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  1. The one that had no recognizable name squinted at the parchment, eyes intense. "The promise of purpose is a powerful one to be made. I wonder if it will hold to truth." They murmured to themself. Making the trek to the desert, they stood before the silver tree, and withdrew the roughly hewn wooden statue, charred and anointed with grey ash. The figure turned on its heel, giving a final glance to the tree. "I do not seek any boons or gifts. All I ask is a word with you, to better know the cause and the promise. Perhaps I can sympathize with it."
  2. minecraft IGN changed from sheriif to cedaryx (to match discord smh)

  3. RP Name: Moira Nimblefoot Race: Forest Dwarf (honorary halfling fr) Participating in: Drinking Contest (CHUG CHUG CHUG)
  4. Those United in Struggle ~ As you might have seen, I'm writing a three-part series exploring a character's spiral into and away from faith and spirituality. This small series is an attempt to flesh out the theme of struggling faith, as well as those targeted by IRP religions- heretics, heathens, and atheists alike- who still want to find something to believe in or devote themselves to. Perhaps a fun little take on the darker aspects of canonism as a way to further character development, have fun with a certain area of RP that I haven't really seen. I'm calling out to heathens, heretics, atheists, canonists, spiritual folks, leaders, peasants, and scholars- anyone who enjoys spiritual and religious moving roleplay rife with developments of faith and body. If you're interested in exploring this niche, hmu! I'd love to discuss this with folks both OOC and IRP :) (renauldt on discord) (I am also collaborating with @Drdobetter, as we have many shared aspects!) Check out:
  5. new post coming soon???

  6. I. the hands of god are unceasing. ══════════════════════════════ "Untitled" - Barry Lyndon ═════════ the hands of god are unceasing in their movement, ever creating, ever spinning threads upon threads of divine providence ~ "I am the Lord GOD without peer. I created the earth, the seas, and the heavens. And I breathed life into the beasts of the earth and the men who rule them. And as I am eternal, you are transient, and there is no eternity without Me." - Scroll of Virtue, Canticle of Humility (7) : Lines 3-5 ═════════ “My Lord,” the words are hushed, uttered from a mouth that barely parts to form the syllables. There is a cross, nailed to a wall, angles sharp and unforgiving. The sweat of effort the anoints their forehead, and the cool air is a baptism to their bared flesh. “Oh, Holy Creator, I beg of you-” they fall to their knees at the cross. “-give me a sign.” The air is silent, and unmoving. They can feel it, feel their single presence in the room. The only thing they hear is their own breathing, and the steady thrum of their heart. They wait, for anything at all, anything. “Is it selfish? To ask such a thing? You are everywhere, and yet, I never hear from you. I see you in the eyes of the congregation as we sing hymns to your prophets, I see you in the changing leaves of trees and the sunlight shining through rose-stained glass.” They say, eyes fixed on the cross, staring at it, staring into it. “I talk to you, sometimes, you know? Of course, you know. I say a prayer, ask for the morning to be full of virtue, if not bright- perhaps I talk to a well-meaning member of the clergy, or watch the sunrise from the windows of the church as I wake, and begin my morning. And when you don’t respond, when I feel nothing, when the sun is hidden behind the clouds, and the cobblestone is slick with rain, I say, ‘that’s okay. He must be busy.’ A Creator wouldn’t recognize individuals in those they mold, only their own marks upon the clay they carve. And so, I wish you well, my heart reaching out to your efforts, your unmoving kindness.” A pause. “But I must ask, Lord. My Father, my Devotion-” Their eyes water with unushered tears, and they gaze down upon the hardwood floor that digs into their knees and splinters their robes. “Will you ever speak to me? Will you ever, ever, give me a sign? I wonder, would you tell me you are here-- that you won’t leave me-- that you see me too? Would you ever acknowledge my unwavering love for you?” The room is silent. The air is stale. There is not a sign of any change, no hint of acknowledgment. And a chair gets pushed into the wall in the other room with a bang, from someone standing up too fast. The cross moves at the vibration from the wall, hanging lopsided. They sigh, and stand, knees aching from the held position, and they raise their hands to gently correct it, fingers lingering on its form before pulling away. “That’s okay. You must be busy.”
  7. Not at all! It is roleplaying, after all. It's not weird unless you make it weird- eg. sticking religiously to perceived assumptions- and honestly probably best to avoid ppl who make it weird. At the end of the day, it is a block game and we are bags of meat squeezing air at one another.
  8. what are the inspirations for the LOTC languages? are any of them purely made up/created by a lotc player?

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    2. sheriif


      yeah ngl I was wondering where Elven came from, and where the Dwarf language (if there is one even?) ik a lot of human languages are taken from irl parts and some language tho i forgot which one is from Akkadian

    3. WestCarolina


      To quote one of the original writers of the language alongside Sporadic, the Elven language, "is loosely based on some asian languages (mostly japanese) grammatically and structurally, on many other languages (from welsh to russian all over europe) phonetically. But almost all separate words aren't presented in earth languages as far as I know." 

