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  1. This is bullshit! The “Upper Management” not only stomped all over the Event that so many players were happy and excited over, but at the end we get a bullshit ending that was scripted and the ONE GOOD THING that people were happy with they voided. What the hell?!

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    2. Boniface


      In other words, feedback noted.

    3. Ryloth


      Let’s not forget the players actually upset with the event – not everyone enjoyed it. I wasn’t even there and I didn’t like it, neither did many people who attended. It was classic lorebreak and powerplay at large, and unfortunately that is due to a failure of multiple staff members after being thrown Mystery’s project. It was not simply a fault of the ST actors who brazenly ignored Kha/Metztli/Valaen lore or performed god-awful actions in what is the finale to a historical event chain, but also a failure of administration and many other people. I blame Mystery’s blacklist for this issue, personally.

    4. AlphaMoist


      As Ryloth stated, the entire reason the event and its issues came to my attention was because players were complaining about it. There are plans to redo the event entirely, but you have to remember that just because you enjoyed what occurred doesn’t mean everyone else did, and there are a lot of players who are overall happy with the void. I apologize you are upset with it, and my only hope I can have is that the ET make up for it in the future. 

  2. RP Name: Damien Menrow MC Username: Kitsunenokage66 Discord: Kitsune#8984 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Druids Why Do You Wish To Come?: Damien wishes to support his friends that are going as well as the unique experience to go back to a place that was a large turning point in his life, with so many places that he traveled to it would be an amazing character development arc for him. Plus the idea of it is unique and amazing! What Skills Can You Bring?: Damien is a very skilled hunter with various basic skills, and is also a very skilled swimmer. Providing the party with fresh food or information on various beasts they might encounter, and able to support others emotionally with his positive outlook in dire situations.
  3. Buying a pair of Foxes, if anyone has some for sale~

  4. In my opinion I think the Temple farms aren’t something that should be, as it already dampens the food industry within the server if you can just endlessly walk around CT for food instead of Rping with towns and cities for it. The constant potato flood is already a strong supplement, so I would just have the bread given by voting and the potatoes be the only ‘free’ source.
  5. Is the Hookah Plugin broken? T^T

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    2. NotEvilAtAll


      You can’t use drugs whilst having something held in your off-hand

    3. The Fact Core

      The Fact Core

      I’m a fact core

    4. JasperJohn


      THE fact core.

  6. Is it possible to get Music Disks on the server right now? Like an admin shop that sells them or something?

  7. Is it possible to get Music Disks on the server right now? Like an admin shop that sells them or something

  8. Is it possible to get Music Disks on the server right now? Like an admin shop that sells them or something?

  9. Does this mean we once again have fish in the sea?
  10. On another server there was a good way to handle time and how much time passes in a Fantasy World, and it went like this: 1 IRL Day = 1 Week 7 IRL Days/IRL 1 Week = 1 Month 4 IRL Weeks/IRL 1 Month = 1 Year This breaks it up so that we dont have a Year every week, making us celebrate Krugsmas only once every 52 years in game and it gives the players a better timeframe for their characters!
  11. So is this Iblees' Touch an actual drug we can use in the Hookah, with a recipe that's craftable like the others or is it just a nicely lored Herb?

    1. ItsMyWorld66


      Does it have a recipe that we can find/discover? And what about Box of Crayons?

    2. ItsMyWorld66


      Ty so much! <3 Might take forever given the gazillion different possible combinations, but I'll give it a shot!

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  12. *A snow owl carrying a letter hooted and dropped it off among the stack of letters!* "Greetings, I am also interested in the items that are for sale. Please let me know of a time and place we can meet to examine them. -Damien"
  13. Is your auction still going on? I noticed a few of the images are broken.
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