggests the formation of an Orcish Army and Rex Tythus grants Bein the title Dominus. 3 13XX - A Nomad Village was land granted to the Dominus of Krugmar by Rex Tythus 4 13XX – Dominus Bein’Lur scouted a village near San’Jazel that was called Riverside. After some interactions and conflicts the Dominus waged war upon Riverside. The details of the battles are foggy, but the Orcs prevailed and the Dominus reconstructed the ruins forging a new city called San’Har. 5 13XX - An Orc named Petri bought a home in Kel’og but began building an army in a short span of time. It was brought to the attention of Dominus Bein’Lur and as Petri was confronted a skirmish broke out and left Petri’s army scattered and demoralized. 6 13XX - The Orcish Horde was reformed and construction of Fort Krug is completed. 7 13XX - Or’ta the Dark Shaman returns from death with the help of Iblees after being cast to the Nether by Krug for using Dark Magic. Dominus Bein is captured but after numerous attacks upon Orc cities he is defeated and killed by a group of Orcs in the Battle of San’Jazel. 8 13XX - Dominus Thyst challenges Tythus for the title of Rex and was mortally wounded in the battle. He suffered from his wounds and eventually was sent into the afterlife of the Stargush’Stroh. 9 13XX - Many of the Clans despised the leadership of Rex Tythus and united together to overthrow him in a revolt. 10 13XX - Just before the Assault of San’Jazel many of the clans became conflicted amongst themselves. Many laid their support in the Chieftain Mogroka’Gorkil while others supported the Lower Dominus Gorefang’Gorkil. 11 13XX - Mogroka and Gorefang decided it could only be settled through a duel. The duel lasted for three days and nights but neither got the upper hand. On the fourth day, after dehydration and starvation begins to set in the two Orcs land a solid blow upon each-other ending the duel without a winner. 12 13XX - Many feared that bloodshed and civil war would soon break out without a winner and just as each side prepared for battle they were interrupted by The Wandering Wizard who convinced the Clans to re-unite to their cause to prevent the Undead from reaping their lands. 13 13XX -A prophecy is told by Elder Shaman Krink’Gorkil that two brothers would lead the Orcs to victory and it would be the Orc’s Golden Age. 14 13XX - Mogroka and Gorefang together set out for San’Jazel to meet the Rex and challenge him for the Rexdom. Rex Tythus arrogantly accepted both challenges at the same time and was defeated leaving Mogroka and Gorefang to share the Rex title. 15 13XX - Shez’Lur, son of Bein’Lur, destroys San’Har and opens rebellion against Mogroka’Gorkil believing him to be a Usurper since he had never held the title of Dominus. Rex Mogroka acted quickly and had the rebels in full retreat as Shez’Lur was killed in the fighting. 16 13XX - The Great War began with a series of skirmishes between the Orcs and Dwarves outside of San’jazel. 17 1336 - Rex Mogroka’Gorkil of Krugmar and Prince Mylas of the Holy Princedom of Malinor, accompanied by Hochmeister Gaius Marius, marched on the capital of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Kal’Urguan 18 1336 - The Wandering Wizard falls defending against a horde of Undead 19 1339 - Grand Councilor Valen Blackaxe of Kal'Urguan and Warlord Mogroka of Krugmar end the Great War with a peace treaty, allowing Kal'Urguan to join the United Aegis Coalition. 20 1343 - The Dwarves begin work on a new coalition made up of Kal'Urguan, Renatus, Malinor, Hanseti and Krugmar. 21 1349 - Aegis falls 1 The Verge - Explored and colonized towards the end of Aegis, the Verge was a collections of islands that the people of Aegis fled through a portal to when Iblees' power became too great to contain. There they built ships to travel to Asulon. ASULON (1351 -1414) 1 1351 - As the orcs ventured to Asulon with the other mortal races, the orcs saw a boost in their population. 