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  1. Greta eyes the document suspiciously "Right, well I suppose this all right and just and there's no harm done here... but this drawing here does feel a tad... wrong. I love Iris and all but she's no goddess." Greta's eyes move down to the signature at the bottom. She snorts at that. "Filibert Applefoot; I might have known. Only a dictator-loving Bernadist would publish jingoistic drivel like this." She tucks it away in a drawer "Maybe someone ought to remind the Applefoots we're living in the 19th century now."
  2. A tired, bitter halfling woman walks the frigid streets of the Silver City. Her steps are shuffled and her cloak smells strongly of wine. As she ascends the steps of San'eravir her head turns to glance at the noticeboard, as she did every evening. As she scans past the various elven missives and pamphlets, her eyes fall upon Monkey's missive. She blinks and reads through it. "Bramblebury is safe for 'Impropers?' Surely this must be a trap!" She glances over it several times, carefully analyzing the handwriting. It was definitely written by Monkey. "Hmmm he was the one who warned us about Knox
  3. Greta's face pales as she glances over the missive. She rereads it several times, shaking her head. "Hide? What good would that do? Convert? Absolutely not..." she lets out a deep sigh "I suppose I will have to wait to be killed, then... so be it."
  4. Greta squints at the note "He's not coming back for a while, then?" She chuckles "Apology accepted, I suppose." before then tossing out the note.
  5. Greta reads the doctrine with widened eyes "Temptress?! Deranged?! Did this fellow not call me the founding mother not even two years ago?! Freedom of religion has been a part of halfling law for years, and now our supposed 'god' is trying to undermine our Thain? This doesn't make any sense! How is defending freedom undemocratic?! What this 'god' is proposing is a counterrevolution and it is vile and disgusting. My wife is absolutely right; such oppresion is more fit for Canonist Oren than Knoxist Bramblebury. We have no true obligation to listen to any old fool who claims to be our go
  6. [!] A halfling newspaper is found in your mailbox! The Bramblebury Gazette (Vol II, 1798) ~Knowledge is the key to happiness~ Contents: ~The Fall of “King” Cyris~ ~What Has Religion Ever Done For Us?~ ~Largest Dinner Party Yet?~ ~Mayor Iris Peregrin: Year One~ ~The Fall of “King” Cyris~ ~The festival-goers sit beneath their newly decorated tree~ In keeping with our jolly traditions, the 7th of the Grand Harvest 1798 saw a great festival celebrating the decoration of the Knoxmas Tree. Ornaments were hung, bells were run
  7. Gift Slip Username: Johnnythewizard Name: Greta Goodbarrel
  8. Greta raises an eyebrow at the notice on the board. "Is this really necessary? It's not as if he was hurting anyone."
  9. Greta sighs and shakes her head "Poor Bass... Theo doesn't deserve him."
  10. Greta scratches her head "Wouldn't it be easier just to er... talk to people? I thought getting a boyfriend or girlfriend was impossible until I started doing that!" She shrugs "At any rate his chances would be a lot better if he ever bothered to shave, I think."
  11. [!] A halfling newspaper is found in your mailbox! The Bramblebury Gazette (Vol I, 1797) ~Knowledge is the key to happiness~ Contents: ~The Bramblebury Gazette: My Mission~ ~The Election of 1797: RESULTS~ ~The Proudfoot Protest: A Response~ ~Turnip School of Learning Opens!~ ~The Bramblebury Gazette: My Mission~ ~Winemaking, a favorite hobby of mine~ When a new newspaper begins to make the rounds, readers will always wonder what drove the editor On the offhand chance that you are unaware of who I am, dear reader
  12. Greta walks up to the noticeboard and reads the results, raising an eyebrow "Meemaw? Really? What an odd suprise... though, she certainly has the energy for it!"
  13. Out of Character Username: Johnnythewizard Discord: Johnnythewizard#4799 In Character Full Name: Greta Goodbarrel Race: Halfling Age: 58 Job / Occupation: Writer, Journalist, Winemaker, Teacher, Librarian (in that order)
  14. The Ballot: ((MC Name: Johnnythewizard )) Name: Greta Goodbarrel Vote Iris Peregrin for Mayor? Yea (X) Nay () Vote for Sheriff: Theodore Mowood () Alfie Greenholm (X) Meemaw Applebottom ()
  15. Greta takes a few moments to read the notice before letting out a long sigh and rubbing her weary eyes. "Thank Knox I retired." she mutters as she walks back to her burrow with an assortment of quills and blank leatherbound books.
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