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Found 16 results

  1. THE ABDICATION OF BRASCA Issued by THE BARONY OF BRASCA It is with a clear conscience that I, Viktoria Helena af Brasca, declare my abdication of my title as Baroness of Brasca to my eldest son and heir, Jan Gaspard af Brasca. Years have passed, and amidst the turmoils of war, the time has come for my progeny to grasp the horns of the bull for themselves and step forth onto their paths, in either which way it takes them. Remember your history, my children. And make history anew. Signed, Lady Viktoria Helena af Brasca
  2. A DRUSCAN DEATH TALE Lupus ferox sicut sol ✺ The Lord of Drusco was trained and had prepared for the battle, but the burden of leadership had proven overwhelming. In his darkest moments, he sought solace through the wine that filled his cup. The Savoyard drowned himself in the familiar taste hoping that he would rid himself of his fear and trepidation. For a maudlin time, his thoughts wandered back to a summer spent beneath the trees and the joyful banter that once echoed throughout his empty halls. However, those days had faded away and now his gaze fixed onto the battlements and the enemy that approached from the south. Amidst the cacophony of clashing swords, firing of arrows, and booming sounds of siege weaponry. Edmond stood alone, his armor, once a beautiful set, had bore the marks of previous battles, and his sword stained with the blood of numerous foes. In the heat of the defence of his home, he found himself locked in an intense gaze with the King of the Dwarves. Time had seemed to stretch, the chaotic symphony of battle faded into the background as their weapons drew closer. The two had found an unspoken understanding that only one would emerge victorious from this dance of blades. The air was thick with the acrid scent of smoke, and the ground beneath their feet was uneven with the remnants of fallen comrades. The duel unfolded amidst the swirl of battle, Sigrun Stonehammer's carbarum blade clashed against the Savoyard’s blade and heavy blows from the Dwarven King had caused the lord’s blade to shatter in his hand. Edmond found himself defenseless and attempted to retreat, stumbling over the corpse of his dead guards, the ground beneath him slick with blood and mud. In an instinctive moment, he seized a nearby shield that adorned the sun of Ashford and huddled beneath it. Each strike splintered the shield piece by piece, the relentless assault tarnishing the emblem of Ashford. After enduring countless blows, the shield was left in tatters, split in two under the unrelenting force of the Dwarven King. With the shield shattered, the Savoyard gazed up at Sigrun, his final moments witnessed as the axe cleaved through the air, severing the Margrave's head in two. As Drusco's defences crumbled, the once beautiful castle fell into enemy hands. The legacy of Lord Edmond, tarnished by his descent into alcohol-fuelled despair, met its tragic ends on the battlefield. The Siege of Drusco became a somber chapter in the annals of Aevos, a cautionary tale of the perils of both Veletz and the Covenant conflict. A LETTER TO RICHOLD OF ROUEN,
  3. THE HEIR TO BRASCA Issued by THE BARONY OF BRASCA Fifteen years ago, under the reign of the late Baron George and Viktoria af Brasca, the Barony of Brasca witnessed the joyous arrival of their first children. It was a time of celebration, and amidst the festivities, a decision was made. The heirship of the household would be of a meritorious nature, to be determined when the youngest reached the age of fourteen. Today, the Barony of Brasca takes pride in announcing the heir to their household and all that it encompasses: His Lordship, Jan Gaspard af Brasca @TheHunter38 In the fifteen years since his birtth, Jan has grown into a young man of promise. By no means has he been perfect, facing many challenges along the way but he has demonstrated a commitment to change, the upkeep of his family and a genuine care for his household. We look forward to the continued growth and success of Jan, to see where he may succeed and fail alike in the tasks forth, as he goes on to carry forward the esteemed legacy of the Barony of Brasca. Signed, The Honorable, Viktoria Helena af Brasca, Baroness of Brasca, Castellan of the Courts of Winburgh
  4. ACT I - The Jungle The sun... shown its rays for the last time as the youngest Montalt trotted into the jungle's edge. The stories were true, the canopies removed all light from the world and plunged the forces of Veletz into darkness. Orders were that he was to diverge from the main party and splinter into the mountains, hopefully to catch the enemy flanks by surprise. The force carried on as planned, if only slowed down by the horses... Perhaps something was amiss- his horse had never been so frightened to buck him from his saddle, even during the thick of battle... yet all the horses seemed to remove rider- regardless they followed their orders. After hours of scaling the mountains he took pause over a large ravine with his Father, "Beautiful from up here isn't it?" Radmir asked. "Nay, as it were I'd rather be breeding cows." Philip replied. It was true, his father was known commonly in Veletz as the "Cow Count." Cow had a more literal meaning in Veletz than in Aaun, where the people ate heartily. ACT II - The Slaughter The forces began to move eastward, though the thick forces halted their advance, men seen only moments prior faded into obscurity as Radmir rode. He looked back to see many of his comrades sinking; fear took in. The very earth below their feet began to drop and men began to die before even seeing action. Was this dark magic cast by the Coalition? Most likely. But perhaps the jungle was simply more dangerous