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  1. AULIC COURT OF THE KINGDOM OF HANSETI-RUSKA Krawn. z. Blackthorn 11th of Jula and Piov, 408 ES Jovenaars High Justiciar Johann F. Ludovar Prosecution Krawn Defense Mr. Blackthorn THE FOLLOWING CLAIMS WERE BROUGHT BY THE PROSECUTION; The prosecution claimed the defendant, Firr Blackthorn, was banished from Haense by the BSK during the times of the old Haerul Caezk, yet returned again and again even after being warned and sent away each time. Now, he was also accused of kidnapping a child of Orenian parents in their home in Oren, hiding him within the walls of Haense. The child was yet to be found, THE FOLLOWING CLAIMS WERE BROUGHT BY THE DEFENDANT; The defendant, Firr Blackthorn, denied kidnaping the child and claimed the banishment was unlawful since no court was held. THE FOLLOWING IS THE RATIONALE FOR THE DECISION FROM THE PRESIDING JOVENAAR; On the charge in regards to Firr Blackthorn; Jovenaar Johann delivered the opinion of the court: The defendant is found guilty for invasion, returning to the lands of Haense which he was banished from time and time again. He is to be hanged as banishment does not seem to stop him. The brotherhood may hold off the hanging until the child is found. It is so ordered.
  2. Johann Ludovar read the missive with a huge proud smile looking at his daughter's work. "That's mea daughter!!"
  3. BURNING BLOOD A Call for Those Who Seek Good 4 0 7 E.S Honour needs its keeper, and the law needs its warden. The Office of the Justiciar needs burning blood. Where there is a sinner to be unveiled, or a criminal to be proven guilty, this responsibility falls to the Jovenaar of the Kongzem of Haense to seek out the truth and bring it to light before all the realm. I CALL YOU I, Johann Fredrick Ludovar, High Justiciar of Haense, call upon you to take up the mantle of Jovenaar - as inquisitor, seeker of truth, and judge. What are Jovenaars? The Jovenaar are the magistrates of the Crown of Haense, charged with seeing justice done throughout the Kongzem. This requires them to act as both investigators in seeking out when a crime may have been committed, and sitting as judge when a criminal, or disputing citizens, are brought before them. With the full extent of Haeseni law, the Jovenaar must consider all the evidence to determine the truth, and punish wrongdoers. How is it done? To become a Jovenaar, one needs to be recommended by the Justiciar, approved by the Royal Duma, and finally named to the post by the King of Haense. The position of Jovenaar comes with power and responsibility, and thus the Justiciar must be convinced of sound moral character and sharp mind. Often, an aspiring Jovenaar will serve as a ward to the Justiciar as a trial period before they can be nominated for the position. What is required of me? A head on your shoulders. A Jovenaar needs to make tough choices, with frozen heart and a calm mind. A Jovenaar must consider all law, and all facts, before making a decision that may result in life or death. There can be no hesitation - there can be no hastiness. For a Jovenaar does not serve to only punish the wrong, but to champion justice. Join the Office of Justiciar Today To join, send me a bird or come ask me in person SIGNED, HIS EXCELLENCY, Johann Fredrick Ludovar, Baron of Otistadt, High Justiciar of Haense
  4. Johann Ludovar was now left with a title he never asked for, a broken heart and a family. He adored his father as he was a child, he wanted to be like him. He always asekd his father, who was the chief detective to teach him to be one as well! His father never got to teaching him that, as he never got to teaching him most things. But look at him now, not just a detective but the High Justiciar himself. He mused the idea, how far he has gone since he was the small child with the beaming eyes. Where is that child now? In some parts of his heart he resented his father for years now, he felt like he was left alone with no guidance, handling a crumbling house. He was desprate for support and each time he saw his father he got it but... He rarely did. There was a lot he blamed his father for, but... As his father left him alone for good he realized... With his father around he felt secure. He felt safe. But now... Now it is all on him. With the hearts of his family broken, the overprotective caring brother, son and father knew he must step up. He must be strong for his family. The need someone to lean on... Especially now. Johann has never been a drinker. It can even be said that he is scared of drinking.. But he really wished for a drink now. Oh how much he wished for one. To get drunk with a buddy who doesn't know him, someone he doesn't need to care for or feel responsible for. "Why was I born to this curse?" Johann asked himself, alone, in the Baron's chamber. The new room he never wished for. No one beside him. How he wished for his love to be there but.. She wasn't. Not even her. Johann let a final sigh, wiping his tears as he got up and wore his armor, he took he deep breath and prepared his face calm expression, for another day. Another day....