      Noobli might know about the origins of the Dwarven language

    4. Ibn Khaldun

      Ibn Khaldun

      The Cingedoz language derives its vocabulary from Old English, Gaulish, and proto-Germanic variants, but the grammar is actually based on Arabic.



  9. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ The 100 Years Hunt | KA’BUR-VOTAR Under the guidance and oversight of the newly appointed Huntsgoth- the reboot of the Ka’Bur Votar- or the Hundred Years Hunt- is hereby reinstated! LUP VOTAR | LUP FREYGOTH ~ The First Year of the revamped Hundred Year Hunt was quite an event! We braved the swamps and jungles, faced off two massive Throqals. Unfortunately, my fellow hunters, the fabled monster, the Throdaag- a greater Throqal- made its presence clear after the bloody massacre of its lesser kin. We were greatly outnumbered- a beast the size of an Olog with more to come- and thusly made a tactical retreat. Within the coming months and years, I plan to gather another group of brave hunters to put this beast down! Glory be to the one that ends it, a grand feat for any soul. Trophies and spoils of the hunt will be handed out, and a few sacrificed to Votar and Freygoth! [!] A rendition of a large Throqal. I CALL UPON THE HUNTERS, URUKS, GOBLINS, HONORARY URUKIM- RALLY WITH ME AND GATHER AT SAN'VELKU- BRING YOUR STRONGEST WEAPONRY WE WILL HUNT THIS FORMIDABLE BEAST WITHIN THE COMING YEAR IT IS TIME TO PUT THIS MONSTER DOWN FOR GOOD Signed, Ofric Radrokk Huntsgoth of the Iron Horde Head of Crucible ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ [[OOC: PLAYER-RUN HUNTING EVENT AT 5:30PM EST ON WEDNESDAY! RALLY IN KRUGMAR]]
  10. [[OOC: The following Blah is translated to the common tongue for better reading comprehension]] - Claim for Huntsgoth - [!] A rendition of the dense wilderness surrounding Krugmar. - Kinsmen! Brothers, Sisters. Warriors of Krug. I, Ofric Radrokk, hereby stake my claim for the venerable position of Huntsgoth. I have trekked through the wilderness surrounding Krugmar. I have ventured through muddy swamps and rocky alps. I honor and revere the spirits with all that I can, with every action and intent. ~ Lup Votar, the King of the Hunt, patron of all those who lurk in the tall grass and stalk their prey. Lup Freygoth, whose benevolence surrounds and provides the very beasts and animals we stalk. ~ It saddens me that our past Huntsgoth has passed, rest in peace be him. But now, our people are in need of celebration and worldly events. I can think of no other way than to answer you with all my zeal. The call of the wild beckons to me, as does my duty to Krugmar. The single-most important way I can think to answer both of these is to aid my nation in its quest for glory through ascending to the position of Huntsgoth. ~ Anyone is able to challenge this claim, by the laws of Krug. An honor-bound hunting competition will be set in place by the Rex. If no one challenges my claim, then I will immediately devote myself to tracking down legendary game and planning a Krug-wide expedition. Signed, Ofric Radrokk ᴏꜰʀɪᴄ ʀᴀᴅʀᴏᴋᴋ
  11. This is so cool! What did you code it in?
  12. »»──────⊰✺⊱──────«« Crucible - Guild Overview »»──────⊰✺⊱──────«« ❝ Our strongest weapons are not our magic, nor blade, but goodwill and almsgiving. A forge may make kin-slayers, but is better served warming and protecting the cold and downtrodden. This is true of all good and evil within this world. There is no greater strength than Mortality, and no greater weapon than Peace. ❞ - Ghoraza the Witless ««════╡⊰Our Tenets⊱╞════»» Ⅰ. Neutrality - Crucible is a neutral guild, aligning with no nation. We are almsgivers and have a diverse set of professions, but we are not warriors lending hands to any cause. Ⅱ. Charity - We are are charitable guild. While a merchant guild, we still aim to give what we can. We aspire to mend the broken, aid the weak, and lend hands to those in need. Ⅲ. Diversity - Crucible does not discriminate based on race, creed, gender, ideology, or mentality. We accept all that are willing to abide by the rules and purpose of the Guild. We are open-minded and willing to learn. Ⅳ. Peace - Crucible is a peaceful Guild. There will be no hate, bigotry, or slander within the group. We are to keep our neutral stance when relating to Guild matters. While able to mediate conflict, we will not be taking part in any conflict. Ⅴ. Availability - While the Crucible Guild Hall is located outside of Krugmar, the Guild’s influence and reach itself is not restricted to a singly nation, area, or country. We aim to increase outreach and reputation, through missives and word-of-mouth. ────────✺─ Rankings ─✺──────── Founders: Ghoraza the Witless (@Panashea), Kor’Garr (@Mannamannaa), Ofric Radrokk (@sheriif) Crucible Leader(s): Ofric Radrokk The Crucible Leader(s) will take on the responsibility for leading the group’s efficiency, functionality, and more. They will represent the group along with the Head Diplomat in official matters, they will initiate meetings with the Heads to make sure members are satisfied and matters organized. The Leader(s) of Crucible will organize and plan, with the help of the Heads, guild related