than first expected. Finally a path was spotted for the linking of the forces, and to the road the men of Veletz trotted. The forces of the Anathema spotted light on the third hour past the high sun, catching glimpse of a large fortification raised upon the open plain. "What is that?" Radmir inquired to his fellow cavalryman. "Don't you know? The Haensers have turned this into a siege. See that?" Radmir took a long glance at the horizon, the Cavalryman continued. "They erect walls instantly. As if they paid builders gems to get it done." "Ah." said Radmir in response, for he did not know what the man spoke of- but it did sound correct. "We do not engage in battle." The order was given by Radmir's commander, and the order would be followed. "Retreat and pepper them." Radmir acknowledged the merits of this order without question, and tried his best to follow. The order given, did not last long. A fight had broken off on the west flank- and men began to surge to settle it. The Montalt followed suit, striking the Duke of Aeltarys from his horse. He saw another man slain beneath his sword shortly after. But something was amiss still- he knew it since the horses, he knew it since the earth fell, and it was all too late. A surge of men and women rode towards the Western flank- one moment they were kilometers away- the next they were upon the Veletzian forces. Was this a a trick of the light? Foul Black Magic? Radmir knew not, but he followed the order to retreat. Radmir rode and returned a hail of arrows to the oncomers, he would follow the non-engagement orders. Until he saw the Captain General removed from his steed. He would defend his leader. Charge sounded as he lanced a common soldier from his horse before being struck from his own. The Montalt narrowly escaped with his life from the muddy slogging of ground troops and headed to the treeline, glancing back in dismay. Another lance struck his iron plate, the rider retreating before he could muster a counter attack. The surge carried, the light not allowing a proper vision of the enemy. Radmir moved into the forest line and attempted to return fire- but was quickly rode down. ACT III - The Return The rays of the sky faded as the clouds fell over the land and submerged the dying Montalt into darkness. His father, nowhere to be seen since the retreat was sounded. His eyes opened at once to see the stragglers of his force slaughtered as the Coalition moved forwards slaying men around him... he knew he was soon to be slain. His eyes shut, opened, shut... It was the seventh hour past the sun's height when he heard the Coalition Spearman approach upon him, he spoke a gutteral tongue only known to Radmir as the brutish language of a Valdevian. Mustering all his might he turned to his back and raised his shortsword, and his thoughts took root. Radmir was not the strongest warrior of Veletz, he knew this to be true. He was not the bravest- for why would he flee the battle if this were true. He was not even the most witty, for the Ferrymen he grew up around could banter him into the ground. Radmir was nothing, a fleeper, a young man with a vision so far away. A cold throne, once promised to him by God- taken at this field of crimson at the edge of the world. He was weak, cowardly, mildly intelligent. But he was no traitor. When given the opportunity to fight for an eight army band he chose to stay with his kinsmen even after they had lost their home, and Brasca. He rode at Westmark with the almost assurance that he would be slain. He rode into the jungles of doom- where ground fell beneath men, where horses threw their riders, where a wall had appeared from thin air. He rode because he had faith in his Captain-General. Montalt... he thought. He was the most loyal. To Gaspard. To Veletz. To Family. And as the Pikeman went to thrust Montalt's heart, a blade sliced open the man's neck. "Rise soldier. This is no place to die."
  5. THE ORDER OF THE RYCHWALD "Lest, and only, the Mad King's Whip relieve you." To those far and wide, The Order of the Rychwald is recruiting swordsmen and hunters alike, be it amateur or veterans. With the recent rank losses, bannermen are in high demand. The Order is also recruiting medics and healers. Write to Sir Andrik, Sir Fyodor, or Sir Rupert to join our ranks. Sign up format; Name: Age:
  6. Petra's Security Truly Revealed __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Why must you do this to yourselves? Why side with cowardice Haense? You undermind everything for which you have once stood for. You side with an nation of which cannot protect even themselves or their allies! You have a numerable folk, which have access to your doors. When will you learn? Who will you learn to trust? Gates alone will NOT save you from our wrath! Nor will it protect you from the cyclone of war! Even more so, it can even be, through the front door! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This very Saint's Day, you had forced us to act out in violence. We saw your defenses as a challenge that we must best. However I and my friends have bled together even before this war and will continue to strive for victory! We saw what you thought you can defend, a pitiful attempt! Though, can you trust those that are even right under your nose? One of your very own whom had keys even understood that. When will you learn you have lost? We have heard and seen it in action what Veletz is capable of. This was not just a Veletzian-Krugmar attack, it never was and never will be. You have seen what we are capable of! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ LET TODAY BE A LESSON! A group had stormed right through the front doors of Petra. How could this happen? You may ask. Their own members of their guards are so out of touch with all those fighting for their side. One of you was killed quite easily. We captured your men earlier this Saint's Day. We are proving you are not invincible! The captures will continue, you cannot and will not help your fellow man or woman. Care to explain this to everyone? We did what you thought was impossible. Who could ever turn on Petra like this? You are being warned, stop the war efforts and go home peacefully, or we WILL continue. We are masters in this aspects, and your best course of action, is to back out NOW! How many lives will it cost until you learn? We will, with deadly precision, uproot our answers! So Petra, what will it be? Stay in the war and crumble or leave and survive? One right answer and one wrong answer. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Signed by, The Petran-Haeseni Slayer
