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  1. Many thanks to you for teaching me how to play this hellhole.
  2. If you clicked on this post, you are either one of two people. 1. A person who has dipped $30 USD into this masterpiece of a game. 2. You've never heard what the hell a Foxhole is. What is a Foxhole? From Wikipedia: "Foxhole is a cooperative sandbox massively-multiplayer action-strategy video game developed and published by Canadian video game company Siege Camp, who are based in Toronto, Ontario. The game uses Unreal Engine 4, utilizing an axonometric projection perspective, much like that of a conventional real-time strategy video game with a top-down view." Over the past several weeks I have been getting involved greatly in Foxhole again. I have been involved and played the game since War 100 as strictly Warden around the start of the year, however since the end of War 106 and the beginning of War 107 just this week I have started to play Foxhole for three hours a day or more running Logistics for my Regiment, largely causing me to be very inactive on LOTC itself. I of course, didn't make this post however just to have a solo-echo chamber for myself. I made this post to ask anyone who plays Foxhole on here a question. What Faction do you fight for? Warden and Colonial, and why?
  3. Free wannes!

  4. You have established a cult following. 

    1. wannes


      what do you mean


    2. Mordhaund


      what do you mean

  5. A man, who has lost all ambition or drive to do anything, would take an application form and begin to write, he had a lot to want to speak, write, and argue about. Application Form Name: Elijahu Pinemaw, Count of Pinemaw, former Duke of Rozan, former Triumvirate of Rohauric Race: High Elven Age: Not Sure, Late Forties Place of Residence: Helious What intellectual sciences/arts do you have an interest in? The Structured & The Spoken
  6. Now I can finally play Bad Apple in LOTC.
  7. Harfleur


    L Bozo I have a full set of Diamond Tools with /edit roleplay slapped onto them. I fear no god. And I'll soulbind these too if I have to.
  8. This is literally 1984. They nerfed Charcoal. We can't make it anymore. Jokes on them, I got a double chest filled with it, that will last me the entire map.
  9. Holy shit it's Gustavo Fring

  10. Triumvirate of Rohauric The Triumvirate of Rohauric follows a system of the rule of Three-Sovereigns with Equal Power and Authority over the people. These three people shall share the burden of management and Leadership. All three triumvirates act as head of state when the situation calls for it. Each Triumvir has an equal vote in a say, but each shall specialize in certain matters regarding management. Each Triumvir may be permitted to have an office under them to aid in tasks or issues relating to their specialization, or other concerns. People in these positions serving a Triumvir may be removed or appointed at will according to the wishes of their Triumvir; A Deputy is someone who may act in place of a Triumvir in the event of their absence. These offices are as follows: Office of External Affairs The Office of External Affairs' role is to negotiate and work with Forces outside of the Triumvirate of Rohauric, the Delegation and Head Diplomats work to strike deals with other parties at the permission of the Triumvir or Deputy. Triumvir : Davli Goldhand (The Aurum Speaker) Positions Deputy Head Diplomat (Answers to Triumvir, and in the Triumvir’s Absence, the Deputy) Delegation (No Limit to Number of Diplomats, but is urged only to employ as many as is necessary) Office of Internal Affairs The Office of Internal Affairs’ role is to ensure the proper functioning of most features of life within Rohauric’s territory. The task of the Lawmaker is to revise the legal system at the order of its Triumvir and with a proper vote between Triumvirs. Scribes are to keep track of things said during meetings. And Architects plan out any future expansions to the territory. Triumvir : Elijahu Pinemaw (The Silver Quill) Positions Deputy Lawmaker Scribe (No Limit to the Number of Scribes, but urged to only employ as many as is necessary) Architect (No Limit to the Number of Architects) Office of Wealth & Trade The Office of Wealth & Trade’s role is to provide a stable economic system within Rohauric and help strike business deals with any parties outside of Rohauric with mutual assistance from the Office of External Affairs. If there is a Treasurer employed, they are to help aid the Triumvir, or their Deputy in their absence to help achieve financial gain. Stewards are to handle housing and property matters, and when needed, with assistance from the Office of Internal Affairs. Triumvir: VACANT Positions Deputy Treasurer Head Steward Steward (No Limit to the Number of Stewards, but take care in deciding how much is necessary) Matters on Military In times of peace or security, there is no urge to have a standing professional army. While there may be a few individuals who’s job is to protect or watch the Triumvirate in peacetime, there is no great urge to build up any force completely connected to the Triumvirate. Each Triumvir may raise a Houseguard whenever they like, but in the event of war, it is advised that any Houseguard is unified together into a Professional Standing army with the ideas of Rohauric in mind. [!] Are you interested in one of these positions? Please send a raven to (Count_Dutchula) Davli Goldhand and fill in the form below. Signed, Triumvir Elijahu Pinemaw of the Silver Quill, Triumvir of the Triumvirate of Rohauric, and the Ancestral Count of Pinemaw. Lord Davli Goldhand, Triumvir of the Triumvirate of Rohauric, Aurum Speaker of the Triumvirate of Rohauric, Member of Elder Clan Goldhand, Lord of the Verdant Glade, Heir to the Endless Hoard.
  11. The vase, ever important, remains closed and sealed with twine. It is likely that it will never be opened, atleast through conventional means. Someone can accidently drop it and spill it's contents to the floor. It's a shame with the reasons why the vase was acquired, but it's a good thing to have, to keep safe. It rests in the safe protection of a Silver (or just Silver) Quilled man, who is regretful but also angered at individuals who caused the vase to be created.
  12. "Base the fight in Rohauric! For unrelated reasons!" Elijahu Pinemaw, the Triumvir of Rohauric would shout.
  13. Free my boy Zonty, he did nothing wrong.

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