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  1. [!] Deep in a forest, Aethline, an elf filled with worry, heard troubling news. Her face, marked by scars, twisted sadly as she held a blade made by a friend long gone. Her fingers traced the initials on its handle, memories flooding back. For a day, sadness consumed her as she remembered the help her friend gave. Alone, she whispered softly. "Rest well, old friend... rest well." Her words, though quiet, carried her sorrow and gratitude through the silent trees, honoring the dead. [!]
  2. "He should be here soon, do vy think he'll cry?" A soft voice left the once sickly Sierra Weiss as she fished beside her father. She was healthy, no longer plagued by her condition. She was enjoying her paradise, and her time with her beloved father forever. As Felix rose to his feet, the Lady's head turned, lips curling into a giant smile. She waited for the two to have their reunion, watching with a happy hum. As her father returned to her side she rose from her seat, dashing over to jump up and embrace her brother in a tight hug. "Oh how ea've missed vy Borsa! Ve have so much to show vy!" "Welcome home." She kissed his cheek before happily walking over to the waters once more, offering out a fishing rod. "Let's catch some fish!" "Hauchpapej Audo es.. dead?" Reza raised her brow at the news, her brows furrowing tightly. She waited a long moment to think of how to feel. She knew him to be distant, he was a busy man. She admired him strongly in her youth, it was sad to hear that he had joined her Hauchmamej in the seven skies. She felt the desire to drink, to drown the grief in alcohol- but instead, that woman decided to run. So in honor of her passed grandfather, Lady Reza Weiss could be seen doing laps around the festival grounds, not stopping for breaks- running for a full day- face painted with sweat and tears.
  3. Reza had been concerned with the crowds she had spotted, it was odd to see so many about for that time of day. That's when she heard news of what happened. The Koenas was dying. Reza felt her heart break at such. She remembered many times where the Koenas had become her idol. She adored her. She would follow the crowd in saddness, remembering when the Koenas had came to her home to give her a banner.. proclaiming that Reza was just like her in her youth. Oh how she wished she could have done something amazing to make the woman proud- but she'd never get that chance now. "Rest well Vyr Majesty.. vy've earned et." She whispered out, signing the Hussaryin before walking to the tavern to drink her sorrows away.
  4. Hehehe... if any of you want a bingo.. hit me up >:)
  5. [!] Rushing fast into the tavern the young Lady Weiss burst through the doors- exclaiming loudly for the Lady Bard! She promptly shoved a paper at her comrade and exclaimed. “Yam en Agony! Vy need to help mea make this!” Thus the two traveled to Novkursain to write and sing the ballad of the Brotherhood's Agony. [!] Lyrics [REZA] Did I abuse them Or show them disdain? Why do they run from me? If I should lose them How shall I regain The Oath they have won from me? Agony—! Beyond power of speech When the one thing you want Is the only thing out of your reach [VERDIER] High in his office He sits by the hour Maintainin’ the heir Blithe and becomin’ And frequently hummin’ A lighthearted air: Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah— Agony—! Far more painful than yours When you know he would write with you If your rank were only one more [BOTH SOLDIERS] Agony! Oh, the torture they teach! [VERDIER] What's as intriguin’— [REZA] Or half so fatiguing— [BOTH SOLDIERS] As what's out of reach? [REZA] Am I not sensitive, clever Well-mannered, considerate Passionate, charming As kind as I'm beautiful And niece to a Marshal? [VERDIER] You are everythin’ the Brotherhood could wish for! [REZA] Then why no—? [VERDIER] Do I know? [REZA] The man must be mad [VERDIER] You know nothin’ of madness Till you're climbin’ their ranks And you see them up there As you're nearin’ them All the while hearin’ him "Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah—" [BOTH SOLDIERS] Agony! [REZA] Misery! [VERDIER] Woe! [BOTH SOLDIERS] Though it's different for each [REZA] Always ten steps behind— [VERDIER] Always ten ranks below— [BOTH SOLDIERS] And they’re just out of reach Agony That can cut like a knife! I must have them tonight Signed, Lady, Comrade, Reza Talya Weiss “Lady Bard of Haense,” Verdier
  6. Somewhere in the Seven Skies a Kortrevich Lady who has been passed for decades, blinks down upon the words. Tears fluttered out her blue hues. The words in the unpublish poems ached her once alive heart. She missed the days of when she was a young girl in a happy world before she died. "Beautifully written Borris.. Beautifully written." She uttered out with a faint smile. Even in death somethings never changed..
