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  1. Mehmed quickly got dressed in robes of fe'foohn and grinned, picking his nose.
  2. Name: Iain Freysson Year of Birth: 1769 Clan: Freysson Line of Descent: Son of Vangel II Chief of Frey, Grandson of Akam Freysson
  3. The Protector of Flames - forged by one mighty and old - steps into the cavern. Covered in a fury of flames, the construct gestures towards his draconic imperi, crackles of embers pooling out from his pauldron. "We - kill - siramenor? Alrighty!" He bellowed out in joy, brandishing a cold-iron longsword into the air - prepared to fight against the scum of Aegrethond.
  4. thanks, took me some time
  5. i heard bb00n guy should be admin instead
  6. Dubba picked his nose, reading the paper. ”Da mon be finally ‘ere mon!” the halfling grinned.
  7. Dubba drew his blade, raising it to the sky. ”For da small people mon!”
  8. Dubba grinned. ”Sugahfoot help da o’da small mon.”
  9. Dubba grinned as ranted on about his 1v7 victory
  10. justice for christ punchsteel
  11. juju on that block
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