  7. The Net of Whitespire ☩ ☩ ☩ It was always a near thing, operations that required a short burst in, then a short burst out, accomplishing the objective within a brief window. Lennerd, a simple private in Blackvale’s ranks, had never undertaken such a mission before. He was not to go alone, of course, nor was he to be relied on for much. Well, just one thing… “Lennard. I hear that you are the surest catcher in all of Tiel. Stories of the time that you caught all of Miss Jette’s fruit when she dropped them during the market. I will give you the opportunity to prove that yourself. You are to be put under one of my most loyal men, Ivan of Arpa. My cousin Hendrik has summoned him and a group of orcs to partake in a covert operation. Aaun has betrayed us. Whitespire is weak. We must strike while we have the opportunity.” Lennerd was a poor boy from a small market town. His meeting with Sir Gaspard was the first and only time he had seen a man of such a stature. Proud in action, despite the state of the war. Strong in tone, despite the many cruelties that he had suffered. What awed Lennerd the most was his resolve and strength. Even in these dark days for the League, the Captain-General’s mind worked at a pace he had not seen before. The fear in Lennerd’s heart was great. His devotion to his liege was greater. And so it was that he and an orc, a giant, fat olog named Brug, waited at the base of Whitespire during a rainy, cold morning. Each held the opposite ends of a giant net. Lennerd was no small man himself, he weighed more stone than any other in Tiel, but he felt dwarfed by even the smallest orc on the march over. They were loud, boisterous, sure of themselves in a way he never was. Brug, for all the wits he lacked, could at least notice this. As they climbed to the base of the great tower, the seat of the King of Aaun, Brug hummed a merry tune. It calmed Lennerd’s nerves for what was to come. As the minutes went on, he could hardly see, much less hear, the men and orcs that had stormed the tower. The guards of the city had been unaware of their movements, nor had the general citizenry awoken yet, but still Lennard feared what would happen if even one person crossed the bridge over to the tower the whole operation would be blown. The anxiety in his heart grew and grew as each minute ticked by. Then, when it seemed like it had gone on for so long that the raid had blundered in some way, Lennerd heard the call. “LENNERD! BRUG! THE NET!” It was Ivan’s voice. The two looked up and scrambled to unfurl the net and stretch it out when they saw it: boats flying through the air, each with a parachute breaking its descent somewhat. One snapped, sending a group of men plummeting into the sea to meet their deaths from such a height. Lennerd thought he saw a bishop’s crozier go with it, though he had only heard of such things. The others kept aloft, but it seemed that they were drifting out towards the sea. “Uhhh…. Hurry!” Lennerd’s voice broke as he yelled to Brug. The olog got the message and began to wade out some into the shallow sea. Lennerd moved slower, along small rocks that he could find his footing on. He and Brug were the backup’s backup, only needed if the worst happened. Now, the worst was here. The man felt that he was going to vomit, as the fortune of this whole raid now rested on the shoulders of him and an olog who couldn’t count to three. But then, fortune broke in favor of Lennerd. The winds that had carried the fleeing boat-parachutes north ceased, and without it beneath them the boats simply drifted straight down. Right into the awaiting net. It was a brilliant catch, and Lennard and Brug could not help but cheer, for King John of Aaun and the High Pontiff were both snagged! Their flight, in both meanings, had been cut short by the movers of destiny that they claimed to have at their backs. Just as the king’s guards were about to hop out, perhaps to do battle to save the King and the Pontiff, Bo Amador and Warboss Apek, leader of the orcish contingent there, quickly scaled down Whitespire. It was as if they were climbing a rope, so fluid and peerless was their dexterity. Shocking the Aaunish soldiers into surrender, for they could see more soldiers quickly making their way down the wall after the two, no further fight needed to be had. Apek had carried chains during his descent, a show of strength as well as intelligence, for he soon had the soldiers shackled. The King of Aaun and the Pontiff were shown better treatment, and they were escorted to a small rowboat by Bo and a few of his soldiers. The return to Veletz was swift and without problem. It was as if the world had stood still for several hours. For his part, Lennerd was paid enough coin to allow him to buy a farm outside Tiel and marry his longtime village sweetheart, a cobbler’s daughter named Mariet. Brug was given a lifetime’s supply of roasted pig to eat, which he consumed in full within a month.