  7. In the vastness of the seven skies, Sierra Weiss, a departed soul, sought out her beloved sister-in-law. Spotting her in the warmth, Sierra approached, taking her hands gently. "Welcome, Sestra. You're safe now," She said, embracing her warmly. Their reunion, bathed in the light of the comforting heavens. She was sad that the woman passed, but happy to have a friendly face to join her and her family in the beauty that was Sierra. -- Upon hearing the news, A litlte Weiss seemed.. confused? What did they mean her Hauchmamej was dead? She was just there a few days ago. Reza found herself feeling a pain she hadn't felt before. One she didn't know the name of. She didn't know how to process, so the little lady would go sit with her stuffed animals in her room and try to explain what she was feeling. Her Hauchmamej was their friend too after all. Once she finished explaining she tried to do the voice of the stuffed animals and realized it didn't sound right. It frustrated her. The only person who could do the voices right was gone. She was dead. And then all at once the small child began to weep loudly, clinging to the toys.
  8. [ Lady Sierra Weiss ] The grand halls of Novkursain lay shrouded in profound silence, a rare contrast to the usual bustle of the Weiss family's daily routines. All were engaged in their busy lives, save for one exception: Lady Sierra Weiss, who rested within her chambers, battling yet another bout of ill health. Her condition had deteriorated significantly over the years, especially after the heart-wrenching loss of her beloved husband and children. Sierra had fought valiantly to hold on for the sake of her cherished family, but her body had reached its limits. After composing poignant letters to her loved ones, Sierra's chest tightened, and a raspy cough emanated from her frail form. She desperately sought the assistance of her household's servants, yet her voice failed her. Gasping for breath, she stumbled toward the door and fell to her knees. Was this the ending she desired? Weakly, she dragged herself back to her bed, determined to meet her fate with grace and dignity, sparing her family from the anguish of finding her fallen on the floor. With her last reserves of strength, she pulled herself onto the bed, her face flushed from the effort to breathe. She had been prepared for this moment for some time, and as she lay there in her final moments, a faint smile graced her lips, her memories dancing before her eyes. The memories transported her to a simpler time, a crowded family home echoing with the youthful laughter of Sierra and her siblings: Audo, Haus, and Via. In their innocence, they were a boisterous bunch, with Sierra at an age where she was not too challenging to handle. The young girl regaled her family with tales of becoming a Soldier Princesa Witch, their imaginations running wild. During those early years, Sierra had a best friend who taught her a lesson about loyalty to family. In her final moments, she wondered about Lucy and whether the girl still existed as a cursed child. Even now, Sierra could not bring herself to judge those born under unlucky stars, such as cursed beings and demons. She wondered if they felt a sense of loneliness. In her youth, she often befriended them, leading to moments of trouble that temporarily strained her relationship with her brother. Despite her youthful mistakes, her father was a constant source of guidance and support. He remained her anchor as she grew older, emphasizing the importance of family bonds. Through her trials and tribulations, she learned that blood was unbreakable, and family was a pillar of strength. Her troublesome days eventually gave way to more refined lady lessons, which transformed her into an honorable lady. Upon returning home, she discovered the beauty of love and married Carolus Colborn. This should have been the pinnacle of her life, but it was marred by the loss of her beloved father, a pain that continued to haunt her even as she lay dying in her chambers. Yet, the most painful thought was that she would leave her precious daughter, Levisa, alone in the world, a pain she had experienced firsthand and wished to spare her from. Sierra pondered whether she had done enough and whether her friends and family would remember her in a positive light or forget her, harboring resentment for her perpetual illness. As her thoughts wove through the tapestry of her life, her breaths grew slower, ushering her into a peaceful slumber. In that final moment, her mind cleared, and she saw only light. It beckoned to her like a door, and she reached for it eagerly. Upon opening it, a warm, humid breeze washed over her, making her feel young again. She stepped through and beheld the paradise her father had spoken of so many times, her namesake, Sierra. Tears welled in her eyes as she gazed upon the breathtaking scenery, resonating with the sounds of nature and the echo of her father's chuckle, sending shivers down her spine. She spun around, her eyes locking with her father's, who awaited her with a warm smile, just as he had promised. "Papej! Papej!" Sierra joyfully cried out and embraced death, rushing towards the old man with boundless love. At last, she had found her paradise, her heaven, her Sierra.
