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  1. ItsMyWorld66

    Atlas Anniversary Art & Writing Contest

    ~The Frozenpines~ Deep within the lands of the Frozenpines would gleam a special find tucked away against the rocky caves, a sparkling flower would be found by curious and lucky passerby. Originally a normal flower the roots have absorbed large quantities of minerals from the earth and glossed its petals and stem with hardening crystal to help catch the light of the sun and guard it against the blistering weather. Each flower is unique in its formation and coloring as they take from the minerals around it, often times being difficult to spot against the bright snow.
  2. ItsMyWorld66

    LoTC's aging system

    On another server there was a good way to handle time and how much time passes in a Fantasy World, and it went like this: 1 IRL Day = 1 Week 7 IRL Days/IRL 1 Week = 1 Month 4 IRL Weeks/IRL 1 Month = 1 Year This breaks it up so that we dont have a Year every week, making us celebrate Krugsmas only once every 52 years in game and it gives the players a better timeframe for their characters!
  3. ItsMyWorld66

    Thanksgiving Day

    The people I Rp with not only on this server and others, because they are what keep me sane and Thankful on this day.
  4. Can we see another update to the Fishing Plugin? ❤️ The fish we have now are great, but there are currently so few that are enjoyable~ Perhaps some new ones for the different biomes?
  5. ItsMyWorld66

    [Accepted] [Trial][W] Sky's GM App

    Always been helpful to me and patient when I have questions or needed something, definitely want to see on the GM Team! +1
  6. ItsMyWorld66

    Greentag Turned Red

  7. ItsMyWorld66

    BETA: Plugins that white people get turnt to

    The only issue I see here is the fact that it's incredibly difficult to find Llamas anywhere, and last time I tried leading those buggers around they would do this weird stutter walk where they take one step every three seconds.
  8. ItsMyWorld66

    Lobby Server!

    If this is a real thing, what about people who still bandit Rply and just use the most minimal amount of Rp possible to get away with it?
  9. ItsMyWorld66

    [Accepted] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] A_Keefy

    +1 This guy is a great Rper and I'm always happy when he comes knocking at my door or when I encounter him, always a pleasure and would definitely spread amazing Rp across the rest of the server!
  10. +1! This person is awesome at their Rp, handling of Lore, and a pleasure to Rp with whenever I come across them. I would love to see them on the Team and be excited for it!
  11. So is this Iblees' Touch an actual drug we can use in the Hookah, with a recipe that's craftable like the others or is it just a nicely lored Herb?

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    2. ItsMyWorld66


      Does it have a recipe that we can find/discover? And what about Box of Crayons?

    3. Tofuus


      All hookah drugs can be crafted inside the hookah. Try combining some stuff :) 

    4. ItsMyWorld66


      Ty so much! <3 Might take forever given the gazillion different possible combinations, but I'll give it a shot!

      Edited by ItsMyWorld66
  12. ItsMyWorld66

    Selling unique items and oddities

    *A snow owl carrying a letter hooted and dropped it off among the stack of letters!* "Greetings, I am also interested in the items that are for sale. Please let me know of a time and place we can meet to examine them. -Damien"
  13. ItsMyWorld66

    [Complete]Relics and other goods for sale.

    Is your auction still going on? I noticed a few of the images are broken.
  14. I heard they removed that because A. It was killing players, and B. People abused it heavily I also heard there was a fish that shot you 64 blocks strait up upon eating too.