  5. Upon reading the letter, Johann wrote one of his own, sending the reply with a messanger to Margot. "Dear Margot, I appriciate the care and concern for us, it means a lot, especially during these hard times. I am doing my best to get used to my new role and keep the family together and strong even in these hard times. I hope the hole in our rights even if not filled, could at least one day heart less, and we could rise again. I know that is what papej would have wished for. Thank you again, Signed, Johann." @Mady
  6. The End of An Era The death of Robert Ludovar, Baron of Otistadt 4 0 7 E.S The house of Ludovar is sad to announce that our beloved husband, father and grandfather, the Baron of Otistadt, Robert Ludovar, was found dead today outside of the estate. He was found killed with a spike of ice, beside his sword and his loyal horse. He died protecting the land and the nation. He will be forever loved and missed by the family he devoted himself to raise, his friends and brothers in arms. Goodbye father. I will never forget you. SIGNED, HIS Excellency, Johann Fredrick Ludovar, High Justiciar of Hanseti-Ruska, Baron of Otistadt, Lord of Kazstadt
  7. Johann Ludovar sighed as he shook his head in disappointment.
  8. For Those Who Defend in the Dark In times of war or times of peace, there are some people who are always there; day and night, working and saving and helping lives, young or old, man or woman, human, elf, or dwarf. Our clinic is one of the most devoted, hardworking and active throughout all of Almaris, yet their efforts often go unnoticed and overshadowed. We wish to take a day as a nation to appreciate and reward the work of our medics and their apprentices. The Ludovar Foundation has advocated for, and supported Karosgrad’s Hospital of Saint Amyas and the Surgeon General for many years. Thus as we crawl further into winter, The Foundation intends to hold a fundraising event for the clinic and its hardworking staff. What will it entail? Fundraising will take place during a Tavern Night in which all drink profits will go to pay the salaries of Hospital staff. A speech will be held by Lord Johann Ludovar to celebrate the work of the clinic and appreciate the medics who dedicate their time to saving the lives of Haense’s finest men and women. Patrons of the evening are encouraged to speak to the medics present and ask them about their work. Various Games will take place for pleasure, including but not limited to: A Lucky Wheel, Drinking Games, and Wrestling with Baron Robert Ludovar. In addition, Her Royal Majesty Queen Emma, and His Excellency Eirik Baruch have generously volunteered to operate a sponge-throwing stand; giving patrons the one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to throw wet sponges at the Lord Palatine and Queen of Haense! An auction will also be held to raise money, in which various benefactors have donated items to be bid for. Such as; A forged weapon from Barclay Waffen owner Ser Reinhardt Barclay, a cake baked personally by Ms. Dianna Decaden, a winter hat lovingly made by Duchess Marie Ruthern, a gown crafted for the individual by Lady Adrianna Darkwood, and a romantic dinner with His Lordship, Baron Robert Ludovar. While functioning as a fundraising drive, the night will also operate as a recruitment drive for hospital apprentices. Anyone wishing to become a physician themselves may approach a medic present to join the clinic as an apprentice. SIGNED, HIS LORDSHIP, Johann Fredrick Ludovar, Heir to the Barony of Otistadt, Jovenaar of Hanseti-Ruska HER LADYSHIP, Adrianna Irene Darkwood née Barclay, Surgeon General of Hanseti-Ruska
  9. Johann Ludovar reads the missive, immidiately heading to Otistadt to write a letter. The letter, adorned with the Ludovar family coat of arms, is sent to her Hentrietta by a servant. The letter reads: "Hello your royal highness, I saw your missive, and as you might have seen in our last discussion I am more than willing to help. I am bringing some of my siblings as well, I will keep you updated on our amounts, but it will be at the very least me and my sister Milena. I hope we will find your daughter soon, and will keep doing my own background work to try find her in the meanwhile until the searching teams depart. Signed, Johann Ludovar, heir to the Barony of Otistadt and Jovenaar of Haenseti-Ruska."
  10. ONE'S JUNK - ANOTHER’S TREASURE! A Give-and-Take market 4 0 6 E.S Ever found your chests full with things you had no need for yet thought could be of a use someday? Searching for some new stuff for yourself or your house but don’t wish to spend money right now? Well, if the answer for both these answers are yes then you are in luck! We invite you to a give-and-take market in Karosgrad! How Does it Work? Each person can bring decorations, old jewels or weapons, anything he does not need, and either go around with them or have a stall themselves and when finding an item they wish to get, they can offer one of theirs in exchange for what they wish to get! SIGNED, HIS LORDSHIP, Johann Fredrick Ludovar, Heir to the Barony of Otistadt, Jovenaar of Hanseti-Ruska
  11. Johann Ludovar passed between his daughters, as they were all together in the nursery, he pat Adele gently, clearing some hairs from his forehead before giving her a little kiss on it. He then moved to his other daughter, who found it harder to fall asleep. He pat her head as well, looking at her and forcing a smile to look as everything is fine. To try calm her down. He lifted the little girl rocking her "Papej is here... And ea will never leave vy... Ea will never leave vy side, sad or happy, yam always here, da?" he gave her a peck on the forehead. "Let's read vy a story! Shall we? Hauchpapej spent way too much money on these books, so we should at least get some use out of it!" He said and put her down to bring one of the books his father bought in the tuvmas market. It was the first time he left the nursery in... quite a while. The moment he got out of the room, out of the sight of his daughters, he broke down crying. Would it all been different if they never met? Would these tragedies be avoided...?
