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  1. Jakob Vernhart sighed deeply "I guess it is partially my fault for leaving before the rift between the people was fixed. I hope the current king learns from the mistakes of all the kings before him, and finally focus on the real enemy of the kingdom, which, is not a person nor a family. I wish the people of Haense good luck"
  2. Invitations for the families were sent without the need for formalities Peter bursted into laughter "Perhaps a bigger barrel will be needed"
  3. The Royal Union Dear citizens and allies of Sedan, we are pleased to announce the wedding of the Lord Regent, Prince Peter De Joannes, and her ladyship Niamh Baruch. The Principality of Sedan invites all citizens and allies to celebrate with us the happy event. Formal invitations were extended to: His Royal Majesty, Karl III, King of Hanseti-Ruska His Royal Majesty, Bakir Ireheart , King of Urguan His Royal Majesty, John I , King of Balian His Highness, Loran von Draco, Prince of Mardale Her Grace, Renilde I, Archduchess of Petra Further invitations were extended to friends of the groom and bride: Wilhelm Barclay Sebastien Colborn Josefina Barclay Anastasia Colborn Anabel Colborn Virion of Cherskavy Llora Soltee Emma Ludovar Allyssa Colborn Signed, His Highness, Peter Johann De Joannes, Lord Regent of Sedan, Prince of Sedan, Head of the Fredrick Library, Head Medic of Sedan Her Ladyship, Niamh Ainsley Baruch
  4. Jakob Vernhart let out a small chuckle reading the missive "Too bad he wasn't there to see a mere acolyte playing GOD trying to send a nation into a war with another just because they are not all canonists and call slave to anyone who disagrees with him."
  5. The Start of a Regency Issued & Confirmed by The council of Sedan On the 5nd of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1894 Dear Citizens, As the crown has been passed down to the next generation, Prince Robert ( @Blake0205 ) , the rightful heir decided to step down and give the throne to his younger brother, Frederick II ( @outcook ) , due to his disability. Since the new Sovereign Prince is still too young to rule, it has been decided his uncle, Prince Peter, will take the mantle of Lord Regent until the Sovereign Prince reaches adulthood and is ready to rule. We are looking forward to Sedan’s future under the rule of Fredrick II, and hope our citizens and allies will as well. Signed, HIS Serene Highness, Frederick II, by the Grace of God, Sovereign Prince of Sedan, Count of Joannesport, Louisville, Haverlock and Dobern, Viscount of Fauconberg, Baron of Avoria, Ponce and Pyrmont, Protector and Lord of the Valley of Goats, the Haikaprier, etcetera. HIS Highness, Peter Johann de Joannes, Lord Regent of Sedan, Head-Librarian of the Frederick Library, Head medic of Sedan’s clinic. HIS Highness, Robert Therosius de Joannes, Prince of Sedan
  6. Peter De Joannes showed this missive to his brother shouting "give me a queeeeest! I am going to be last if this keeps up!" he pouted, tho he was also proud of his friend. @Javert
  7. Raijen Stars heard the news of his teacher passing away. Memories started running through his head, the first time they met, how she offered him to join the clinic and gave him hobby and purpose, not just to him but to his friends who were like his family as well. She always cared for them and treated them with kindnss... The time Isabella found out Emma is getting married and they started to embarrass her in class calling her her majesty, and their one last class when he was finally trained as combat medic. He caught his chest with his hand as tears started flowing. Maybe the age made him weaker, not able to cope with the loss as well. Or maybe she was just much more important than he ever thought. "Farewell my teacher. You will be forever remember as the best teacher, queen, and friend I could ever ask for."
  8. Peter, Wilhelm's previous wife's little brother, gasped and he looked at the missive with a frown "This man has no shame, has he?" he murmurred to himself
  9. Johann Ludovar smiled from the sky "That's my boy!" he said, proud of his ward.
  10. Peter smiled widely hearing the news "THEY DID IT!" He cheered, for a second he was about to go search for Laurelai to be excited together with her, then he rememberred he doesn't remember how to contact her.
  11. Perked a brow as he read the missive in interest. Quickly he mounted his horse to meet two of his friends. He gathered them together and pulled the missive with a small smirk "what do you say?" He asked @tcs_tonsils_ @Capt_Chief26
  12. sitting on the edge of the dock with his fishing rod, the young Jakob Vernhart shook his head with a deep sigh. He looked to the sky and wondered by himself "How can we save our people when the roots of toxicity run so deep and hide so well between our ranks?" he asked himself before a feeling of nausea took over him, he quickly collected his tools and went back to his house to rest.
  13. Johann Ludovar smiles from the sky to his daughter and gives her a tumbs up at her hard work
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