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  1. ((Note: This event was a PvE event hosted by Suicidism, and took place in Elysium! The event was widely loved by those who participated, and sparked a currently ongoing plot line of events that have kept similar engagement among the community.)) The sun rose high over Elysium, desperately trying to cover the frostbitten landscape in a warm embrace with little success. The grand, old snowy mountains that flanked the vassals south croaked and acted like an elderly man with weary bones. However, the ole mountains cries were not heeded in time. And so the mountain fell, an avalanche
  2. RP Name: Jeaninne Raven MC Name: Exulansis Voted: Yes
  3. Ah, I saw other PK posts here which was the only reason I figured this was where they go xD Is there somewhere else PK's belong? I can repost it somewhere else and delete this one if that's more appropriate. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
  4. The death of Pip Artimeir, the childish knight -------------------- "Surrender!" The private, Ezekiel, spoke positioning himself in preparation to parry his opponents next move. "No." Pip would say flatly, with no emotion to begin with. Though it built up with every word he spoke; "My sister was not given such an option, so don't you dare give it to me." Pip, the childish knight stood slouched down as the wounds on his arm and back of his knee begun to surge. With every small movement, and adrenaline induced shake he winced. "You committed no crimes, your
  5. Exulansis


    Pip was born in Arcas, in 1776 on a farmstead off the road that connects the Kingdom of Haense and the Kingdom of Norland. Here, his parents and older sister, Ashley, were farmhands who lived on the farm of those they worked for. Unfortunately, Pip's parents were fairly old when he was born, his mother passed away during childbirth and his father passed on the farm due to age induced illnesses. Because of this, Pip was raised by Ashley his entire childhood. As he approached ten years old, and was growing up, he helped out on the farmstead, meeting the other workers around campfire talks, and l
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