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  1. March of Myrine Edict of Health 6th of Malin's Welcome, 49th of the Second Age The Anchor’s Aid Health Institution Article I Head Physician The Head Physician of Myrine is hereby granted full authority over the clinical staff and responsible for overseeing everything which is practiced in their clinic. This includes; Reserves the right to recruit clinical staff. Reserves the right to give clinical interns the proper training for such positions. Reserves the right to dismiss clinicians within reason. Responsible for going through Clinical Logs. Responsible for ensuring all clinical staff provide proper care and treatment May perform the tasks of any other clinical staff position if needed. May provide pay to clinical staff. May deny any personnel treatment within reason. Articles II-III Clinical Boundaries Article II ~ Amendments All clinicians will be responsible for aiding the citizens and friends of the barony first, and never denying them the rights for treatment. Visitors within the barony may receive treatment, but must understand they are not our first priority. The clinic will not charge a fee for anyone seeking medical aid in Myrine. The clinic has the right to charge those receiving medication or brews accordingly. All clinicians are responsible for helping make sure the facility is clean and organized. Any areas that are found unsanitary will be immediately shut down temporarily until deemed safe for continued practice and use. Responsibility lies with all clinicians to provide patients with proper care and kindness, even despite our guests' races or beliefs. Article III ~ Authorities Experimentation on another without consent will never be tolerated under any circumstances. If revealed that this is occurring, any clinician involved will be immediately dismissed. No one, aside from clinicians under Myrine, should wander to the second floor without permission from the Head Physician. Any personnel caught on the second floor without permission, will be asked to leave or law enforcement will be sought out. Those waiting and not being treated must stay in the waiting room. Any clinician has the right to ask anyone who is in the way of their work, to move to the waiting room located at the front entrance of the clinic. If not obeyed, then clinicians may seek law enforcement to escort them from the building. If any personnel attempts to tamper with the clinic or clinic’s belongings, then they will be restrained until law enforcement arrives. If any personnel attempts to stop any clinician from treating a patient, they will be restrained with whatever force is necessary to allow the worker to continue until law enforcement arrives. If any clinician causes harm to their patient while doing their work, then he or she is not able to be held responsible. However if such damage is dealt intentionally, and can be proven, then the first statement is null. If any patient intentionally hurts his or her caretaker, then they will be subdued. Depending on the situation, he or she will be treated and/or sent on their way. Any clinician or any personnel caught stealing herbs, potions, or anything else from the clinic will be brought to the authorities to be dealt with. Articles IV-V Clinician Responsibilities Article IV ~ Clinical Positions The term “Clinician” is defined as anyone who was recruited by the Head Physician Clinic Secretary The Clinic Secretary is in charge of keeping records within the clinic. They are to keep a list of what all is stored in the clinic's storage and what's been used. They will also assist the head physician to make sure all clinic staff are writing in the clinic logs per treatment. The secretary will also be responsible for helping with appointments anyone makes for the head physician to visit outside of the march. Doctors (Physicians) As a Doctor one's duty is in the clinic itself. These workers make up the bulk of Myrine’s clinic. Their sole task is to treat those who have been brought to the clinic with physical injuries. They are required to know the basics of herbology and medicine, and the basic degrees of healthcare within the institution. Surgeons Surgeons are those in charge of performing operations on patients with more severe injuries. They will practice bone setting, deep arrow removals, cauterization, and amputations. All surgeons must go through separate training than those becoming Doctors. They must also finish training as a Doctor of the clinic before training to become a Surgeon. Herb Scouts Are the clinic’s Herbalists in charge of gathering herbs for the clinic to use in treatment if needed. They will store the herbs in the clinic’s storage. Herbalists of the clinic may assist any research to seek other ways the herbs can be used for medical purposes, but only within the clinic’s research quarters. Caretakers Caretakers of the clinic are mainly in charge of caring for those resting for longer periods of time within the clinic. Their duties also include; Keeping the clinic clean, providing resting patients food and drink, making sure our patients are comfortable when staying overnight, and managing the front desk. Clinical Interns Interns are only within the clinic to watch and learn, never to perform treatment to any of the patients. Interns are in the process of training and, therefore, will be spending most of their time observing the work of other clinical staff and taking notes. Once deemed ready to begin performing treatment, the Head Physician will provide them the proper uniform and title of the positions they spent training for. Article V ~ Clinical Logs All Clinicians will be required to log every patient entering the clinic for treatment. These logs are to include the following; Patient’s Name Clinician's Name Injury/Illness of Patient What Aid The Patient Received OOC Date Clinician’s Signature Extra Notes (Previous Illnesses/Injury, Allergies, Disabilities, etc.) Head Physician, Kàsthinia Amlugol Marquis of Myrine, Cyrus Mareno
  2. Kàsthinia Amlugol watched as her cousin tossed the sheet into the oven's flames, setting her drink onto the bar's countertop "Not important, I suppose?" The elfess chuckled, before shifting her gaze elsewhere to observe the tavern further "Lovely decorations these are; quite festive of you."
  3. Esmée stands before the bounty board, reading their written description for the "ghouls". A faint snicker escaped her lips, turning with a wide, toothy grin. She heads off to find flowers
  4. THE BALLOT ((MC name: LleannasaurusRex)) Name: Kàsthinia Vote for Okarir'tir: ( ) Valorin Celia'thilln (xx) Ellisar Aevaris ( ) Olrin Hildinyr
  5. Cataleann


    Lephilia Vallana was raised by her mother, Elbereth Vallana, and father, Gildor Vallana. She was born along the streams near the Silver City and grew up as an only child with her very busy parents. Her mother was a skilled alchemist and physician in her lifetime. Her father was a hard working author and studied quite a bit of the environment across their region. They both were very strict on their beliefs during Lephilia's childhood. As her father, Gildor, was often away a lot for his studies, Lephilia spent a majority along side her mother at home. Elbereth kept Lephilia busy with her journals and recipes of herbs and concoctions. When her father was home he shared his studies with his daughter and kept Elbereth and Lephilia up to date with his discoveries and news around the region. As Lephilia aged she didnt often leave her home and made little to no friends. When she had just turned 83, her mother and father left the kingdom to explore together, alone. It was around this time that the Enternal Library was created and they set out to gather knowledge to store within. To this day she hasn't seen or heard word from them and patiently waits for their return, without losing hope they're still alive. Over time violence had erupted from other nations, resulting in her to leave her home for some time. She soon plans to return home, but the memories remain of chaotic times linking to her home land. As of now she wonders around the region, continuing her father's studies as she has held onto his journals over the years.
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