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  1. I like this a lot! I recently thought that suchca thing could help create a more interesting rp. My main question is - when you take out that serving, does it create another item to give another player or if I want to sell people bottles or such do I need to make tons of kegs and wait long until I prepare a sufficient amount of bottles
  2. Johann Ludovar rolls in his grave once again, even more uncomfortably at the words "No longer necessary"
  3. Johann Ludovar rolls in his grave seeing as the new king got rid of his beloved office he worked so hard to revive
  4. Outfit Name: Fiery Formal Wear [RP] Name: Raijen Stars Bid: 350 [OOC] Discord: NathanCr#8314
  5. Love and Happiness [!] The late count, working himself until he can not anymore He loved many people. He loved his father, he loved his mother, he loved his siblings, he had a special place in his heart for children, almost adopting each one he saw. His love burned bright. He used the fire to show his family the way out of that dark, dark cave. He loved them so much that it hurt, he loved them so much that he could lose sight of everything because the fire burns so bright. He believed they could all be happy together, all they needed was to love each other. What other satisfaction can this world provide but the love of a family? A smile of a little sibling, a laugh of your very own child. His heart pounded everyday only for them, only for those little satisfactions, nothing else. He just wanted to be happy. Or rather - he wanted his family to be happy. If he could ensure they are happy, then nothing else matters. Only they matter. Only them. He would throw his life away any day without shutting an eye for one smirk, one good night sleep for them, one more hobby they could enjoy. In the end, as the fire slowly burnt out, he felt nothing but sorrow and regret. Was it worth it? Are they happy? Did I fail them? Did I fail her? He would never know. He wasn’t sure he really wanted to know. Not now.. Not on his deathbed.. But only…. Only one question. Only that he had to know. “Tell me… Are you… Happy?” Johann asked his family with his last breaths, tears flowing all over his face. He knew the answer. He knew they would lie. He wished he could have done more… Could he have done more? Did he not sacrifice enough? Was he slacking too much? Could he really ever ensure their happiness? As he closed his eyes, he felt relieved. Finally, He could get the eternal rest he longed for for so long. He finally did not have to care about anything anymore. He did not owe anything to no one. No one could make horrible rumors about him… Or at least he wouldn’t know if they did, so it doesn’t matter. Finally, this miserable life is coming to an end. Finally, he is free. “I hope I did well, GODAN. Please, let me live peacefully in the heavens or perish into nothingness, maybe then, I can finally take my rest.” He wished to god as his soul was slowly leaving his body, and this miserable being has come to an end. [!] Among the late count’s belongings his family can find many drafts of legal documents, study papers but also.. A letter. One that seems to be not new, but rather has been written years ago. “To my dear family. If you read this, it means my illness won in the struggle, and I am now on my way to GODAN. I am deeply sorry I couldn’t do more for you, I hope you will enjoy the life I worked to provide for you so far and thanks to my work, you can lead a calmer life than mine. My children, I love you deeply more than anything. I failed you many times… I wasn’t always the father I wanted to be but know all I did was because of my love for you and to protect you. Everything was for you. My nieces and nephews, my love for you shines as bright. Don’t ever forget you were also my family and I you will always be, love yourself as much as I love you, even if I was not always the uncle I wanted to be. I still cherish you and you will forever be dear to me. Pyotr and Sibylla, thank you for being there for me and the family. You are people I love and trust and I can leave with a safer mind knowing you are a part of this family. My brothers and sisters… my grandkids… I am sorry I will not be able to spend more time with you. You know I cherish every second I got to be with you and I am glad I had you. Please tell my many wards I am proud of them, tell them I entrust the office I worked so hard on to them and I anticipate great things to come and hope they will take my office to new heights. And to Iulius, I am sorry I wasn’t able to teach him more. He was a good friend. I hope our families will keep our close ties for many more years, even after I am gone. Thank you, to everyone who trusted and was by this miserable being’s side through my life. I hope I did enough for you. I love you, I really do. Goodbye.”
