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  1. “How dare he accuse me of such crimes?” The Bren slams his fist on his desk.
  2. Another Term? Published & Held by: Mayor Bren HELVETS HOUSE OF LITERATURE A Rhoswen-Pruvia Ltd. Enterprise Pruvia district nr. 7, Owynsburg Commonwealth of Kaedrin Dear the lovely people of Owynsburg, As I’m sure you all are aware, my term is coming to an end. So once again I am asking for your support and vote! I’d like to use this platform here to gain your support a second time. I’ve kept my promise to you by paving the streets of Owynsburg. Every man, woman, and child no longer has to walk on the dirt. My faith to you people is sincere! In addition to all that, I have searched all over the lands of Arcas to find you the greatest deals on goods and convinced these thoughtful people to set up stalls in our bazaar. Achieving diplomatic relations with them. Secondly, With the help of my aldemar of housing. Our municipal government has created a fair and effective taxing system, completed with a taxation station in the heart of Owynsburg just underneath the banker, so it is easily accessible. Not to mention the tax rates are affordable and just! Lets not forget my generous donation of materials to help expand our beloved city. Stacks and stacks of terracotta, brick, logs et cetera! For my next term, The first course of action will be to streamline my municipal government to maximize efficiency. With the help of everyone, together we will make Owynsburg the most stunning city in the Empire. Yours truly, Mayor Bren
  3. NAME: Edmund Bren AGE: 25 ADDRESS: Dubois District Nr. 5 PARTY AFFILIATION: Everardines ELECTION SLOGAN: “To Assure Continued Prosperity!”
  4. “Life could be a dream, if only I could take you to Kaedrin up above” Edmund hums as he reads the publication
  5. Reginald strokes his mighty beard and lets out a mighty scream ”Narvok Oz Urguan!”
  6. Edmund sheds a tear as he reads “Ave Kaedrin!”
  7. ADDRESS BY THE MAYOR OF OWYNSBURG Published & Held by: Mayor Bren HELVETS HOUSE OF LITERATURE A Rhoswen-Pruvia Ltd. Enterprise Pruvia district nr. 7, Owynsburg Commonwealth of Kaedrin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLaFLztnL84 Dear people of Owynsburg, It is your mayor reporting for duty once again, In this letter I will propose how we will accomplish our missions for the next few weeks. As our city sees the first signs of sustainable life with people gathering to set up commercial organizations, actively legislating and participating in cultural life: we are preparing to capitalize on this and make sure our progress continues far into the future. My municipal government plans to maintain regular cultural activities, such as the luncheons with the Helvets, the talent shows, the hunting expeditions and most importantly the House of Commons sessions. Furthermore, we find it important to convince newcomers to settle down in our bustling city. We do this by making getting a house easy, fair taxation and immediate employment. We have been working closely with our appointed aldermen to ensure that our local business will be very well protected such as Guisard’s diary and Rochefort cigarettes. We also plan to expand the housing, the number of agrarian estates and companies in Owynsburg. We will discuss taxation and employment with my government immediately to ensure that Kaedrin’s travellers have the rights to get a house and a job as soon as possible! But we promise you this: our tax will REMAIN FAIR as always and our housing affordable. Our goal is to see Owynsburg prosper, and this is the way to go about it. Last but not least, publications from my municipal government will now be in tandem with our newspaper The Rambling Rose. This is part of our centralization efforts to combine our employees and resources into a more cohesive cooperative project. We would like to take the time here to give thanks to the people who have made the office of mayor cushier, from of course the citizens of the Commonwealth, to the Premier Laurence, Minister Mariana and Lt. Governor-General Richard. Yours truly, Mayor Bren
  8. Edmund looks over the bills and wipes sweat off his forehead!
  9. “God Bless Kaedrin!” Edmund preaches!
  10. ATTENTION, MERCHANTS! A MAYORAL ANNOUNCEMENT BY EDMUND BREN 1st Mayor of Owynsburg Courtesy of our Minister of Interior Mariana Dubois, the people of Owynsburg can now rejoice at the opening of our new Bazaar on Pruvia District nr. 8. We invite all merchants of the realm to apply for a stall in this new Bazaar, and sell their goods to the Kaedreni people. The Bazaar is located right in front of the main gate and in the middle of the government district: the busiest place of the city! If you wish to apply, please contact our municipal government regarding the goods you will sell and the taxation you are comfortable with. As Mayor, I guarantee you low tax rates, a cooperative government & wealthy customers. CONTACT DETAILS: City Hall Pruvia District Nr. 7 Floor 2 ((Sliw#6969)) [!] A description of the Bazaar is attached to this document.