2 1351 - An idea spurred that the Rexdom of Krugmar was not working for the orcs, and thus the War Uzg, a nation of violence, was born. 3 13XX - As a result of the new found strength, the War Uzg aids the Hanseti in raids against the Kingdom of Renatus 4 13XX - War eventually breaks out with the orcs and Hansetians on one side and the Kingdom of Renatus on the other side. The war is stalemated after the orcs take over the fort of Das Boot. 5 13XX- After these tensions, the War Uzg set it's eyes on the Silver City of the High Elves. Within time, the orcs had burned down the Silver City after weeks of raiding. After the sacking of the Silver City, the War Uzg sat dormant for a while, until a new political advance in the War Uzg occurred. 6 13XX - The first Rex Klomp of the War Uzg occurs between the standing Rex Mogroka’Gorkil and Warlord Pok of the Ugluk Clan. After a fierce battle, Pok’Ugluk emerges the winner and becomes the Third Rex to ever hold the title. 7 13XX- Rex Pok quickly turns relations with the nation of Salvus for the worst and forms four powerful alliances 8 13XX - The War Uzg declares war on Salvus, backed by the coalition Pok had formed. The coalition consisted of Alras, Renatus, Hanseti, and Malinor as well as some larger guilds and a rebellion lead by a Human noble. 9 1414 - The Descendants depart from Asulon 1 Elysium - A collection of islands that the people stopped on during their sea trip from Asulon to Anthos. 2 Kalos - A big island which the people stopped to restock on supplies between Elysium and Anthos. ANTHOS (1420 -1454) 1 1420 - The Descendants reach Anthos 2 14XX - The Orcs of the War Uzg occupied the capital of San'Orka. 3 14XX - The dwarves push back the orcs, after a victorious battle at Storm's Crossing, ending the war between the two races. 4 1440 - The War Uzg is disbanded and the Orcish desert is called the Orcish Badlands. The Orcish Clans become the center of Orcish political life. 5 1454 - A new land would be discovered by the descendants, known to most as the Fringe, a peculiar land seeming near ancient as Anthos itself, with a sprawling temple of marble with a peculiar obsidian portal, seeming much like the ones once used in Aegis by the Undead around roughly a century ago. 1 The Fringe - Explored and colonized towards the end of Anthos, the Fringe was a land surrounded by very high mountains, with weird natural land formations. The people escaped here through a tunnel when Anthos was flooded. 2 Thales - When a harsh heat passed through the Fringe, the people took a portal to Thales, where they stayed there until finding a more suitable land of Athera. ATHERA (1470 -1513) 1 1470 - Power struggles existed each and every day, orcs had no honor towards each other. This occurred over the span of Athera, until an ancient and experienced orc known as Vrograk'Gorkil took it upon himself to fix things and declared himself Rex. 2 1470 - The Iron Uzg was established 3 14XX - Rex Vrograk'Gorkil orders construction of a capital city, Kodar'Goi. After years of construction, the fearsome city of violence was completed - arguably one of the most defendable places in Athera. 4 14XX - Skirmishes soon broke out naturally between the dwarves and the orcs. Primarily, the dwarves were angered by the shaving of dwarven beards by the Rex, Vrograk'Gorkil. 5 14XX - The Grand Kingdom of Urguan issued what was known as The Treaty of the Red Sands, which angered many orcs. Without second thought, Vrograk'Gorkil used the treaty as toilet paper - his faith in his newly revived orcs higher than ever. Soon after, both nations mobilized their armies in preparation for a bloody war. 6 14XX - A battle is won decisively for the Iron Uzg as they then marched to Kal'Ekknar - the Grandaxe Village. 