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  1. Asteria Heatheri would pick up her note and quickly unfold it to read its contents “Oh dear...” she said unsure if Simon had simply moved away or died. Soon after reading it she would put it away in a drawer “I do hope he is alright” she said with a frown clear on her face knowing that he probably wasn’t
  2. Asteria would carefully hold the sealed letter before reading it “Oh my , what pleasant news” she said with a warm smile
  3. (OOC username:Lunaia101)) Name: Asteria Heatheri Age: 57 Research archtype: Herbolgy/Astronomy Research details: Researching herbs specific properties , and mapping out stars. Potential danger (0-5): 1-2 (How much harm do you expect your research may do to you or others)
  4. Full Name: Asteria Heatheri Age: 22 Race: High Elf Talents: Herbs & Cooking Discord: Lunaia101#6225
  5. Persona’s Given Name (First Middle Last): Asteria HeatheriIn-Game Username: Lunaia101Persona’s Age:22Persona’s Race: High ElfPersona’s Place of Living: Bagrid Boulevard 3Reason to Join the Honorable Company of Thespians & Revelers: I want to join the Honorable Company of Thespians & Revelers so I can further my skill and knowledge related to the art of acting.Form of Joining (Apprenticeship, Payment, Invitation): Apprenticeship If You Chose Payment, Check Off What You Will Pay With: ( ) In-Game Items ( ) Goods & Services ( ) Mina ( ) Other (x ) I Do Not Choose
  6. RP Name: Asteria Heatheri MC Username: Lunaia101 Race: High Elf Country of Origin: The Sliver State Age: 20
  7. Application Format IC: Name: Asteria Heatheri Age: 20 Race: High Elf Religion:N/A Past Affiliation: Haelun’or and Helena. OOC: Discord Username:Lunaia101#6225 Minecraft Username:Lunaia101
  8. Applicant Name:Asteria Heatheri Applicant Aviary Address (Discord):Lunaia101#6225 Applicant Sex and Race:Female/Mali’thill Form of Art:Writing ,Art , Acting Would you be interested in acting (Y/N): Y Experience in the Performing Arts (if any):Asteria has been taught the arts personally by her tutor who was a writer/painter . (irl I’m vice president of my school drama club for 2 years , and have done a handful of school plays)
  9. n-Game Name: Lunaia101 Discord: Lunaia101#6225 Persona Name: Asteria Heatheri Persona Age: 19 What Branch/Branches are you entering? Fabrics
  10. OOC]: Discord:Lunaia101#6225 [OOC]: IGN:Lunaia101 “Your name, llir?”: Asteria Heatheri “My eyesight fails me, what race are you?”: Mali’thill “I see, I see. And how old are you?”: 19
  11. Name: Asteria Heatheri Race: High-Elf Age:19 Affiliation:Haelun’or
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