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  1. I think this is really cool I'd use this for sure if it's accepted, I already use normal Peragius frequently :}
  2. When I first joined LotC, I tried to apply to play a spider person before realizing that was impossible. This lore rekindles my desire to play such a persona! +1 Oh also, how come kharajyr can't become zephonim? They have greater souls.
  3. •-=[!]=-• An armada of time-worn torn scrolls are delivered all about Almaris; from the shadiest of alleyways and the most prestigious of establishments. These scrolls deliverers are a seemingly semi-arcane fleet of flying machinations of rusted copper, in the shape of small drakes. These mysterious scrolls all share the exact same message, and that message is as follows: "This letter is devoted to ye religious bigots. Ye who oppress the people of the mortal world with your unbacked utterances, shame be upon ye. Ye who claim your allegiance to Gods which thy proclaim guide thee, let me ask; have they truly? Hath thou Gods ever came down from their realms to protect thee? I believe thee follow blindly toward a light that does nay exist, you devote your lives to 'Gods' that do so little they may not even be real. So, I present this challenge to thee. You who proclaim from rooftops and from hidden ways of thou Gods, show me thine evidence. Bring thyself myself before me, and show me that the Gods you so adore are real. I am unbiased in my opinions, and my judgment is based only upon what I have personally seen. I can change my ways if shown this true evidence, and I await your arrival. Find me, -The Crimson Claw" The signature is written in what appears to be blood.. oh wait,- never mind its just berry juice. The note does not tell where 'The Crimson Claw' may be. {OOC Disclaimer: This is merely an RP post, I'm personally religious IRL, and I don't mean to insult anyone religious IRL. Or anyone, for that matter.}
  4. The moon was crisp and clear on that night, and the waves pounded relentlessly against the shores of the village of Bramblebury. The smell of the foul pestilence wafting from the ruined settlement stung at the senses of three individuals rowing their way into the sea in a small canoe. The unpleasant scent eventually gave way to the smell of the salty ocean as the four rowed still further. They approached a small vessel that floated emptily atop the waves without a single sailor manning it. The canoe bumped gently against the edge of the ship, and one of the three tossed a rope aboard, snagging a knot. One by one, the three heaved themselves up into the ship, and then hauled their row-boat up behind them. One of the three made his way toward the helm, and and another set to work at scaling the mizzenmast and opening the sails. The third hauled up the anchor as the trade winds began to gently caress the now-open sails. "Ah, how fine it 'tis teh be at 'th helm of eh ship again-" the one manning the helm remarked. And at that, the three would set off into the ocean, leaving the ruins of Brambleburry with one less ship than before..
  5. Hello there! So, I'm going to keep this brief. I've got an open character slot after a recent PK, and I want to try something different for my next character. So, if any of y'all need a player for some sort of construct, (Sorvian, golem, atronach, ect.) I'd be glad to play them for you! The aesthetic/personality is completely up to you, as long as its a construct! If you want to ask any sort of questions, feel free to send me over a DM! My discord is WanderingGriffin4032, and my username is THE7Kharajyrs -=Have a lovely day y'all!=-
  6. Maltic_Shardbreaker — Today at 5:35 PM -People like Me- [!] A missive would be pinned in various settlements and establishments around Almaris. It would bear script that was messy, childish, and ineloquent in form, stating a simple message: “I am looking for plant-people like me. I heard from the short Druid that I am not the only one. If you found one or know one or are one please send me a letter so we can talk and maybe be friends. I live outside Elvenesse, but not in a house. You should just tell your letter deliver-er to fly around the woods and look for me. I am made of squishy mushrooms so I will be easy to find.” After that (grammatically incorrect) note, would be an eleven-year-old’s best attempt at a signature, as well as a doodle of a smiling face. “- by Syl Ryul! :]” [[OOC: if you are an epiphyte, bryophyte or saprophyte or would be interested in RP with those aforementioned races, feel free to send me a message in-game, (THE7Kharajyrs) or via discord. (Maltic_Shardbreaker#4032)
  7. Syl'Ryul the fungal epiphyte looks over this in utter confusion to why someone would worship a fungus. "What idiot would worship lassie made of teh teh goop that took ova meh arms.." He'd tilt his head, reconsidering "I wonder if he'd worship me.." the child would mutter, drastically misunderstanding what the flier was stating
  8. I will say though, the lore of this specific magic type explicitly gives permission to do that with this, and I if I remember properly its actually encouraged- I may have misinterpreted it though
  9. So I'm a feat-level seer looking for a teacher to do the ritual to get me to the slotted-level, and the lore on 'Seers, Eyes of Vaasek' states that potential teachers to lower-level seers can dream of their students that they might seek them out, or vice versa. Due to it being quite inefficient (and rather rude for that matter) for me to simply spam that I'm looking for a teacher in #OOC , I decided to make this mini-post. If you'd maybe could, and would perhaps consider doing the ritual, I'd really appreciate it. If you'd want-to/can work something out, my discord is Maltic_Shardbreaker#4032
  10. What is your biggest regret from LotC, and what is the thing your most proud of?
  11. Name: Nim'Bur Aedove Race: Kha'cheetrah/leoparda mix Experience: moderate Do you promise to uphold the Cosmic Balance: absolutely. (MC Name: THE7Kharajyr) (Discord: Maltic_Sharbreader#4032)
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