7 14XX - After a long battle at Kal'Ekknar, the Dwarves utilized a strong flanking route and sent the Iron Uzg in a full retreat back to their original land. 8 1491: After a several year long conflict, peace has been made between the Kingdom of Akovia, Mardonic League, the Dwarves and the orcs. 9 1513: The Orc-Dwarf War comes to an end, and within a few months a giant worm destroys most of Athera. The descendant races then move on to The Isles of Vailor. VAILOR (1513 -1570) 1 1513 - Shortly after the arrival into Vailor, Rex Vrograk'Gorkil fell fatally ill - later dying, but not before naming his son, Vrogrash'Gorkil, to be trained to be the Rex of the Iron Uzg. 2 15XX - After some years it was realized that Rex Vrogrash'Gorkil never truly lived up to his father's legacy, and he later left the Iron Uzg. 3 15XX - In his place, surprisingly, the first non-orcish rex in history - Phaedrus'Yar took over the Iron Uzg as the Rex. At first faced with opposition, Phaedrus quickly proved he was an orc in an elf's body - truly the most vile elf to ever live. 4 15XX - Under Phaedrus's rule, the clans were reunified after a brief period of seclusion, tribute to the rex was expected from all clans, a holy warrior of the Church of Canon was slain in a duel, and most surprisingly - outlawed slavery and declared an era of industry. 5 15XX - Phaedrus'Yar was later defeated in an honorable duel by the orc known as Kahn'Braduk, an orc more ancient than Vrograk'Gorkil himself. 6 15XX - Briefly, the Iron Uzg was a part of the Southern Vailor Coalitio, but Rex Kahn believing the Chancellor of the coalition, Aelthir Tundrak was trying to control him, took his nation out of the alliance and left the heart of the great beast the Fleugal at their feet, challenging them to seek retribution. 7 15XX - The Iron Uzg had brief skirmishes with the combined armies of Urguan and Fenn, but did not react until the Southern Vailor Coalition broke up after the vassalization of Aeroch Nor by the Holy Oren Empire. 8 1527 - The Iron Uzg begins advancing towards the Princedom of Fenn as an act of retribution to prior threats. 9 1528: The Iron Uzg wins against the Ivae'Fenn outside their city, and prepare to siege Tar'sil, the Princedom's capital. 10 1529: The Princedom of Fenn with Dunamis support bests the Iron Uzg in a siege against the Princedom of Fenn's capital. 11 15XX - Regrouping his forces, Rex Kahn'Braduk attempted again and conquered the Snow Elves. He ultimately fell ill, and was challenged by his friend Targoth Ubba'Ugluk who would go on to become Rex and reform the Iron Uzg as the War Uzg 12 1560 - The Iron Uzg collapsed and is reformed into the War Uzg 13 15XX - Rex Ubba’Ugluk falls ill and grants the Rex title to his friend, Snoop’Azog. 14 15XX - After the clans showed dissatisfaction for their newly elected Rex, Snoop’Azog is defeated after entering an honor duel with Kharak’Raguk. 15 15XX - The Shaman Rex Kharak’Raguk leads the War Uzg on the Orgonic campaign. During this time much of the land became blighted or tainted with disease. 16 1570 - The Descendants flee Vailor through a Spirit Portal after the Great Spirit of Disease, Orgon, tainted the land and created an imbalance of nature ultimately destroying it. AXIOS (1571 -1642) 1 1571 - Vailor falls into destruction while the Orcs sail through the Spirit Realm into the lands of Axios eventually splitting from the mass of Vailoric Ships and anchored at the Jungles of Asul in the city of San’Garath. 2 1573 - Rex Kharak’Raguk dies at the hands of a mysterious spirit, and Kulgarok’Lak, a notable shaman, succeeds him. 3 1574 - Kulgarok constructs a new city, San’Kharak, in the swamp not far from San’Garath. San’Garath is promptly abandoned. 