  6. "And vy said we should niet obsess over how we die" he let out a saddened chuckle as tears started pouring "Dravi, mea friend. Ea will meet again vy soon"
  7. Johann Ludovar sighed deeply before looking away from the missive "This is one bet Ea did niet want to win"
  8. Raijen Stars, the man who provided flowers for the kingdom for many years feels betrayed
  9. Justiciar Office Report to the Royal Duma OFFICE; The office of the High Justiciar CURRENT PURPOSE AND FUNCTIONS; The office serves to ensure justice is kept within the kingdom by solving disputes according to the law and bringing consequences to those who deserve it. REFORMS MADE DURING THE CURRENT TENURE; My biggest focus since I took the position was on rebuilding it’s manpower with qualified people and trust of the public in the Aulic Court, so they feel they have who to turn to and report crimes and use our help with disputes. Right now, the office holds four Jovenaars (not including the Justiciar) and five wards in training to work under the office. I have built a wardship program to ensure those who work on those sensitive and important topics are well trained and know how to do the work properly. I have ensured my wards are people who learn and evolve, and each was given their own topic to make a study on with the support and advice of the Justiciar. I have also worked on making the court more accessible and transparent, publishing simple informative documents such as “The Prosecution Guide” and “Court for Beginners”. FUTURE PLANS OR GOALS FOR THE OFFICE; I plan to build further transparency. I have a document in the works to make the policies and terms of the office public. I will also work to further involve wards and young Jovenaars in the works of the office in various ways. SIGNED, HIS Excellency, Johann Fredrick Ludovar, High Justiciar of Hanseti-Ruska, Count of Otistadt, Viscount of Sezwesk, Lord of Kazstadt
  10. A loud, sorrowful wail could be heared through all the lands of Otistadt. Full of regret, pain and longing. "I should have been there... I should have been there... I should have saved her or... or... at least held her hand in the last moments" the tears would not stop as the weak count banged his head on the walls of his his room. His dear sister... his dear Marie... memories filled him, from their early years, the bright, energetic chaotic girl she was, to the later years full of different chaos in her life... One not as bright. Nothing but regret filled Johann's heart, he knew she was not happy. But he did nothing... he always thought he will have another day to come along and be by her side... but he doesn't. She is gone. Does she know he loved her so much? No, he does not deserve it. He does not deserve her to think highly of his love after all those years... The count locked his room and crawled in his bed like a ball, crying endlessly "Marie... Yam so sorry.... Ea miss vy..." his quiet whisper was all that was left in his big, empty and lonely room...
  11. Official Summon to Court For Rani Var’suuth Omec Stormheart Issued by the HIGH JUSTICIAR On this 16th day of Joma ag Umund of 424 E.S. In light of the recent accusations against Rani Var’suuth Omec Stormheart, the crown sees fit to summon him to court to face the accusation and state his case on the events. May he fail to show up to court, the court will consider such an admit of guilt and he will be considered criminal within our lands and he may be treated accordingly. The defendant Rani Var’suuth Omec Stormheart shall appear before the Aulic Court and answer for the following charges; VIII Let he who harms another outside of battle be guilty of Assault. XI Let he who forges money or mark be guilty of Forgery, as shall he who presents himself as another. XII Let he who wrongly slanders the name and honour of another be guilty of Defamation. XV Let he who conspires to bring harm against the Crown, Royal House, or the Kongzem be guilty of Treason. I swear the contents of this Summons to be true and accurate to the best of my knowledge before Godan. SIGNED, HIS Excellency, Johann Fredrick Ludovar, High Justiciar of Hanseti-Ruska, Count of Otistadt, Lord of Kazstadt
  12. A Springtime Flower Festival As spring ramps up in the frigid lands of Haense, we decided to invite everyone to celebrate the blossom and beauty of nature together. All are invited, whether young Or old, to a festival all centered around flowers and the cultivation of our nature! THE MEANING OF FLOWERS To give us some knowledge, we invited Raijen Stars, an experienced florist to teach us about the various meanings of flowers so we all know to choose our flowers better! PLANTING THE GARDEN To enrich the view and fields we will provide everyone with flowers and go all together to plant them. FEAST AND GIFTS PREPARATIONS After all is done, we will sit for a light picnic and with the flowers we have left prepare gifts for our friends and loved ones to warm the hearts SIGNED, HIS Excellency, Johann Fredrick Ludovar, High Justiciar of Hanseti-Ruska, Count of Otistadt, Viscount of Sezwesk, Lord of Kazstadt
