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  1. I believe people can change, ppl growing up on the server can be easily influenced by other people in a negative way.
  2. now you have more time to spend w your kids 😴

    1. Gridlock


      Thanks son

    2. budaq


      took so long to make a reply, mane, you getting old..

  3. free budaq let him back on the server 😪 😡 😤

  4. what u did in the oren war discord was really uncalled for, man

  5. Discordtag : budaQ#0016 MC Name : lionbileti RP Name : Filly Horen RP Age : 14 Are you a Nobleman representing yourself? : yes
  6. What was the most stressful time on lotc for you?
  7. Discordtag : Buda#0016 MC Name : Budaq RP Name : Sir Anton RP Age : 25 Are you entering as a Commoner/Knight/Champion of a peer? Specify which : Knight , Champion of a peer
  8. "Making me proud" Anton said with a smile as he read the book about the second cohort
  9. Idk why you talking on the things when you never heard my side of the story , and the only time I was actually accepted back normally , was during Nectorist's Oren
  10. LOTC is a server of communities , gotta stick to 1
  11. RP name: LORD COMMANDER BARON SER ANTON VARON DRASKOVIC MC name: Budaq What events do you wish to join?: All Are you willing to pay the entrance fee of 10 Mina?: yessir
  12. Anton yawned as he looked at his men in the Bastion , laughing as he told his soldiers "Aye , the bastards gettin' cocky , from a loss!" he'd shout and end it with a loud laugh after what he would add to it "Vy will ride out with me to whatevah shit hole they hide in and we punish the bastards"
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