  9. [!] A missive is distributed announcing the birth of a newborn Colborn. [!] A beautiful illustration of a young baby boy in the arms of an exhausted mother [!] Issued by the County of Malkovya On this day 16th of Sun’s Smile of 134 SA Va Birodeo Herzenav ag Edlervik, After a beautiful reunion of Lord Carolus Ivan Colborn and Lady Sierra Colborn, the marriage bears the brightest of fruits. Despite an arduous labor, House Colborn is joyous to present to our kingdom and its citizenry whom was born in the early hours of the 23rd of The Grand Harvest: First-born son of the wedded couple, EDVIN FELIX COLBORN Lady Sierra Colborn currently rests under the dutiful eye of our utmost skilled Surgeon General, Euleriphis Roui. Upon the recovery of Lady Sierra Colborn, she has invited those of the families of Colborn and of Weiss to make their first introductions to the young boy. Iv Joveo Mann, His Lordship, Carolus Ivan Colborn Her Ladyship, Sierra Colborn
  10. A quiet knock sounded upon the Lady Sierra Weiss's door. She sickly breathed out a cough and sat up, her brown hues fluttering open. "Come on en!" With such a servant walked in, eyes full of dread and hands clutching a shaky letter. Sierra had missed the battle, she had fallen sick from training as her body was never strong enough for the fighting she wished to accomplish. Having spotted the servants grim expression that lady shifted out of bed with a soft cough and stumbled over. "What es et? Vy look upset.." She breathed out and gently rested a hand on the servants shoulder. "My lady.. vyr papej." Nothing more was needed to be said, Sierra felt her heart freeze and her blood run cold. She stumbled a soft step back, her brows knitting and her lips parting in shock. "Nie.." She echoed out and her hands jolted to cover her mouth, face pale from the pure shock. She ran her head to the last time she had talked to her father, they had talked about having him try an ice bath to help his muscles stay strong. He kept his promise to stop drinking for her, and he let her take care of him, he listened. He was there not too long ago and then he wasn't.. he was gone. "He was.. he was supposed to walk mea down ve aisle.. he was getting better!" She chirped out to the servant who just stared upon her with pity. "My lady.." They offered before gently hugging her and shifting out of the room. The second the door shut that poor Weiss shifted over and clicked the lock shut, trapping herself inside her room. Sierra Weiss kept herself shut away in her room, thinking of everything she had wanted to do. She stumbled to her desk and began to write and draw, trying to distract herself from the pain. It was then she remembered so many beautiful things her father had told her, and only her. She remembered the time he told her how lonely he was, and she promised she'd always be there for him.. and then she remembered his words to her when she had been hurt by a friend.. "Those who wish to keep vy from vyr family, are niet friends worth keeping. Remember that." "Vy are my blood, princes...and ea love vy, with all of ea heart. As does vyr family." "Remember this day, who came for vy, and who cast vy out." His words always meant something to her, but she never forgot those words, or the story of how she was named after such a beautiful place.. a place called Sierra. And how her papej wished to take her to see it one day. Perhaps he was there waiting for her now? Such an idea brought that poor girl to tears once more and she wailed and wailed endlessly, trapping herself in her room and barely eating. Refusing any comfort that was offered at her door, by her Sestra Veronica or any other. She couldn't handle the pain in her chest. Not yet. In her fit of tears she pulled out an art piece she had drawn with her papej when she was little, one of his eyeball with Sierra in it. With her and him sitting together, happy. She smiled shakily upon it and hugged such an old drawing to her chest and uttered words she wished she could speak to him. "Papej.. vy did enough. Ve all have grown so well ve all have purposes, because vy guided us. Vy were niet ve perfect papej..but vy were ve best papej ea could ever ask for. When ve day comes that ea eventually die.. ea want nothing more than to meet vy at ve entrance to Sierra.. until then ea'll live en be strong for vy. Spasibo for everything.. ea love vy."
  11. ☾✧――――――――――――✧☽ In the seven skies a lady had been enjoying her time, free from her troubles and enjoying watching her sons, and the daughters she had claimed for a time. Her heart ached when the first one passed, it hurt but she was overjoyed to see that beauty once more, and then pain struck again. As blue orbs landed upon the newly departed Adele, a lovely Kortrevich ran over to embrace her close, eyes fluttering closed as she held her so dear and near. "Prevja Mea Little Dove! How ea've missed vy so. Ea thank godan vy am here, but also ache to see vy." The Kortrevich, dawned in her elegant red dress, released the hug to kiss the girls forehead. "Welcome home Adele." ☾✧――――――――――――✧☽
  12. Angry at first was the young Lady Weiss. She hated that so much chaos had ensued after her brothers first day. She read the letter numerous times in her room before sighing and tucking it onto her desk. The young Sierra shifted to her dogs and crouched down, petting them with a sulk as she battled her thoughts, who she supported and what she thought of it all. And eventually she smiled to the old wolf resting upon the seat of her desk, shifting over to wrap her arms around his shoulders and burying her face into his fur. "Ea hope Audo just does his best, eam sure he will be great, because Papej trusts him."
  13. IGN: Dinochad IC NAME: Sierra Weiss AGE (What division are you competing in?): 12 - Young Teen SUPERVISOR : N/A
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