  8. I pen this public missive after my children have been put to bed. Even now, I am sure they garner no sleep, as I hear their hushed and worried whispers of what shall happen next Saints day. Your leadership will tell you that you need worry not, the children and non-combatants will be elsewhere during the fight, but is it not your intentions to annex the entirety of Veletz? It is said my children, and others children can simply go elsewhere. But wherever shall they go? What shall be said next should those of you, of the Covenant, shall make it to the Capital? What words will be spewed, and what excuses to GOD be said as you cut down my children should they run out of places to go? What shall be said next if those of you who claim to be GOD-fearing render my children homeless? If I should fall, they will be orphaned. The next words that will spew forth that Veletz is Anathema, but if you look closely upon the Pontiffs bull, it is a specific few people. I am baptized, as are my children. We love GOD dearly. Other words I’d heard were the war is because Veletz houses the Ferrymen, but is it not a known fact that many a nation has done so in the past? If this truly were the only reason, the war would of stopped at Breakwater. And yet, there are more words, more excuses for the taking of homes and families. It is claimed that Veletz harbors the Undead. The very Undead who slaughtered my husband at a masquerade gone awry some years ago now. It was not Petra who helped I then, as I knelt before the blood stained floor of our keep. It was Veletz. It was Sir Gaspard van Aert, riding to my door with his men, asking how he can help. A promise was made to my husband before his untimely death, and a promise was kept. He took us in, in what was meant to be a temporary time, soon turned permanent. He offered us a home. Succor. Friendship. And it was not him alone. The soldiers, the people, the citizens. Every single one of them had been endlessly welcoming, providing a home that I have been honored to raise my children in. I’ve seven in total. My last count of children in Veletz overall numbers fifteen in total. I ask this of you, those who deign to read the public missive of a woman seeking a moral decision, What shall be said next? GOD WILLING, THE HONORABLE, Viktoria Helena af Brasca, Baroness of Brasca
  9. The Baroness of Brasca, donned in mourning blacks after the death of her husband. The widow peered upon her recently finished home. Thirty-seven years of age, married all of two years and in war for a majority of the time she’d been alive. Her first memory was of running about the refugee camps at the edges of Aaun with her eldest brother, Istvan. They chased after a Goat, intent on capturing the animal. And then her next primary memory was the end of the world as she knew it, and she and her family traded one refugee camp for another; Savoy. Brutality. Grief. Horror. It all became a never-ending cycle in the Ivanovich life. The next place she’d come to be with her family is Aaun, building up their community of Raevirs in the Duchy of Stran. She was warded off in what felt like a moment, and then she was moving again, this time to Whitespire in which she lived in their palace and wondered what her family was doing now. And then another move. This one her choice. She’d come to fall in love with a man, his heart large, his smile jovial. George Marc af Brasca. They’d met through letter and familial connection initially, letters that have faded with how many times she has read them over, clutched close in hand. He’d eventually come to ask to court her, and was given three trials and three trials he did. And so she married him, bore four beautiful children and fostered three more. And then he was dead just like that, cruelly taken by the machinations of Deadmunds deadmen. The very next day, a light shown in the form of a man she’d only spoken to once or twice before then. Sir Gaspard van Aert, Captain-General of Veletz. He came with his men, riding into her late husbands lands, and speaking of a promise he made to her now late husband. He will protect Viktoria, and their children in the event of an untimely death. So they left, packing what little they could carry upon their back. Only later would she hear that Petra heard of the happenings, believing the harried widow to have been kidnapped and thus opted to do nothing upon this belief. Their visit was meant to be temporary, until it wasn’t. Veletz provided a home, one welcoming to both her and her children - it provided safety, happiness, something more that she’d never thought to seek out. Some years passed, and her smiles grew more frequent, watching her children grow and begin to come into their own. And then war came again. One she wished not for her children to see. A siege. And now another. Those of the Covenant sought to take the newly gotten home from a widow and her seven children. And thus the widow, with a heart aching in sorrow and pain, broke her promise. One promised to her mother so many years ago. One to never pick up a blade, nor a weapon. And a sword rose, sharp and weighing heavy in her hands. “For vy, y dzieckos, y will fight.”
  10. THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE KEEP OF MARCEVNA Issued by The Baroness of Brasca There has been 744 dead in the construction of the Keep of Marcevna and 153 injured. With great joy and pride, we announce the completion of the Marcevna Keep, named after the late Baron George Marc af Brasca as a symbol of strength and unity within that of Veletz. The final stone has been laid, and the crimson and obsidian banners now proudly dance in the wind, declaring the fortress's readiness to stand tall in the annals of our noble history. We express our gratitude for the dedicated workers who contributed to the creation of our new home. In honor of remembering those lost during the process, a vigil has been organized to honor their memory and acknowledge the challenges faced. May the vigil offer solace and a sense of togetherness during these difficult times. Signed, The Honorable, Viktoria Helena af Brasca, Baroness of Brasca, Castellan of the Courts of Winburgh
  11. THE HIRING OF MARCEVNA Issued by The Baroness of Brasca With the recent construction of the Keep of Marcevna coming to a finish upon the lands of Brasca, employment opportunities are being offered to the people of Winburgh and to those willing to embark on a new journey to join our noble household. Our employment opportunities come complete with a modest salary, alongside room and board. Listed below are the positions the household is seeking to fulfill, and what all it may entail: The Hostler of Marcevna The Hostler's position consists of the managing of the Marcevna stables and pens. This consists of the feeding and caretaking of animals, assuring they get the best of care and the Keep stays well-supplied in animal goods. Maids and Butlery The positions of maids and butlery alike are a more general role within the Keep. Their work consists of serving guests, alongside assuring the cleanliness and day to day maintenance of the keep. If you find yourself with interest as to these positions, you may send a bird via aviary to schedule an interview with the Baroness Viktoria af Brasca. Signed, The Honorable, Viktoria Helena af Brasca, Baroness of Brasca, Castellan of the Courts of Winburgh
  12. The sharp winds of the desert fly past the Targoths shoulders as he rides his great Lur Wolf This is held as a warning to those who think they may reside within the boundaries of the holy desert with no payment, no tribute, and no respect. Today is the day that many have rethought their underestimations of the Iron Horde and the great Veletz. Today is the day the Horde captured 500 Hyspians straight from their city, as their King, not even bothered to come save them, set for Veletz with his Haenseni zkah-friends. A day of victory that will be remembered as the day that set the Orcs back into motion, a day that set the Orcs officially on a straightened path. Though Hyspia and Haense planned to hold no mercy or honor, all 500 Hyspians were set free, with the punishment of a brand of my clan burned into their foreheads. So hear my words, Cesar II. Those 500 Hyspians and Warriors that I call sheep were all too small to hunt for the likes of my wolves. Leave these lands, pick up all those ugly bricks you have placed, and lay home somewhere else. For my great power, given to me by the Rex as I am Targoth, will smite all Hyspians from the holy land. Men and women will be slain or put to work, and though children are the future, they will be met with our culture instead of yours, and so; Your culture will fall to extinction. GLOZAG’VOTAR! SIGNED, Rex Grommash Rex of the Iron Horde, Speaker for the Iron Horde, Goth ob San’Briu. Targoth Grimruk’Lur Targoth of the Krug’hai, Wargoth of Clan Lur.
