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  1. /whitelistalt isn’t working?

  2. Sliw

    Ale Day

    “ National Ale Day?” Reginald is ecstatic to drown himself in ale.
  3. “Tournament of Power?” Edmund mutters as he signs the sheet.
  4. Sliw


    Muaver Dyne was born to a loving family in Helena of Holy Orenian Empire. Ever since he was a little boy he looked up to his father, a farmer. He would also pick up the hoe and help his father farm ever since he was little. His father is staunch believer in the faith and urges Mauver to do the same which he does because he wants to impress his father. Mauver would attend the church often and help his father with the harsh labor. One faithful day his father put aside his hoe and farming equipment and picked up the shield and sword to join The Holy Orenian’s empire fight in the war of the two Emperors. Mauver would await his father’s return but he never did came back. Mauver did not feel vengeance to avenge his fallen father but he would instead work extremely hard to make his father proud from above. When he reached adulthood Mauver inherited his father’s farm and is just a hard working farmer providing for his wife. One day out of nowhere he heard his father’s voice it called to him “Son, Is this how you want to spend the rest of your life? Being a dead beat farmer?” Just like that Mauver thought about it and sold his entire farm. He got quite alot of money from it. He was on his way to find new adventures in the wilderness when a group of Elves from Sutica approached him and asked him if he wanted to triple his wealth. Mauver excitedly agreed and gave all his money to the Elves with the promise of them returning it to him more than he invested. But alas they never came back. Mauver returned back to Oren to a disappointed family, and his wife Daphne left him. He has nothing and must start life over again,.
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