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  1. Ziegfrid shaked his head , placing his left hand on the longsword pommel "Have they not learned their lesson?"
  2. Ziegfrid shaked his head looking at the empty plates in his house "Someone needs to get me some beef! for today"
  3. Ziegfrid would begin making his way to the tavern , for some drink after raiding a village" I'd say. . . it was easier than I thought it would be , Norlanders slept during our raid
  4. Ziegfrid would shake his head as he looked at the uniform of the fourth , standing on a armour stand " It's dead anyways. . . perhaps the 6th could get me some adventures"
  5. Ziegfrid would nod with a smile" Hopefully , vodka would be there"
  6. RP Name:Ziegfrid Mortimer MC Name: Budaq Voted: Yes Baron Varon Knight Draskovic Ser rocks
  7. OOC SIGN UP: IRP name: Ziegfrid Mortimer Discord: Budaq#1444 IGN Name: Budaq Age: 23
  8. Mortimers eyes would fill with tears , as they fell on the plate chest armour he knew he'll start drinking again" Will tell my kids about you , if I will ever have them , General d'Arkent , such people should be kept in history forever."
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