  13. PEACE AND BLESSINGS VICESIMUS TERTIUS AUREA BULLA JORENUS Twenty-Third Golden Bull of Jorenus 3rd of Horen’s Calling, 1952 F.A | 3rd of Snow’s Maiden, 156 S.A.| 3rd of Wzuvar and Byvca, 505 E.S. HIS HOLINESS SIXTUS VI, High Pontiff of the Church of the Canon, Archbishop of Visigia, Successor of the High Priesthood of the Church, Supreme Pontiff of the Church of True Faith, Keeper of the Canon, Missionary to Aeldin, High Servant to the Exalted's Testaments, Humble Servant of the Faithful and Vicar of GOD does decree… TABLE OF CONTENTS ┏━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┓ SECTION I - Opening Prayer SECTION II - College Appointments SECTION III - Curia Appointments SECTION IV - Diocesan Appointments SECTION V - Marriage Dissolution SECTION VI - On the Ferrymen SECTION VII - Venerations SECTION VIII - Beatification ┗━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┛ SECTION I - OPENING PRAYER Almighty God, our Heavenly Father, whose word lasts into the eve of the world, we ask that You illume us, forgive the trespasses of those who have sinned against Your Virtue, and bless those who have been true and devoted to Your mission. The Canonist flock are assailed by trials and tribulations on many sides, Heavenly Father. We pray for the flock of Haense, whose warmth of spirit is being frozen by a never-ending winter and ask that You bless them with the thaw of spring. We pray for the flock of the midlands, of Numendil, Petra and Veletz, for they are troubled by the likes of Vampires, Azdrazi and wicked Magi, and ask that You cast down these threats to the faithful. We pray for the flock of Aaun, whose King lies hurt and bedridden after an evil man tried to bereave him of life, and ask that you bless their ruler with good health. And we pray for the flock of Balian, whose royal family was broken after the sacrament of marriage was severed, and ask that you console them. Above all however, Heavenly Father, we pray that these hardships bring us together as family, and that Your faithful are strengthened by enduring them. Amen. SECTION II - COLLEGE APPOINTMENTS It is through our Apostolic Right, bestowed unto us through the Laurel derived from the Exalted that we make these affirmations, alterations, and additions to the College of Cardinals. We decree the College to be thus: TMR, His Eminence, Fr. Antonius Cardinal Artorus TMR, His Eminence, Fr. Josef Cardinal Jorenus TMR, His Eminence, Fr. Matthias Cardinal Lotharia TMR, His Eminence, Fr. Brandt Cardinal Albarosa TRR, His Eminence, Fr. Stanislaw Cardinal Westerwald TRR, His Eminence, Fr. Odo Cardinal Gelimar SECTION III - CURIA APPOINTMENTS It is through our Apostolic Right, bestowed unto us through the Laurel derived from the Exalted that we make these affirmations, alterations, and additions to the Curia. We decree the Curia to be thus: Vice Chancellor, His Eminence, Matthias Cardinal Lotharia Auditor of the Tribunal, His Eminence, Stanislaw Cardinal Westerwald Secretariat to His Holiness, His Eminence, Josef Cardinal Jorenus Prelate of the Priesthood, His Eminence, Antonius Cardinal Artorus Pontifical Chamberlain, His Eminence, Brandt Cardinal Albarosa Commandant of the Pontifical Guard, His Eminence, Odo Cardinal Gelimar SECTION IV - DIOCESAN APPOINTMENTS It is through our Apostolic Right, bestowed unto us through the Laurel derived from the Exalted that we appoint the following members of the priesthood to shepherd and be pastor of the Church’s Archdioceses and Dioceses: ARCHDIOCESE OF ALBAROSA To be shepherded by Archbishop Brandt Cardinal Albarosa DIOCESE OF BURON To be shepherded by Bishop Frantzisko DIOCESE OF GELIMAR To be shepherded by Bishop Odo Cardinal Gelimar DIOCESE OF ST. EMMA To be shepherded by Bishop Alexios DIOCESE OF ANDRIKEV To be shepherded by Bishop Amleth DIOCESE OF TYRIA To be shepherded by Bishop Mattia SECTION V - MARRIAGE DISSOLUTION Matrimony is a most Holy sacrament, granted by GOD through his clergymen that serve the flock. However while the union created between a man and a woman through the sacrament of Matrimony is meant to be an eternal one, sometimes the situation causes the Church to have to intervene, for one reason or another, through an official dissolution of the pair’s union. Today, We perform such once more, as It is through Our Apostolic Right, bestowed unto Us through the Laurel derived from the Exalted that We officially dissolve the union of Adrian of Balian and Andromeda Ester, on the grounds of abandonment and denouncement through Andromeda’s departure from Balian and her disloyalty to and forsaking of Adrian after many years of an unhappy marriage, and the struggle of the latter to make said marriage work. We wish that GOD grant mercy to this separated couple in the next chapters, and We request that they seek Our approval before once again receiving the sacrament of matrimony. SECTION VI - ON THE FERRYMEN Recently we called for the warriors and knights of Canondom to assemble and ride with us to Veletz and Haense. The reason was that the Ferrymen had sought to make their return by kidnapping a pregnant woman, the Princess Sibyl, heir