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  1. ItsMyWorld66

    Returned To The Soil

    Words reached the ears of a Mali'ker as he roamed near the city, immediate questions flew from him as he sought to learn more about the event. The more he learned however the more terrified he was, till the full news hit him. He didn't believe it...he couldn't. A scream that belonged more to a beast then a man, echoing against the hills as he headed home. He was enraged yes....horribly so. He would find whoever hurt his friend...and break the oaths that he made when he found them.
  2. ItsMyWorld66

    The Courier Plugin! A replacement for Birds~

    You have a point there but there are rules that people are supposed to follow, like when in-combat or something like that the general rule is 3 emotes to send the letter. Some people actually Rp the fact that they're in unreachable spots and will not receive birds, and with something physical that others can see you can actually know if someone is trying to send a 'bird' while in one of these unreachable spots. You can see other people's couriers and cry foul if they're trying to use that as a means, so it can actually improve the issue.
  3. ItsMyWorld66

    Greentag Turned Red

  4. ItsMyWorld66

    The Lore Team and a Shelf

    I actually would think that the main point that people are upset about, is the fact that their existing characters who under the current Lore are going to be so fundamentally changed at their core of who they are and some in such a permanent degree that it's upsetting the populace. Shelving and making all those under the Lore revert to their original state with no explanation Rp wise would be horrendous. But if possible to make it so that existing characters who are under the Lore can still exist how they are, without being changed, essentially "Grandfathering In" then it'll lay a lot of the issues to rest and appease the main players of the shelved races. It seems a lot do not know what the Shelving will do, if it'll kick them completely to "Original" or if they will continue as they are. A blanket statement I think will ease the minds of the players, communication at its best.
  5. ItsMyWorld66

    [✓] Design-A-Mob

    Mob Name: Kelpie - Name diguised as things like "Beautiful Horse" or "Strong Horse" Link to Lore (or put in a summary of creature): https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Kelpie Minecraft Base Type: Horse, often a pure white one Behavior: Upon spotting the player the Kelpie would be drawn to them, almost like how animals do when holding their favored food and will follow the player around provided they stay near a deep body of water. Upon the player mounting the Kelpie trying to 'Tame it', they will be stuck to the beast and the Kelpie will then run towards the body of water it spawned by and attempt to sink below enough that the player will be submerged and begin to drown. If hit before being ridden, the Kelpie will run away towards the water, if ridden and in the stages of trying to drown the player the person riding can obviously try and kill it while mounted by attacking the Horse with a weapon until either the Kelpie's death or the players. Drops: Upon death perhaps drop a custom named leather of Kelpie Pelt, custom bones, or even special fish.
  6. ItsMyWorld66

    New Crown Package

    Thank you for that clarification, up until now I did not realize that the crowns stacked when it came to increasing Rank in the VIP. Which is a great system actually, and I thank you for pointing that out. While that certainly makes upgrading from one VIP Rank to the other a lot less harsh on the wallet, I still think it would be a good idea to add in.
  7. ItsMyWorld66

    New Crown Package

    From a person that often contemplates buying a package of crowns, I find myself constantly calculating the cost of Crowns, how much I get, and the Rank that I wish to buy and comparing them. Most of the time I come up short and here's why: If you start at No Rank, you can pay 10$ and get to Coal. No problem with that, simple transaction. If you wanted to get to Iron from there, you cannot buy 20$, you'd be short 500 crowns which is frustrating. So you'd have to buy 20$ and then a 10$ and have a little bit left over, or you just go the extra and buy a 35$ because what's another 5$ for a bit more crowns for your dollar? The problem with this is that not everyone has that kind of money on hand, and certainly not all at once in some cases. Many have to justify such a massive expenditure and then more math comes into play of deciding if you want to go higher, and trying to figure out what packages to buy to get that little extra 200-400 more you need. Of course this would be solved if there was a 5$ for 500 crown purchase, an easy and simple thing to put in I would hope. Most people around has about 5$ on hand and they might just want to spend it on small crown packages every week or so that they have the chance. 5$ can add up rapidly when you consistently spend it, but it's a lot easier to handle and manage then 10$ and 20$ purchases. Anyone think this is something that should be?
  8. ItsMyWorld66

    BETA: Plugins that white people get turnt to

    The only issue I see here is the fact that it's incredibly difficult to find Llamas anywhere, and last time I tried leading those buggers around they would do this weird stutter walk where they take one step every three seconds.
  9. ItsMyWorld66

    The Courier Plugin! A replacement for Birds~

    While I am not sure if conversations are logged, you can always use screenshots of letters like how I provided an example of mine. I believe it's possible to log the conversations with permissions, but I do not fully know. I do know that a GM can physically retrieve any letter sent or received from players if they know the time/date approximately as physical copies. So if suspected, a GM can always just yank a copy of a letter from a person's database.
  10. ItsMyWorld66

    The Courier Plugin! A replacement for Birds~

    That has actually been tested, while yes it uses the map plugin it doesn't actually use crafted maps. When you type /letter TEXT like you make /msg TEXT, it creates a "Map" in your hand when you finish typing A Map that you craft is completely different, if you walked around with a letter without anything on it, it would not put the "Map" that appears on maps of the area.
  11. This is a special Plugin that I used to use on a different server, and it not only added Rp aspects but also improve the over-all lack of meta gaming since there was in-game proof! Link: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/courier The courier plugin works in a way that the player can make physical letters that they can write and send to others, the letter saying the date and time along with whom sent it to keep track like so: You can also make and create letters to put into item frames and use them for billboards, menus, and advertisements! This will improve Rp quality and cut down on Meta Pms, because there's a physical representation of the information provided that can be retrieved. There's so many Rp aspects that could be used from this, and it'll make great enjoyment to others to Rp and actually have a letter to give to someone! What's also great is you can customize what "Courier" comes to deliver the mail, so we can keep the Rp aspect of birds and the courier could be a chicken, bat, or even a parrot! What do you think?
  12. ItsMyWorld66

    Lobby Server!

    If this is a real thing, what about people who still bandit Rply and just use the most minimal amount of Rp possible to get away with it?
  13. ItsMyWorld66

    Inflation and free food

    Actually the idea of taking away the /bread would be good, or at least making it only available to those with the New Player Status.
  14. I think if they brought back the Auction Houses and the Staff put even some simple Rp items into them, the people would flock to the AH and buy them up just over the fact to spend their minas on. The Admin Shops are a good idea, but what they supply aren't things that common people would want to spend on. It's why when there's a Merchant Event, people jump on that instantly.
  15. ItsMyWorld66

    [Accepted] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] A_Keefy

    +1 This guy is a great Rper and I'm always happy when he comes knocking at my door or when I encounter him, always a pleasure and would definitely spread amazing Rp across the rest of the server!