4 1576 - Rex Kulgarok’Lak is challenged by Malgunuz’Raguk, who handily defeats Kulgarok and takes the title of Rex. A group of Orcs known as the Sarnites break off from the Uzg and establish their own settlement across from San’Kharak, claiming themselves to be the true Rexdom. A civil war erupts between the Sarnites and the War Uzg. 5 1577 - The Order of the Angathgul is formed and separates from the Uzg, making its home on Ceru, by Sutica. Later that year, The ‘Ivory Mandate’ is signed in Oren, stating that all Orcish tusks brought to the crown will be rewarded with a hefty sum of minas. 6 1579 - John I Owyn, Emperor of the Holy Orenian Empire, declares war on the War Uzg. As a response, the Sarnites reunite with the War Uzg and their disagreements are put aside in order to stand up against the Orenian menace. The first major engagement, known as ‘The Battle of Atlay’, is a decisive Orenian victory. 7 1580 - Vorgo’Yar claims Rexdom after Malgunuz’Raguk is imprisoned by the Skygods. 8 1581 - San’Kharak is evacuated right before Oren encircles the city and begins to siege it, the only people left to defend it being Vorgo’Yar, Dominus Khargak’Raguk, and the honorary Morka’Vorgor. The city quickly falls, with Khargak being slain at the battle, and Vorgo and Morka being brought to the Johannesburg Courthouse for trial, ending with both of them dying.. And with that, the War Uzg is disbanded and the remaining Orcs hide across Axios to try and recover from the absolutely devastating war they had fought. 9 1582 - The surviving Orcs begin to reunite and sail to the desert of Urguan as provided refuge by the Grand King of Urguan, Torvin Grandaxe, and founded a camp in the wasteland of Azaghol, where the Orcs lived as a loose band with little in the means of government. 10 1589 - Kulgarok returns and briefly claims Rexdom. However, very quickly he is challenged by Drokon’Ugluk, who beats Kulgarok and reforms the Orcish society into the War Nation of Krugmar. 11 1591 - A Warzone erupts between Urguan and Azaghol versus Orenia and the Dominion of Malin after Wood Elf scouts found Orcs in Azaghol also known as ‘The Battle of the Gray Peninsula’, which ends in a loss for the Orcs. 12 1593 - Rex Drokon’Ugluk helps form a Coalition alongside The Grand Kingdom of Urguan, The Kingdom of Courland, the Ivae’fenn, and Norland to fight against the warmongering Orenian Empire. 13 1594 - The Orenian Empire attempt to cross through a valley in the desert but are defeated by the Coalition forces in a fight known as ‘The Battle of the Gorge’, marking the first battle the Empire had lost in over a hundred years. 14 1595 - The Coalition battles for the unstable county of Lorraine which is famously known as ‘The Battle of Goldfield’. 15 1596 - Drokon’Ugluk is severely injured after a hunt, only being saved due to both a surgery performed by Murgosh’Raguk and some magic by the dark shaman Kulgarok. Drokon is severely altered by Kulgarok’s magic and the Rex goes a spree of killing many Wargoths and other Orcs who he believes are conspiring against him. Soon after, Kulgarok reforms the Clan of Dom, bringing with him a new era of dark shamanism. 16 1597 - Drokon is returned to his right state of mind, ending his reign of terror. 17 1599 - Rex Drokon’Ugluk, out of shame for what he had done and the countless he had killed, hands the title of Rexdom over to Orgoth’Braduk. With this abdication, the clan Ugluk is decreed to be absorbed into clan Gorkil. 18 1602 - The Clans Braduk and Raguk, in an attempt to shore up their lacking numbers, merge to form the Clan Braguk. 19 1606 - Rex Orgoth’Braduk abdicates Rexdom to Gurak’Yar. 20 1608 - A coup is attempted by the Wargoth Kuntklobbera’Raguk at a feast, leading to a short battle that ended with Kuntklobbera being stripped of his status, yet still in Orcish society. 21 1612 - The Braguk Clan breaks up, reverting to Clans Braduk and Raguk. 22 1614 - Gurak’Yar steps down, leaving a void in the leadership that is filled by Kulgarok’Dom. Immediately, Kulgarok is challenged and defeated by Eath’Lur, and is once again banished from Krugmar. 23 1615 - Rex Eath’Lur steps down and hands the title over to Kuntklobbera’Raguk a bit before the World Cactus Festival. 