to the Kingdom of Balian. We hereby condemn the actions of the Ferrymen and declare them EXCOMMUNICATED and ANATHEMA. No service or sacrament is to be given to any of their members by any member of the clergy. They reside outside the law of both the Church and secular realms, with their rights forfeited. If any of their members consider themselves Canonists, they may individually seek me out for their penance. We wish to make something very clear; that actions like these are a slight against the Canonist family and they cannot stand. One cannot be a Ferryman or aid a Ferryman and consider themselves a Canonist. Ferrymen cannot live a Canonist life because their lifestyle blasphemes GOD. The age of terrorist behavior like what was displayed by these bandits is done. The Ferrymen as a group laid dead in the dust for a while now and we prefer they remain dead. Their actions have proven that the Canonist League was right in claiming that the Ferrymen reside in Veletz, for they have shown themselves to use the Mareno keep as a base of operations. We say thus to Captain-General Gaspard of the League of Veletz; evict these men and declare them banished, else you aid these terrorists and shall be considered one of them rather than a good Canonist and be likewise declared excommunicated and anathema. We have also seen that a band of Orcs came to the aid of the Ferrymen - for which we admonish the Rex. Let there be no confusion; the Ferrymen are not some sort of lovable rogues who fight a just cause against the remnants of an oppressive Orenian Empire. They are bandits, criminals, killers: terrorists, who make up excuses for supposed heroism while taking a pregnant and innocent woman from her home and threatening to kill her. Let there be no confusion also of the nature of the intervention that happened to try to negotiate the princess’ release; it was not an invasion of Veletz or Ferrymen territory by Haense. The King of Haense, the Admiral of Balian and the Grandmaster of the Order of Saint Jude were there under our banner. We take full responsibility. This was a Canonist mission of liberation inside of Canonist lands. So we say to the Ferrymen; do not try to spin this as some sort of unjust act of war where you are the victims. We thank our good and devout Canonist faithful for heeding the call and coming together as one big family in an attempt to free our sister in GOD from these wicked men. As of right now it is unclear what has happened to her, some say she lives and some say she was killed. Regardless, we shall pray for her soul and her wellbeing and that of her unborn child. Blessed are those who are persecuted for their righteousness, for theirs is the Kingdom of God. SECTION VII - VENERATIONS It is through Our Apostolic Right, bestowed unto Us through the Laurel derived from the Exalted that We affirm the following venerations: VENERABLE HENRY ALSTION Prince Henry Alstion was deemed Venerable as per decision of a Curia meeting held under our predecessor Sixtus V for his lifelong commitment to the Church - first as a layman, later as a deacon - and the role he played in ensuring peace among Canondom by ending the long-term war between the Duchy of Adria and the Canonist League. VENERABLE FATHER ARMAND Cardinal-Archbishop Armand of Lotharia is made venerable for his efforts in spearheading the crusade on the Azdrazi heralds of Azdromoth, the role he has played in combating the forces of evil in general, serving the Church faithfully as Auditor for decades and his invaluable contributions to the Magic Commission. VENERABLE KING CHARLES I OF AAUN King Charles of Aaun is made venerable in recognition for his unwavering loyalty to the Church and defense of our most holy institution throughout his lengthy life and reign. His legacy of devotion to the Church among the population of Aaun can be felt to this day and the importance of him standing up for the Canonist Church when an alliance led by Sedan threatened to schism over the issue of investiture cannot be denied. SECTION VIII - BEATIFICATION It is through Our Apostolic Right, bestowed unto Us through the Laurel derived from the Exalted that We affirm the following beatification: BLESSED SISTER CALLIOPE Sister Calliope Renata of Merryweather was a nun hailing from the House of Alstreim who joined the Church’s sisterhood in the Principality of Savoy. Aside from her service to the Church and her Faithful, she is beatified for the miracle she is believed to have performed at the Duchy of Reinmar in Haense in 1943. The Duchy was attacked by a band of undead led by a necromancer, who set the lands of the Duke ablaze and slaughtered his animals. After the attack, the Duke went to a chapel and prayed to Sister Calliope for intercession, upon which he saw a vision of the nun. After leaving the chapel, it was apparent that - miraculously - the damage the undead’s fire and blades had done to the Duchy had been reversed as if nothing had happened. THE HOLY MOTHER CHURCH OF THE CANON Under GOD maintained by His Holiness Sixtus VI THE COLLEGE OF CARDINALS ANTONIUS CARDINAL ARTORUS Archdiocese of Artorus JOSEF CARDINAL