  13. Court for Beginners In recent years trials have become more and more common in the lands of Hanseti-Ruska. During those years the office of the Justiciar has recognized a need for the common man and woman to get a proper source of information about the process and policies of the procedures of courts. To solve this problem we bring you this document, summing everything one needs to know about trials from beginning to end. What is a court? When is one held? A court of law is a body with Judicial authority given by the crown with the purpose to solve disputes of law. As the definition may suggest, we hold a court when a dispute is brought up before a Jovenaar in an attempt to solve it according to the law of the kingdom. The purpose of a court is not to punish, but to bring justice, meaning, in some courts there might not be a punishment at all as sometimes it is not just. For example, if it turns out the defendant was framed or if someone hurt another but it was a case of self defense. It is important to note that holding a court is not the only way a Jovenaar has to solve disputes, sometimes a Jovenaar would only act as a mediator in a meeting, for example. Who can request to bring an issue to court? How? Anyone may request to bring an issue to court by contacting a Jovenaar. The Jovenaar will then look into the case and decide if there is a court needed or not. Examples of cases where we would decide not to hold court are if a person who is not related to the issue reports, yet the parties involved do not wish to take it to court. Another case would be if while investigating the issue the Jovenaar determines it was a misunderstanding, or it becomes clear without doubt to all parties that the defendant is not guilty. I called for court, what now? To answer this question, we will sum two terms we use in the legal system - Criminal and Civil court. If you wish to learn more, you can read the study that was done relating to those two terms. But for our case, we will sum them this way - Criminal court is a court held, as the name suggests, when a crime, as defined by the book of laws of the kingdom, was committed. In these cases, even if you were the one directly harmed by the crime, the prosecution will be a representative of the crown, usually a Jovenaar. So you can lay back and let the Jovenaar do the work (While, of course, cooperating with the investigation.). The second term, a Civil court relates to a dispute that is not defined as a crime by the book of laws. In these cases we will have the plaintiff, the one who was allegedly harmed by the actions of the defendant, on the seat against that defendant. As the plaintiff, you would need to bring evidence to prove your case in court. To explain everything you would need to know, we would need to write a whole other document detailing what to do and how. Luckily- we did. To get more information on that, you might want to check the prosecution guide published a few years before this document. The three types of court The Haurul Caezk provides us with three methods we may use in courts of law; Trial by Plea, Wits, or Combat. The most common one is Trial by Plea. It is what most of us think of when we think of a trial, a court with two sides seated before a judge bringing witnesses and evidence to prove their claims. An old traditional way to solve disputes, which now is also considered a form of a trial is Trial by Combat. The two parties duel to solve the dispute and determine the guilt. The third and most unique way of trial is Trial by Wits. This kind of trial has two similar forms, one, the parties playing a game of luck, such as tossing a coin, leaving the choice by GODAN's hands to determine the guilt. The other form is a game of wits as chess in which through the results of the game the guilt is determined. The type of court is chosen by agreement of both parties. In cases where agreement can't be reached, trial by plea is chosen by default. I was called for court, what do I do? What will happen to me? Our first and most important advice to you would be to cooperate. The more cooperative with any part of the case from investigation to the court itself, the better off you will be. The more incooperative, the worse off it will be. Next, we would advise you to gather your own evidence to protect yourself. The prosecution guide applies very much to the defendant as well, so we would advise reading it. If you feel like you were wrong in any part of the process up to the trial, you should bring it up at court. The judge was not involved in any part of the case up until the court itself so they will not know what happened unless you bring it up. While it is common to allow the defendant to bring someone to represent them at court with them, the law does not require the Jovenaar to allow and especially not to provide it themselves. But cases where a request to bring a representative with the defendant are rare, so you should not worry too much. If you feel like you were wronged in court, you may send an appeal, bringing the issue to be handled by a higher ranking official. The Aulic Court aims to be as transparent and fair as it can be. If one feels like they need aid or have been wronged in any way they may always contact a Jovenaar who will do their best to help. If one feels like there is information that they need or is missing, our office’s door is wide open to accept suggestions, advice, or any request to make the process of court easy, transparent, and just. SIGNED, HIS Excellency, Johann Fredrick Ludovar, High Justiciar of Hanseti-Ruska, Count of Otistadt, Viscount of Sezwesk, Lord of Kazstadt
  14. [!] A letter carrying the office of the High Justiciar's coat of arms was sent back to Thrush. "Your request has been heared, mister Thrush. We shall schedule a new trial with me, the High Justiciar, as the judge as it was an apeal about a previous trial. But, I can not let you back into the walls of Haense with a calm mind. You will still be bunished, yet, I will allow you to come into the city of Karosgrad, accompanied by guards from the moment your foot touches th lands of Hanseti-Ruska until it leaves. You shall bear no ill intent nor attack anyone unless they actively threaten your life, and so will the guards not harm you unless needed. The purpose of the visit should be either gathering evidence, or appointing someone who may gather it for you. The visit will be scheduled ahead with me and the men of the bsk. After that will be done, or, if you wish to give up this offer, we shall schedule a new trial. I will be anticipating your reply and prepare for the next trial, Signed, Johann Fredrick Ludovar, High Justiciar of Hanseti-Ruska, Count of Otistadt, Viscount of Sezwesk, Lord of Kazstadt."
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