24 1617 - A Coalition is formed between the War Nation, Urguan, Veris, and Norland to fight against the newly reformed Oren. 25 1619 - Anti-Laureh’lin sentiment rises immensely, with a spree of raids and taunts from the Rex and other Orcs, leading the two nations to the brink of war. The tensions did not result in any major conflicts, but they persist for years afterwards. 26 1620 - The Shamanic Fellowship, a shamanic order like Angathgul (yet nowhere near as separate from the Krugmar), is founded. 27 1621 - Kuntklobbera'Raguk, in order to show his devotion to Leyd, changes his name to Leydluk'Raguk. 28 1642 - The Isles of Axios sunk into a deep thanic winter while the Orcs and other descendants escaped by sea. ATLAS (1643 -1705) 1 1643 - The Descendants reach the shores of Atlas after spending some time sailing upon the sea. 216XX - Orcs enter the first half of the Orc-Elf War and shortly into it Rex U’la’Yar is captured by mercenaries and executed by the Dominion of Malin. 3 16XX - Leydluk’Raguk reclaims the Rexdom and leads the War Nation of Krugmar 416XX - Rex Leydluk’Raguk involves the War Nation in the Courland-Renatus War 5 16XX - Rex Leydluk orders the construction of Fort Stronk bordering the lands of the Dominion of Malin 6 16XX - Several skirmishes and conflicts occur upon the roads outside of Fort Stronk 7 16XX - Rex Leydluk’Raguk relieves himself of the title and raises the Targoth Puknaak’Lak as the next Rex of Krugmar. 8 16XX - Krugmar enters the second half of the Orc-Elf War as Rex Puknaak orders a re-design of Fort Stronk. Many battles continue to happen between the Elves and Orcs. 9 16XX - Puknaak’Lak enters and honor duel with the Prince of the Dominion as suggested by Emperor Aurelius of Renatus-Marna which concluded with Rex Puknaak’s defeat and death. 10 16XX - Morlak’Lak rises as Rex when the clans decide upon him after his brother, Puknaak’s, death. 11 16XX - After Rex Morlak’s death, the clans fumble for the Rexdom and an honor duel is declared between Falum’Lur and Blogus the Black. After a decisive brawl, Rex Falum’Lur reigns over what remained of Krugmar and San’Kala which was shortly stripped away and granted to the Dominion of Malin. 12 16XX - Rex Falum’Lur departed for some time leaving Krugmar after San’Kala was taken and left the Orcs in great unrest. When he returned, Warlord Shakul’Gorkil claimed himself as Rex backed by a newly elected Warlord of Braduk. Shakul challenged Falum and dueled each other in a close match until the Gorkil claimed victory and earned the title as Rex Shakul’Gorkil. 13 16XX - Rex Shakul’Gorkil settles the orcs in the lands of the Frostbeards of Kaz’Ulrah for some time but eventually reclaims San’Kala then facing the conflict of the separate Orc Horde of Thagurz’Grish and resolves the situation by assimilating the Horde into Krugmar and allowing them to continue their ways. 14 16XX - Many Clans become unsatisfied with Rex Shakul’Gorkil as he often referred to making intolerable actions in the view of the Clans of Krugmar. 15 16XX - Glottgut'Raguk and Rognor'Lak lead a revolt of the clans in hopes to overthrow Rex Shakul’Gorkil which then phased into a Clan War. 16 16XX - After several battles, Rex Shakul’Gorkil is defeated and the Warlords choose Rex Gilgamesh’Braduk, son of the late Kahn’Braduk, to reign. 17 16XX - The War Nation of Krugmar is reformed into the Rexdom of Krugmar 18 16XX - Rex Gilgamesh vanishes from the lands of Krug and Warlord Murak’Gorkil rises to the occasion claiming the Rexdom. 19 1700 - Clan Raguk gets banished from Krugmar by Rex Murak’Gorkil ARCAS (1705 - Present) 1 1705 - The Orcs and other Descendants reach the lands of Arcas after escaping Atlas. 2 17XX - Relations with Clan Raguk are repaired by Rex Burbur’Lur, but remain separate entities. 3 1715 - Rex Burbur’Lur gives an order to begin reconstruction of San’Strohk.