JORENUS Patriarchate of Jorenus MATTHIAS CARDINAL LOTHARIA Archdiocese of Lotharia BRANDT CARDINAL ALBAROSA Archdiocese of Albarosa STANISLAW CARDINAL WESTERWALD Diocese of Westerwald ODO CARDINAL GELIMAR Diocese of Gelimar THE CURIA MATTHIAS CARDINAL LOTHARIA Vice-Chancellor of the Church of the Canon STANISLAW CARDINAL WESTERWALD Auditor of the Tribunal of the Church of the Canon JOSEF CARDINAL JORENUS Pontifical Secretary of the Church of the Canon ANTONIUS CARDINAL ARTORUS Prelate of the Priesthood of the Church of the Canon BRANDT CARDINAL ALBAROSA Pontifical Chamberlain of the Church of the Canon ODO CARDINAL GELIMAR Commandant of the Pontifical Guard CANONIST DIOCESES PATRIARCHATE OF JORENUS, THE HOLY SEE Encompassing the entirety of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and surrounding territories, to be shepherded by Patriarch Josef Cardinal Jorenus DIOCESE OF ANDRIKEV, encompassing all the lands east of the river Lahy, to be shepherded by Amleth Bishop Andrikev. DIOCESE OF WESTERWALD, encompassing all the lands west of the river Lahy, to be shepherded by Stanislaw Bishop Westerwald ARCHDIOCESE OF ALBAROSA Encompassing the eastern region of Aevos, including the lands of the United Kingdom of Aaun, the Commonwealth of Petra, and the surrounding territories, to be shepherded by Archbishop Brandt Cardinal Albarosa DIOCESE OF BURON, encompassing all the lands east of the mountains, to be shepherded by Francis Bishop Buron DIOCESE OF CITREA, encompassing all the lands west of Saint Daniel’s Crossing, to be shepherded by Callahan Bishop Citrea DIOCESE OF GELIMAR, encompassing all the lands west of the mountains, to be shepherded by Odo Bishop Gelimar ARCHDIOCESE OF ARTORUS Encompassing the central region of Aevos, including the lands of the Kingdom of Númendil, the Veletz League, and surrounding territories, to be shepherded by Archbishop Antonius Cardinal Artorus DIOCESE OF AQUILA, encompassing the entirety of the Kingdom of Númendil, to be shepherded by Pious Bishop Aquila DIOCESE OF ST. EMMA, encompassing the entirety of the League of Veletz, to be shepherded by Alexios Bishop St. Emma ARCHDIOCESE OF LOTHARIA Encompassing the south-western region of Aevos, including the lands of the Kingdom of Balian and surrounding territories, to be shepherded by Archbishop Matthias Cardinal Lotharia DIOCESE OF TYRIA, encompassing the entirety of the Kingdom of Balian, to be shepherded by Mattia Bishop Tyria. ☩ EST CYCLUS, NON MUTATIO ☩ IT IS A CYCLE, NOT CHANGE
  14. THE COURTS OF WINBURGH; STARTED ANEW FOEDUS VELEC In the year 18 of the Age of Rights and the Age of Reckoning “Elegance is not a dispensable luxury but a factor that decides between success and failure.” ✠ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ BY THE UNWAVERING AUTHORITY OF THE STATE AND THE REPUBLICAN MANDATE BESTOWED UPON THE ILLUSTRIOUS CHAMBER OF HEIDMEN, WE HEREBY ISSUE THIS IMPERIOUS MISSIVE, RESONATING WITH THE EMINENT VIRTUES OF HONOR, DUTY, LIBERTY, FRATERNITY, VALOR, AND WISDOM. WITH THIS COMMUNICATION, WE ENLIGHTEN THY READER UPON THE INTRICACIES OF STATECRAFT AND UNVEIL THE CURRENT AFFAIRS THAT ENGAGE OUR SOVEREIGN REALM. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ LO unto the Heartlands, With great pride and esteemed anticipation, we herald a new beginning in the halls of our cherished castle, formerly known as the Courts of St. Emalyne under the rule of the Duchy of Adria. Today, it is with a deep sense of purpose that we announce the naming of our courts - the Courts of Winburgh. This name befits not only the land of Veletz but its noble people. Under this new name, our courts come under a new jurisdiction, brimming with roles that fit the stature of our homeland. It is our profound hope to see the Courts of Winburgh flourish under this banner of change and renewal. To this end, we invite the denizens of Veletz to fill these key positions as we usher in an age of prosperity and cultural distinction. ________________ The Castellan of the Courts The overseer of our beloved castle, overseeing all its daily affairs. They are tasked with coordinating the castle staff, ensuring harmony within the courts, and nurturing the cultural heritage of Veletz, from etiquette to scholarly works and grand celebrations. The Chaplain of the Courts The Court Chaplain is charged with the sanctity of faith within our beloved courts. Their duties align themselves with the responsibility of baptisms, hosting courtly masses, and providing ecclesiastical guidance as needed to the nobility of the League. The Almoner of the Courts The custodian of courtly meals and alms, the Almoner is charged with overseeing kitchen preparations and serving staff. In a broader sense, they too provide for the townsfolk, collaborating closely with the Court Chaplain in the providing of alms for the ill and poor, as well as organizing the foodstuffs given out from the castle on feast days. The Keeper of the Hounds The Keeper of the Hounds is a position as old as the House van Aert itself; first held by the de Vilains, later breakers of Oren, the position of organizing hunts, caring for the