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  1. Peter, Wilhelm's previous wife's little brother, gasped and he looked at the missive with a frown "This man has no shame, has he?" he murmurred to himself
  2. Johann Ludovar smiled from the sky "That's my boy!" he said, proud of his ward.
  3. Peter smiled widely hearing the news "THEY DID IT!" He cheered, for a second he was about to go search for Laurelai to be excited together with her, then he rememberred he doesn't remember how to contact her.
  4. Perked a brow as he read the missive in interest. Quickly he mounted his horse to meet two of his friends. He gathered them together and pulled the missive with a small smirk "what do you say?" He asked @tcs_tonsils_ @Capt_Chief26
  5. sitting on the edge of the dock with his fishing rod, the young Jakob Vernhart shook his head with a deep sigh. He looked to the sky and wondered by himself "How can we save our people when the roots of toxicity run so deep and hide so well between our ranks?" he asked himself before a feeling of nausea took over him, he quickly collected his tools and went back to his house to rest.
  6. Johann Ludovar smiles from the sky to his daughter and gives her a tumbs up at her hard work
  7. Jakob Vernhart sat on his chair in front of his table. his head resting on his hand, grabbing his hair tightly. The loud boy who used to jump around and try make friends grew to be a distant, cold, and calculated man. But his heart was still with his parents. He was mad at the world but never at them, he knew they were not at fault. He never showed weakness, he never wavered, but when he heard of his parents' illnesses. Only then... only then his cold poker face and brief calculated smiles broke, only then he really felt shaken. He knew his mother's situation, but he also knew he could not handle it. And it scared him. He distanced himself further, doing his best to not react when she spoke to him and tried to prepare him. He gave short answers brushing it off. Was it a mistake? Regret took over him. Should he have spoken to her more? Was he supposed to let her know how he really feels? Looking back, one part of his heart told him he should, but the other was too scared to show his real emotions. It has been so long since he last did... 'What am I even supposed to do now?' He asked himself, finally lifting his head. He looked to the ceilings left only with questions, confusion, and regret.
  8. So, I don't know if has been brought up before, but it has been really bothering me how hard it is to use the forums from the phone, the menu is a bit hard to navigate through, when you try to press on a topic so it will take you to the link on many sub forums it doesn't do anything or takes you to write a new post instead, and lacks things from the computer version, on top of that the buttons above that lead to that menu and such are covered by the logo so it most of the time makes you press on the logo instead of the buttons and takes you to the home page. I personally like browsing through my phone much better than through my computer (in general, not specifically here) so how unaccessible the forum is through the phone bugs me a lot. It would be amazing if you could make the phone version more accessible and easier to navigate. Thanks a lot for your time!
  9. Johann Ludovar smiles proudly from the skies, seeing his daughter, his heir, takes his place once again.
  10. The ten years old prince blinked in confusion when he saw the age requirement
  11. Night sky fantasy robe NathanCr#8314 Raijenstars
  12. Peter was EXCITED for his brother's wedding!!
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