  11. Namaste, Worldly Beings of Arcas. A city of peace and prosperity has risen. Thyra of 1714 [!] Entering the city the smell of spices hits your nose. [!] The sound of bustling trade and citizens laughing can be heard quietly throughout the streets. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In the palace sits the Raja on a throne made by his adorning people. Benevolent, wise, elegant. Words used to describe Thyra’s ruler. Men, women, and children cheer in the streets of the beautiful city, honoring him. The Raja of Thyra comes to speak with his people, who wish simply for leave and comfort. Standing next to him is the Noble Emir and the Graceful Asha. His most excellent majesty raises his hand, waving away any fear that the people had. The city got quiet waiting for him to speak. The suspense was riveting as his emerald green eyes gazed over the crowd. Then he spoke. “People of Thyra. We have been granted by the great Gods, Land farther than your eyes can simply see. We shall build from the ground. Using our ambitions and the Trinity to guide us, We will build the greatest city in Arcas!” The citizens clapped and cheered their hearts out, excited for change. No longer were they a victim of the war and hatred of the world. Instead they would live their life in comfort and tranquility. OOC Information: We are accepting help and new citizens to join our new land and ranks. DM me for Discord
  12. The lag from snow in the server at some points gets really annoying and hard to deal with. I want to know how others would react compared to my reaction in this situation. Sometimes the snow lag gets to a point where it even gets you killed and that can cause some rage, some rage that does not want to be unleashed. AKA the gamer rage. (If you want anything added to the poll please leave it in the comments or reply's or whatever and I will see to adding it as soon as possible!) See that pretty girl in the mirror there?
  13. *a wiry man in a white lab coat, wearing large goggles on his white-haired head goes about, placing parchment on local bulletin boards* -=+=- "Scientist and researcher looking for room and housing. Must have adequate room for experiments and materials. Willing to pay rent, or contribute resources to landlord. Will live in national or independent territory. Send a bird to Dr Wolfgang Dippel" ((Tadmonster)) -=+=- *he shuffles off, wringing his hands and nervously thumbing the various glass vials in his pockets*
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yj_wyw6Xrq4&ab_channel=AdrianvonZiegler The Kingdom of Caer Conaithe & of Y Tuath Cadeyrn "They are tall in stature, with rippling muscles under clear white skin, they look like wood demons" Physically the Bradáchs are terrifying in appearance, with deep sounding voices. They frequently exaggerate with the aim of extolling themselves. They are boasters and threateners and given to bombastic self-dramatisation, and yet they are quick of mind and with good natural ability for learning" Lore of the Bradách The Bradách peoples are a mix of Northern raiders and a unique culture. Choosing to live either on islands or hillforts, preferring proximity to the sea and living most of their life as farmers and fishermen, some worshipping the Bradách Pantheon. Despite their usually typical occupations, they put a large emphasis on Warfare, Raiding and Combat, which is how Bradáchs gain popularity and fame within their societies. Their unique culture is also carried into their government, which is ruled by a Rí, also called King. Also, there is a Derwydd Rí, also called Druid King, who is in-charge of all things to do with the Gods. These are two of the most powerful peoples in the government, but there is also the Bradán, who is the heir to the Rí, but not necessarily his son or family. What is most unique about the Bradách is their emphasis on the community and it's say. The Rí is chosen by the people's choice, most commonly the most battle-tested and intelligent chosen, which is the same for the Derwydd Rí, although that title is chosen by the other Derwydd. Finally, the Derwydd are the Druids, who are responsible for up-holding the will of the Gods by hosting the rituals, sacrifices and all else considered