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  1. "Five thousand. . . for. . .who??" Ziegfrid said , raising his right eyebrow
  2. Ziegfrid looked at the newspaper , frowning at the quickly drawen painting of an moj officer "Isn't that an elfski he is looking at"
  3. Ziegfrid gave out a shrug" Edwin just not used to killing yet , got my first one when I was thirteen"
  4. RP name: Ziegfrid Mortimer MC name : Budaq Voted : Yes
  5. Ziegfrid Mortimerski looked at the painting of Captain Leopold Kovachevski and the Elfski together , giving out a frown on his face " Seduced the Moose. " Ziegfrid said , shaking his head
  6. Ziegfrid looked at the news paper , tearing the paper apart out of anger " If I would get to the church a few minutes earlier. . . the High Pontiff would survive"
  7. USERNAME:Budaq RP NAME:Ziegfrid Mortimer EVENTS ENTERING (Individual/Pairs/Both):Both PAIRS PARTNER (if applicable): ItisAnte (Arlo Cooper)
  8. Name : Ziegfrid Mortimer Address : Komnenos Avenue Five
  9. Ziegfrid raised a brow as he looked at the newspaper , he cleared his throat before saying " Mercenaries get paid a lot"
  10. Ziegfrid shaked his head , placing his left hand on the longsword pommel "Have they not learned their lesson?"
  11. Ziegfrid shaked his head looking at the empty plates in his house "Someone needs to get me some beef! for today"
  12. Ziegfrid would begin making his way to the tavern , for some drink after raiding a village" I'd say. . . it was easier than I thought it would be , Norlanders slept during our raid
  13. Ziegfrid would shake his head as he looked at the uniform of the fourth , standing on a armour stand " It's dead anyways. . . perhaps the 6th could get me some adventures"
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