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  1. "And we still can't wear those fancy unifoms in the city , shame." A young Mareno boy said , shaking his head as he looked at the Black armor of Brotherhood of Saint Karl standing on an armor stand in his room
  2. Budaq


    Felix Mareno gave out a proud sigh while he read the news thinking to himself "When did Jace started climbing up the mountains?"
  3. Yonash took his tea cup out , making a wide smile on his face
  4. Yonash shaked his head while reading thew news about the victory in the battle he participated in "Where is my damn name!"
  5. Yonash shaked his head , still waiting for the pvp badge
  6. Mortimer shaked his head , saying "Thought I've seen her running around the streets just a day ago"
  7. Mortimer chuckled as he walked over to the shelf with an old 6th brigade uniform , thinking about something for a long while
  8. Mortimer made a wide smile on his face , looking at Arlo , Erik Othaman , Leon d'Azor and Vladrick Var Ruthern "Some easy money isn't it mates?"
  9. "Five thousand. . . for. . .who??" Ziegfrid said , raising his right eyebrow
  10. Ziegfrid looked at the newspaper , frowning at the quickly drawen painting of an moj officer "Isn't that an elfski he is looking at"
  11. Ziegfrid gave out a shrug" Edwin just not used to killing yet , got my first one when I was thirteen"
  12. RP name: Ziegfrid Mortimer MC name : Budaq Voted : Yes
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