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  1. Cackling echoes up from the Edict's undercrypts in Karmesinfels. Surely, it's just the stones settling from the recent constructions and nothing more.
  2. Skins are absolutely worth more than an entire nation. Artists, don't undersell yourselves. Please take real money, instead, if you're comfortable with it. Yes, this includes for skin making and for designing a good build, or consider taking maybe Crowns instead if that still works that way. Your labor is real, the minas are not.
  3. Always good to see more varied farfolk love.
  4. A modified application is submitted, including both student and adept information. MC name: Murdervish Character Name: Sahar Tha'un Discord (Optional): You got it Race: Farfolk Age: Relatively old Do you know any magic currently?: Yes Which subject do you plan to learn?: Alchemy What subjects do you know?: Mental magic, electric evocation, cognatism Are you able to teach?: Yes, in mental and electric evocation Do you swear to abide by the rules of the academy?: Yes
  5. ᵐᵒᵒ This isn't the key to being a psychopath so much as the key to playing a largely inconsequential character whose only purpose is to move the plot along. Honestly, most of the advice feels like you're making tips for disposable ET characters rather than player characters. A psychopath doesn't just "act crazy and lose"; it's beyond me why you'd play someone that was so arrested by their disorder that they can't even function in life. If it's just a character you have on the side because you're bored, that's nice I guess, but that seems like a terribly dull character to play after like three
  6. Just wanted to confirm to those who are curious: skill cap removal at 2500 hours is not a thing this map. 



  7. Trowcroen Habitats: Any area with low inhabitation of descendants, particularly thick wilds and forests. Description: It's pretty long, so here's a spoiler Author: Murdervish LM approval needed: Nah.
  8. Sorry, meant to do this in the earlier post but forgot. I just wanted to put the lore on Metztli in contrast to this: Though it does say that it's during the world's infancy, it sounds like they had cribs and farmsteads, and it took centuries for her to finish, so Dragur is already centuries behind everyone else at least. Also, he figured his stuff out way faster than Metztli, seeing as it only took him 7 years and some to find the monkeys and Sun-Wukongize one of them, and most of that time seems to have been spent just looking for the monkeys in the first place. Perhaps b
  9. Didn't Axios belong to the elves before by lore? Did the elves get here after the Hou-Zi and before the Vailorians, or are the Hou-Zi actually not natives and landed here at some point as well? Also, kinda strange that they speak exactly like some Farfolk humans, but I guess that's a minor point.
  10. I finally posted an art thread. Like I said I would do for like 3 months, now.

  11. I'd thought about making the title more accurate and respectful, but, to be honest, the people who would benefit the most from such a guide would likely pass over "How to Roleplay Eccentricities/Mental Health Disorders/whathaveyou" compared to the more brusque "insanity" term. And, yeah, I've left out some particular "bad RP" examples, but I wanted to focus mostly on content for them to work off of, rather than "DO NOT DO THIS". Besides, after a while of listing them out, it's basically going to come down to "DON'T BE EDGY", which is kind of counter-intuitive to the first rule. The
  12. So, you want to roleplay an insane character, but you want to do it right. None of this "I'm the Joker if his parents were Dennis Rodman and Dexter". You're not an edgy. If you're called edgy, you might as well be a digital leper, because ain't nobody gonna roleplay with your mask-wearing axe-murderer. Well, if you'll accept my help, I've made a guide to help your purposes! Joy and rapture! Nevermore will you be called an edgy! Okay, sorry. That's a lie. Rule #1: Embrace the Edge You could make your mental roleplay entirely re
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