holy. For someone to become a Druid, the Derwydd Rí may decide if someone may become one, which is usually based on their intelligence and commitment to the Gods. The Bradách Pantheon Since the Bradách people are Pagan, they follow multiple Gods and Goddesses; Mormaer - Goddess of all the deities. Goddess of Sacrifice and Fortune Belatucadros - God of War, Hunting and the Weather Belisama - Goddess of the Sea, Agriculture and Peace Sirona - Goddess of Fertility, Health, Love and the Sun Myrddin - God of Knowledge, Wisdom, Planning and Magic. Also the God of the Undead. The Bradách also have Gods for their own Clans. Currently, Cadeyrn is the only Clan; Tuath Cadeyrn's God - Bendigeidfran - The Giant God of Kings, Resolve and Decisiveness. Application OOC Username: Discord Username: Knowledge on the IRL Celts IC Name: Age: Skills: Experience in Combat (RP and PVP): (If you want to contact us, or just organise some sort of RP or meeting, message either me with the username: TheNanMan2000, or the Tánaishte with the username: HareBear_. We welcome all sorts of RP, including raids on our land or generally anything that may be fun and good character developement)
  15. ESTERMONT REAL ESTATE WE BRING THE HOUSING YOU DESERVE RENT PROCEDURE We of Estermont Real Estate charge rent upon our tenants, this is beneficial to our tenants as selling owned property is not needed to move. It serves well those who have little money to spare, it shall also be noted money is not returned should one move before saints weeks end. CITY RENT Senntisten Marna - 15 Per Saints Week HOUSING IN SENNTISTEN - MARNA Birds Eye View Godfrey Avenue 2 [Sold] Godfrey Avenue 5 Godfrey Avenue 6 Pictorus Square 1 [Sold] Pictorus Square 2 [Sold] Rovin Way 6 [Sold] ESTATE LAW & REGULATIONS Man or woman is not to harm the exterior of the rented structure. Rent must be paid prior to moving in, then paid at the start of each saints week after. Rent must be paid in timely fashion otherwise one may be evicted. To cause trouble for local authority is met with immediate eviction. To rent real estate you agree to the terms above. Contact Eadmund Estermont to Rent [Message Julius55]
  16. What is the name of your guild, village, organization, etc.: The Grandaxe clan What is the purpose of your guild/village/organization : resource base and fortification in the wild southern dwarven mountains What plot size are you interested in: 70x70 What tile are you interested in: A50 If your tile is currently owned by a nation, do you have that nation's leader's approval: its unclaimed Signatures (players should sign their persona/character name and their MC name): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CMQVeY-QjVbjATguPBypNpwx98riTigV8_7QvHJ0dbY/edit#gid=7961373
  17. *A note is posted on all the boards of all the main cities in Valior. "I am looking to buy a piece of land for a farm!" Description: A medium sized piece of land preferably along a river with some hills in the background. Enough land for a small farm, a nice not-too-small house, and possibly a small barn or paddock of some sort. I don't mind having to clear some woods for the desired effect so if there are some woods in the area that would be fine. Price: If you have a suitable piece of land I will first take a look at it then we can decide on a price. Conditions: For us to buy this land there are a few things we would like to see. Firstly: I would like it if the land was clean and has no buildings or other man-made structures like that on it, If there is I might still consider buying it, but I will want to pay less for it. Secondly: I would like it to be farmable. Also, if it is green and lush, I will most likely pay more for it. Lastly: I would prefer if it was far away from cities. The further it is from cities or settlements, the more I will pay for it. Please Contact Llewellyn Oakleaf if you have some land you would be willing to sell! -}&{- Llewellyn Oakleaf -*-
  18. My character is looking for small land to set up a cottage and farm, she can pay with a negotiated price and amounts of the crops she farms, along with other services she does like lumber. if you have a land for sale that isn't to big nor pricey then please either pm me or comment on this post!