Ducal family’s bloodhounds and maintaining the balance of Veletz’s wildlife has long held a special place in the League’s courts. The Chamberlain of the Courts The Court Chamberlain is the curator of Veletzian fashion and culture, tasked with researching and promoting the rich history of Veletzian attire and cultural heritage. ________________ Deputies of the Castle The Castle Deputies are appointed on a case-by-case basis to assist the courtly council in its myriad tasks, ranging from missive drafting to meeting arrangements, and timely deliveries to acting as hosts. Wards of the Castle A Ward of the castle is a promising individual under the age of eighteen, seeking to learn and grow within the courts. Often chosen from the pastoral nobility, they are assigned to a council member and given tasks to build experience, with the promise of a formal position upon coming of age. Servantry of the Castle A diverse group of individuals including hostlers, maids, and gardeners, dedicated to maintaining the castle’s cleanliness and upkeep, and tending to its needs with diligence. In this new chapter of the Courts of Winburgh, we look forward to welcoming those who wish to be part of our vibrant and evolving community. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ GOD WILLING, HIS GRACE, Gaspard of the House van Aert, Captain-General of the League of Veletz, Duke of Middelan, Bannerlord of Velec, Protector of the Midlanders THE HONORABLE, Viktoria Helena af Brasca, Baroness of Brasca, Lady Castellan to the Courts of Winburgh
  15. THE FIFTH NAMEDAY OF CRESSIDA AF BRASCA Issued by The Baronial Household af Brasca On the 17th year of the Age of Rights and Age of Reckoning. It is with immense joy and pride that we, the Baronial Household af Brasca, extend our most cordial invitation in joining us in celebrating the fifth nameday of our youngest daughter, Cressida Natasya af Brasca. As she has grown, she has begun to embody the finest qualities one would wish to see in a young lady of their household. To honor this special occasion, we have chosen a theme that holds a special place in Cressida's heart - Blossoming Gardens. We welcome all who appreciate the splendor of Veletz's gardens and the wonders of nature to partake in this celebration. The Festivities The festivities will commence within the city of Winburghs castle situated within Veletz. Here, our young lady will be introduced to those in attendance. Following the introductions, a series of activities await, including a communal effort to plant gardens, a session of molding soap into intricate shapes, musical chairs and a simple game of ‘Pin the Petal onto the Rose.’ A City-Wide Scavenger Hunt After the games, an exciting city-wide scavenger hunt will unfold. Participants shall be urged to explore the city in search of hidden chests. The one who uncovers them all first will be crowned the victor! As the scavenger hunt concludes, we invite you to present gifts to the birthday girl. Consider items with pleasant scents, floral themes, or perhaps books on herbs and gardening, in homage to her love for nature and the gardens. [Friday, Nov 10th, 5pm EST/10pm GMT] Signed, The Honorable, Viktoria Helena af Brasca, Baroness of Brasca Her Ladyship, Cressida Natasya af Brasca
  16. THE FIFTH NAMEDAY OF THE BRASCAN TWINS Issued by The Baronial Household af Brasca On the 16th year of the Age of Rights and Age of Reckoning. It is with immense joy and pride that we, the Baronial Household af Brasca, invite you to join us in celebrating the fifth nameday of our beloved twins, Jan Gaspard af Brasca and Andrik Pierre af Brasca. As they have grown, they've begun to embody the finest qualities of both their parents, exemplifying their mother's wit and their father's unwavering commitment to honor and chivalry. To mark this momentous occasion, we've chosen a theme close to our hearts - the Knights of Aevos. We invite knights and noble souls from near and far to make themselves known at this event based on chivalry and honor. Fun and Games The celebrations will commence at the Winburgh castle in Veletz, where the young lords will be introduced to those in attendance. Following the introductions, a series of lively games will ensue, including familiar favorites such as Pin the Dagger on the Spookman, musical chairs, hide and seek, and a surprise game made by the Baronial Household for this very occasion. A Celebratory Tournament After the games, a tournament will unfold within the Veletzian tourney grounds. The participants will engage in duels, vying for victory in a single-elimination style. The individual who emerges victorious will be granted a substantial prize of 150 minas! Upon the closure of the tournament, we encourage you to present gifts to the birthday boys. Consider items such as those used by a Page or Squire, books on the art of war, chivalry, and honor, or hats to put upon the head! [Saturday, Nov 4th, 5pm EST/9pm GMT] Signed, The Honorable, Viktoria Helena af Brasca, Baroness of Brasca His Lordship, Jan Gaspard af Brasca His Lordship, Andrik Pierre af Brasca
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