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  1. Name: Nim'Bur Aedove Race: Kha'cheetrah/leoparda mix Experience: moderate Do you promise to uphold the Cosmic Balance: absolutely. (MC Name: THE7Kharajyr) (Discord: Maltic_Sharbreader#4032)
  2. THE7Dwarves Maltic_Sharbreaker#4032 Nim'Bur Aedove a single ticket
  3. hhehehehehehhehehheheheheheh *amibient nefarious plotting noises*
  4. [!] Nim'Bur Aedove smiles upon seeing the flier, and makes preparations to send a bird to the man. It seems this kha has finally found a master of alchemy to apprentice under-
  5. I have a question for the writer: In the application stated that only beings with greater souls, such as those that can learn magic, can become Demi-Djinn. However, Kha were not specified to be able to become Demi-Djinn, yet aha do indeed have greater souls and as such can learn magic and things that require a greater soul. Can you clarify this for me? Thanks! :D
  6. Well, Fingers crossed it gets excepted, but if it does get denied, I'm exited to see what you do in the rewrite.
  7. I feel as if I'm not sure if this is gonna be added, but it hope it is. I'm already emotionally attached, already remade my Creature Application in case it gets added XD
  8. A lot of people don't approve of this idea, but I totally do. This would be awesome. nice job on the lore. if this gets added, i'd be so happy. +1
  9. ok so tell me straight. If any of you could RP as a shelved race, or use a shelved magic, was would it be? and why?

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    2. Sorcerio


      Torn between Wraiths and Harbingers. Wasn't around for either though 😔 

    3. Shmeepicus


      Cleric ez

    4. Slorbin


      Arcanism, but treat it more like housemagery.

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