  19. Direct Leader of the Charter: Altiak/Casualghost Nation/Settlement/Guild Name: The Church of the Canon Type of Charter: Nation expansion If possible, Declare an Official Timezone: EST Area Being Requested(Outline the Region Using the Map Provided by the GM Team. If possible, set coordinates as markers for us to make a good region on the first try): https://gyazo.com/2a73eaf428db08ef007513e6f99bdf61 Screenshots of Area In-Game: https://gyazo.com/819f174f8c42b9164ab6eb0cc0ceedc9 https://gyazo.com/027fd5c90b82c5b2d454c74e1b7a988c Proof of Meeting Material Requirements: https://gyazo.com/0e467f8409f2012c2ec013248d8caebf https://gyazo.com/0aca9cc4674f7a45f58baa25403d4bc2 https://gyazo.com/180d33c1048ebb16d8bd3357f5b23352 https://gyazo.com/698920010e5efa32c53f9ff20cbcf53e https://gyazo.com/dc7817ca2354df0dd0af58fc74fd297e https://gyazo.com/388b96a0939be9d58fbefc4b9db8244b https://gyazo.com/6a9058cf87dae0f40d6caa3315313439 https://gyazo.com/9a8c65e5b39093dbba59e91e45b4f634 https://gyazo.com/95637166adba474209c7fa1af36ef644 https://gyazo.com/af77044431c28d0c44e6a7708597526e https://gyazo.com/9dd8d3aca15dadd47302b84be5b87d32 Charter Signatures: Daniel II Guy de Bar Adrian de Bar Brother Leon Aemolius Bracchus Edmond Brother Brennen Baldwin Joachim de Bar Drevin de Sarkozy Victarion Radoslav Vladimir Allae Iosif Vladov Lydia Hatter Siegemeyer Myaskovski Allen Adeney Franz Sarkozic Quinn Falk Philip of Koviran Leopold Lamprecht Neero Dederick Varodyr Richard of Huntshill Sancho of Veracruz Bishop Edmond Vytenis Oscar Jatt Riventon Brittanus Vanir Thenias Valur Adrian Chivay Constantine Silent Knight I, Altiak , fully acknowledge that if roleplay in the region in question does not occur, or player retention of the area depreciates to a level where hardly any active RP remains in the area, then the area will be removed, ruined or naturalized by GMs/ET members with a 1 week probationary period. Additional Roleplay: The roleplay around the establishment of this Canonist center of learning in the west is based on the Eventline ‘The Holy War on the Sanjak of Dasoguz.” In sum, Canonist monks explored the western continent in hopes of spreading their faith to the various foreigners there. They docked in the halfling village, but finding it abandoned, pressed onward south, only to run into a band of heathen Tarchars; a steppe warrior race who, according to rumor, pillaged the halfling realm to oblivion. Harassed and assaulted by this warband, the monks flee to Felsen, where they report the matter to the High Pontiff. Under duress, he advocates a Holy War, to salvage the halfling homeland. A weeklong Holy War event will occur between the Tarchary and Canonist soldiers, duking it out in the map shown. Depending on how the event fares, the Canonist forces will expand to encompass the entire region, driving the Tarchars out and establishing a foothold for learning and defense in the western frontier for the human faith. http://imgur.com/xitSWa4,ACPARZP,EZrbuj3,Zn0HNGT,msa8DCN,gPgSQV9,gYTZ2o1,jtU07Ry,0XoGusq,hVw1aHx,EFZTubI,kcgBIW0,duZHEHN#0 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/132978-the-old-gods-awake/ https://i.gyazo.com/7ccba3d3106837787d11153e30b3a734.png
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