  11. Edmund smiles as he reads the letter, “This really does look interesting!”
  12. THE CITY OF OWYNSBURG EST. 1756 In the shadows of Mont Catherine and Varoche Palace, surrounded by stretches of estate and agrarian lands: stands a city most serene, the proud successor to the infamous and revered city of Ves. Today it houses most of Kaedrin’s jewels: such as its House of Commons, various governmental offices and the headquarters of the Second Regiment. GOVERNMENT INCUMBENT MAYOR 1765 - 1770 Edmund Bren 1st Mayor of Owynsburg The College of Mayor & Aldermen is an organ that executes legislation as democratically determined by the House of Commons, instructed by the national government of Kaedrin or as proposed by themselves and ratified through a democratic mandate. They also are responsible for the daily governance of the city: from its taxation and housing, to its construction and commerce. Aldermen each have a specific portfolio, as they are expected to build expertise and be held accountable on specific subjects. They are directly appointed by the Mayor, and resign organically by the end of the mayor’s term. The current division is: Alderman of Finance The Reverend Erasmus von Getreide Alderman of Housing The Esteemed Albrecht Euler Alderman of Civil Affairs The Reverend Jeremiah of Ves The Bishop of Ves also is an Alderman due to the clergy playing a prominent role in populating and managing the city of Owynsburg. If he wields another position politically, he must appoint a representative. The Alderman of the Clergy can be held accountable: but is the only one that cannot be fired, unless the Holy Church of the Canon is successfully petitioned. Aldermen can set up permanent or temporary offices to fulfill their duties, depending on the longevity and importance of the tasks at hand. Offices employ lower clerks or aides who materialize legislation and projects, such as stewards and notaries. The current offices are: Owynsburg Municipal Office, permanent Led by the Alderman of Civil Affairs First Notary of Owynsburg, Maria Henrietta de Pertinaxi Responsible for the publication of documents on behalf of the mayor. Lady of the City, Anne Maria Pruvia Responsible for the events and festivities in Owynsburg. Steward, Zaina Al Masir Steward, Rheanne of Ves Steward, Payton Smith Steward, Samuell Glass Steward, Jozsef Károly Aides to the different aldermen. Owynsburg Office of Architects, temporary Chief-Architect of Owynsburg Albrecht Euler Architect Chubb Architect Mariana Dubois The College of Mayor & Aldermen is held accountable by the House of Commons, who can fire and hire Aldermen at will. If a majority of the House of Commons relinquishes trust in an Alderman or the Mayor, he is expected to resign. They take the responsibility for any error made by employees of the offices and their subsidiaries. DISTRICTS De Sola Street Housing the headquarters of the Second Regiment, named after the revered Vibius de Sola, this district is intended to house and cater to officials related to the military of Kaedrin. This district is located in the easternmost end of the city. Pruvia District Right across de Sola Street is the Pruvia District: the area where most governmental buildings are located. It boasts the House of Commons, the Mayoral Headquarters and the Merchant plaza. It is named after the first Speaker of the House: Laurence Pruvia. Károly Lane At the western end of Owynsburg stands Károly Lane, in remembrance of the former Bishop Krisztián Károly who was assassinated by Haense. This is mostly a civilian neighborhood that has residential buildings in the shadows of Varoche Palace. The bridge leading to it is known as the ‘Rochefort Bridge’. Dubois District Surrounding the walls of Owynsburg stand a variety of estates and structures, all belonging to the vast Dubois district. Named after prominent agrarian Mariana Dubois, the Dubois District is reserved for the more wealthy among the Kaedreni. It houses The Rambling Rose, the tavern of the Commonwealth. LEGISLATION Previous legislation ratified by the House of Commons, regarding the city of Owynsburg, are indexed in this list: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/190883-the-1st-convention-of-the-house-of-commons/
  13. “Great things are about to come, It is time to prosper and grow!” Says Edmund to the people of Owynsburg.
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