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  1. Makoto Iekami frowned upon reading not only on the state of the House but also upon hearing of Walentyna's condition. Of course, his faith in the children of his dearest friends remained unwavering as he was certain they would be able to pull through their current predicament no matter how grim things seemed. "I ought to pay the children a visit, the least I can do is support them as much as I can through these trying times." He handed the missive over to Mayumi and Elysia to read for themselves.
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  4. Moving Onwards With the cruel execution of my beloved sister, the title Baron of Castile now falls upon myself to take responsibility. As such I am inclined to continue the unfinished work my sister left behind due to her life being cut short. Vampire or not, and this is not to say I condone vampirism by any means, I hold nothing but love and respect both towards her and her husband for the two have done nothing but prove their own unwavering strength and prowess time and time again. Amounting to what my sister had been to all who had known her will not be an easy task by any means, but I will not allow her undignified death to be what others remember the most honorable Lady Ottilie Franziska. Instead, I will ensure her legacy lives on through her work and through my own. My sister had often confided in me her suspicions surrounding the interests of her executioner on the topic of Castile time and time again. With that in mind, her final words prior to her own shameful beheading, and the orphaning of my nieces and nephews, I make my first decision as the new Baron of Castile: His "Serene" Highness, Joseph de Joannes, and his descendants are to never receive the title of Castile from this point onwards, regardless of what may happen hereafter. Neither in this lifetime, nor the next. To do so would only prove to be a greater insult to the already undignified death of a brilliant mind. As her brother respecting her final wishes is the very least I can do during this time of grieving. I give my sincerest condolences towards her children, her closest friends, and all those Ottilie held dear. Signed, The Most Honourable, Lord Arthur Roderic Castile, Baron of Castile
  5. Makoto Iekami was nearly inconsolable upon hearing the news of his closest friends’ execution the moment he returned from his travels, he remained in his office grief stricken. His heart broke for the children who had just lost their parents. Arthur Roderic, at first, was in denial refusing to believe his very own sister had been executed. However, that denial was soon replaced by pure anger and hostility towards the man who publicly beheaded his beloved sister as if she were some lowly pig, leaving his poor nieces and nephews without parents.
  6. The Opening of Sedan Academie Introduction Mister Makoto Iekami and Miss Ipera Antoinette Varoche are pleased to announce the opening of the Sedan Academie. Sedan Academie hopes to fulfill the educational needs of the principality and bring about the brilliant minds and potential of the next generation. In order to do such, a variety of classes will be hosted for children of all ages to attend. Such classes include: Literature History Mathematics Writing Etiquette Public Speaking Activities will be planned to encourage their creativity and physical activity as well, for the time being current lessons and activities to fulfill those needs are: Piano Lessons Violin Lessons Art activities Nature walks Equestrian Classes Basic Swordsmanship A definitive class schedule will be posted before classes begin, until then registration is open for parents to sign their children up for lessons. Teachers: Olessya Irene Amador Ipera Antoinette Varoche Viktoriya Barclay Makoto Iekami Masashi Iekami Ottilie Franziska Jazloviecki Amicia de Joannes (Sign up information below) Signed, Her Serene Highness, Princess Augustina Theorosia de Joannes, Princess-Consort of Sedan, Princess of Balian, Baroness-Consort of Ponce Her Highness, Amicia de Joannes, Princess-Dowager of Sedan The Most Honourable, Lady Ottilie Jazloviecki, Margavine-Consort of Grodno, Baroness of Castille, Member of the Princess Council Olessya Irene Amador, Matriarch of House Amador, Member of the Princess Council Viktoriya Barclay, Governess of Sedan, Member of the Princess Council Mister Makoto Iekami, Governor of Grodno Ipera Antionette Varoche, Court Tutor
  7. Makoto Iekami was excited for yet another eventful women's event, since his young cousin had enjoyed the last event greatly herself we was sure to let her know about the upcoming soirée.
  8. Makoto Iekami would frown upon seeing the Princess's name not included on the missive.
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