events, requests, activities, and function. They will be the flexible and available leader, able to fill in the position of any head if needed, and generally be able to talk to anyone within the group and act as the go-to person for questions. Head Scribe: Kor'Garr This head will work on drafting forum posts, missives, letters, and other writing and lore related things. Head Diplomat: This person will act as a diplomat for Crucible, as well as assisting with spreading word and information about the Guild. They will mainly act as the representative to foreign nations and powers if they wish to meet or discuss. An important note: the various heads of subgroups within the guilds are not do-all, say-all. They are liaisons between the subgroups, Leaders, and Nations, doing the directing and assisting, rather than commanding. Our leadership positions are not a way to order members around, they are a responsibility to aid the Guild in function and path to glory. More responsibility means maturity and diplomacy, the benefit is more weight to your word. Head of Builders: This head will act as the director for organizing and managing requested building-related projects. They will represent and direct the builders in the group. Head of Crafts and Goods: The head of Crafts and Goods will manage the requests for craftsmen, entertainers, artisians. They will represent this group in meetings. Head of Religion: This head will manage requests for the religious and magical members of the guild. They represent the religious and magical figureheads. Head of Care and Service: Managing aid, care, and other services provided by the group is tricky, and the responsibility of the Head of Care and Service. They represent the medics, soothsayers, and other aid-related members. ────────✺─ Members and Recruiting ─✺──────── The members of the Crucible are a wide and far spread group. We consist of shamans, smiths, alchemists, craftsmen, soothsayers, bards, and many more professions and specializations. All of us intend to make the world a better place, one step at a time. Our ranks are open for those willing to drink with, to discuss with, to laugh with, to share with, and to help with folk of all different origins, faiths, doctrines, race, and principles. Come to our Guild Hall in the West, or bird Ofric Radrokk with the following information: [OOC:] IGN: Discord: [RP] Name: Profession(s) of Choice: Additional Optional Information: ────────✺─ How to Submit Requests/Trade Offers to the Guild ─✺──────── Option I: Come to the Guild Hall, submit your request in a written book and drop it off by the front. Recommended for any kind of request, trade, help, aid, etc... In the future, we hope to establish areas or embassies around the continent for those in need to come to. Option II: Bird current leader/head of respective area and meet them to discuss requests. This is recommended for those who intend to request larger scale projects. Option III: Locate any member of Crucible and talk to them. This is recommended for minor non-trade requests. (ie. starving child on the street in need of food) Guild Hall Directions: Enter the West Hub, Idol’s Garden. Follow the road to Krugmar. When outside of Krug, follow the signs to the Guild Hall. [OOC]: Written by @sheriif (Ofric) Guild Discord: https://discord.gg/RfF3x5BRkQ
  13. Ofric Radrokk, craftsman and seeker of knowledge, grunts in appreciation, "Agh finely writt'n message, mine brudda! Mi can nub wait t' see th' new memberz." The Orc attaches a slip of paper to the missive from where it hangs pinned upon the board. it reads: 'Bird Ofric Radrokk in Krugmar for information about the Guild, be that for purpose, members, location, contacts or other.'
  14. Raj Cielr'ynn regards the address fondly, with a quirk to his brow. Moving to his calendar, he scratches off a quite note on the date given. "Fal's holdin' quite an event there. Guess I'll show for him, yeah?" He comments with a soft smile, his wolf's ears twitching at the sound of his voice. The man reclines back down with a comfortable 'huff' of relief, and shuts his eyes.
  15. sheriif


    Rowan grew up around Aegrothond, having a happy childhood. He played in the forest and befriended some animals, and fell asleep to his family reciting stories of the War of the Two Emperors. And like the usual child, he listened to the scary stories that had him jumpy at night, like the Boogie Man or Knox. When he was 11, he got pushed into the ocean by a cousin, and couldn't swim that well. It felt like he was going to drown. He got scooped out by one of his uncles quickly enough. Not quick enough to dissuade his fear of the ocean. Rowan always liked being in nature, surrounded by trees and animals. He took a liking to the calm nature of deer, and stumbled across a dead carcass of a deer. Wanting to pay his respects, he buried the body. Cleaning the skull, he donned it as a mask, burning a sprig of pine and sage as a comfort to the dead animal's spirit. He took a small interest to Druidry, but hoped to pursue it later. Rowan is well-educated, and he values his family and connection to nature very strongly.
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