  12. Was It All Worth It? Johann Ludovar, Heir to the Barony of Otistadt in the nursery of the estate. Johann Ludovar sat near the table of the nursery in Otistadt, keeping company to his three toddlers while they were sleeping. He was working, writing essays and documents, preparing for his new role. How long did he lock himself up there? He does not remember… “Oh! The children!” He turned in panic to look for them “They are here… They are here…” he sighed in relief seeing them all still in their beds. He returned to the papers. Why did he even marry her? Because of some prophecy? Was it all bullshit? A ‘rock’, huh… Should he have ‘taken care’ of their ‘rock’ when he was first warned? No… He is not that kind of a man… Is he? No… “THE CHILDREN!” He turned in panic again, getting up from his chair. They are still there… “They are here… They are here…” he said, calming himself, taking deep breaths. He went back to his chair. Was it because of him? He wondered.. She always said it was.. She always found a reason why he is at fault. Was she right? Is he a bad man? The thoughts clouded his mind. But everyone says she is at fault… Why? Why would she do that? What would make her do it if it is not because she was unhappy with him? He could not think of any other reason. “Am I that bad?” he frowned. What about the children… Will he be a bad father as well? Will they leave him? Will they love him? Will they be happy? He must make them happy. Can he make someone happy? Anyone? Wait… “THE CHILDREN'' He turned in panic again to check, the three were still there… Sleeping peacefully… He brushed his fingers gently on the cheeks of each one of them, one by one. He felt through his whole body, he loved them. There is nothing. NOTHING more important than them. “I will keep you safe…” he mumbled. Do they even understand what happened? Do they know they will not see their mother ever again? If they could understand it, how would they react? Would they be mad at him? Would they blame him as well? Tears suddenly started flowing from his eyes. “Don’t hate me… Just not you..” he said quietly. He couldn’t handle this thought… “Don’t leave me… Don’t let her take you away again… Don’t let her take you from me…” He was pleading, knowing they can not hear him right now, and would probably not understand even if they did. His body was shivering, not from the cold. He could not leave the room. He could not turn his eyes from them. It was scary. He was scared. Of her? Of the thought of being left alone? He was not sure. Of himself? “How long… How long will I have to live like this?”
  13. THE NEXT IN LINE The Birth of the Next Heir to the Ludovar House 4 0 4 E.S The house of Ludovar is glad to announce the birth of Johann and Anya Ludovar’s third child, the eldest son and next heir to the house. Last month Anya gave birth to the first son to the pair, Aleksey Ilya Ludovar. @Cobbler We are thankful for those who shared the celebration and those joyous times with us. SIGNED, HIS LORDSHIP, Johann Fredrick Ludovar, Heir to the Barony of Otistadt, Jovenaar of Hanseti-Ruska
  14. A NEW SHELTER The Opening of an Orphanage in Karograd 4 0 4 E.S During those times of wars, many children were left without a family or a home. Our eyes were opened to the situation by a few orphans who reached out, seeking for a shelter, and we could not turn a blind eye. The Ludovar Foundation, together with Grand Maer of Karosgrad and Gorlim Ireheart, have founded an orphanage to give a new home to those who need, giving the children both a roof to stay under and opportunities to grow, offering different classes to help them find a desired profession and be able to handle their on when they reach full Adulthood. We Invite You All Children, aging from 0 to 18, with the extension until 50 for Dwarves and Elves who take longer to fully mature, from far and wide are invited to our orphanage. We will take any child in need of shelter with open arms. HIS LORDSHIP, Johann Fredrick Ludovar, Heir to the Barony of Otistadt, Jovenaar of Hanseti-Ruska
  15. GOODBYE SER The Death of Ser Bowtie 4 0 4 E.S I, Johann Ludovar, heir to the Barony of Otistadt, am sad to say goodbye to an old companion and a dearest friend of mine, Ser Bowtie the Gecko. Ser Bowtie stayed by my side in thick and thin for over ten years since my sister, Marie, gave him to me to keep, and has given me comfort. I invite every Haeseni who wishes to come and pay last respect with us to the bravest Gecko. SIGNED, HIS LORDSHIP, Johann Fredrick Ludovar, Heir to the Barony of Otistadt, Jovenaar of Hanseti-Ruska
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