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  1. "No." Witold Jazloviecki simply muttered, casting then the missive into a burning fireplace.
  2. Witold Jazloviecki offers a bow of his head to his brave and fearless Lechian brethren!
  3. FIELDS OF GREY [♪] The battle was going to be horrifying. That, the old soldier knew for sure. In his lifetime, Wiktor Jazloviecki has seen enough to make him able to predict that from the atmosphere alone. And even so, it exceeded anything he could have ever expected. He rallied together at the Herzogtum of Minitz along with his Lechian brethren, adorned in the armour of the Hetman of Eagle’s Watch. He listened as soldiers and warriors chatted around him- some prayed, some jested, some discussed- but all appeared well-prepared for the upcoming clash. Upon hearing orders shouted left and right, he made his way up on the wall, gone to inspect the horizon. There, he met his nephews- Waclaw and Aleksander Jazloviecki. As he was talking with them, many men and women, the proud defenders of Minitz, flooded the walls and Wiktor was sure the collision of the vicious and dreadful Mori and the honourable descendants was upon him. He unsheathed his sword and readied himself to oppose the horrors. The locusts came first- twisted, sky-faring spawns of Iblees. The Minitzer protectors loaded their bolts into their crossbows, stones into their trebuchets, and shortly after, the black night sky was filled with hundreds of projectiles, many of which found their targets. On the ground, eldritch arachnoids came in like an avalanche, crushing into the walls with horrible vigour. And, the worst of all- from the Minitz lake, bubbles appeared on the surface. Not very long after, a massive orb of energy and dark magic showed itself at the sight of the defenders. Soon, it started to hover over to the Duchy. The vile creation started to rip the city apart, tearing it piece by piece. “Retreat to the gates!” The orders were clear, and Wiktor, with the rest of the soldiers moved from the walls to defend the main gate, which has fallen under the attack of a horde of Dreadknights. The plate-clad undead beings stood armed in front of the gate, their lifeless eyes laid on the descendants. As the protectors of Minitz stood prepared right at the bars of the gate, the Duke gave the order to open it- luring the battalion of Dreadknights in. Once they stood under the now-lifted gate bars, the Duke commanded for the gate mechanism to be activated. The bars crashed down, impaling through all who stood under them, that being, in the favour of the defenders, a great portion of the Dreadknight force. Another order was shouted- ignite the buildings that stand nearest to the gate. With the order being accomplished, Duke Brandt instructed to open the gates, letting the Dreadknights in. The two armies collided, and a storm of steel began. The battle was fierce, and Wiktor tried to cut through as many as he could. As the numbers thinned, he noticed that red colour cascaded down his side, and soon enough, he started to lose conscience. The world started to spin as he felt his strength slip away, his legs now being barely able to carry the weight of his body. He tried to resist, to strike one more time, but could very scarcely raise his sword- and in a brief moment, he only felt a cold breeze and complete silence. Closing his eyes, he then departed to eternal rest.
  4. The new Lord Regent of House Jazloviecki prepares for his role, starting first with a lengthy drink.
  5. Wiktor Jazloviecki finishes reading the document. "You have done the best job, now you get your well-deserved rest" He states, signing a cross for the former Prince of Alstreim.
  6. Witold Jazloviecki read through the document, his jaw slowly dropping as he went through the events. "What he lacks in wits, he surely backs up with luck." He muttered as he reached the end of the parchment. "The Lord God protected you, my brother. You should be thankful for the rest of your life- a life I hope shall never be threatened again by the vile hands of filthly sinners those Adrians are"
  7. Wiktor Jazloviecki lit a candle for the soul of the departed August. "It was quite obvious your... end will be spectacular, but you have truly subverted all expectations, uncle" After the candle started burning, Wiktor retrieved a certain sabre- a blade August used for a good part of his life, which has been gifted to Wiktor by the Holy Sir some time ago. "I will make sure your legacy remains unshattered" In the Seven Skies, Jindrich Jazloviecki welcomed his cousin with open arms. "Would you look at that!" He exclaimed. "One time you had me thinking you are going to stay down there forever. But now come, join us, Savoy awaits"
  8. Witold Jazloviecki reads the document again and again, feeling full of pride as he does so. "Under Sokol's watch, the faith in the hearts of humanity shall never perish" He comments then. Upon finishing reading the missive for the first time, Wiktor Jazloviecki raises a brow in sudden shock. "You leave the kids without any surveillance and they do something like this" He mutters, adding a quiet chuckle afterwards.
  9. Wiktor Jazloviecki simply can't stop humming the anthem.
  10. Wiktor Jazloviecki nods as he reads the document. "This will be interesting" He mutters, finishing reading.
  11. Wiktor Jazloviecki simply chuckled upon finishing reading the missive.
  12. Wiktor Jazloviecki prepares the Trator Slayer sword.
  13. Wiktor Jazloviecki smiled at the document, recalling the memories of his childhood in the Principality of Savoy.
  14. Wiktor Jazloviecki smiles at the document. "It is time to prepare the Great Hall for a truly special visit!" He then went to make sure Warsovia and the Kameniec keep were ready for the upcoming visit.
  15. THE COMITAL BAN OF AMELIA IEKAMI Penned by the Komes of Warsovia, Wiktor Jazloviecki on 6th of Sun's Smile 1910 [ ♪ ] To all people who live in the Aaunic region of Merryweather, For years our family has fraternised with the Iekami family, who come from Yong Ping. My grandfather Borys gave them his friendship and trust. Over the years they have helped us with our work, helped by building, making, and fighting. But in any relationship, even the best one, there are stumbling blocks. Small ones that can be forgiven, but also larger ones that take longer to forgive. Unfortunately, Amelia Iekami, daughter of Genkai Iekami has committed too many offences to be able to seek forgiveness. By order of Count Jan I Jazloviecki - Amelia Iekami, on behalf of House Jazloviecki and those of Iekami family who remain alive, is accused of patricide, and a number of other murders committed on the territory of the former Margraviate of Lvinsk. She is also accused of causing her younger brother, Makoto Iekami, to lose his sight during an attempted murder of his person, in front of the capital city of Vienne in the presence of many witnesses. Amelia Iekami is wanted dead or alive by County authorities, any information is of value and should be brought to the County's attention. In addition to that, there is a reward for bringing her in: 150 Mina if she is brought dead, 250 Mina if she is brought to the County alive, or 50 Mina for any information that may lead to her arrest. Signed, Wiktor Jazloviecki, Komes of Warsovia
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