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  1. "Peace. At last." Witold Jazlowiecki cheered to himself. "Now, to mark it all down," he added, set to transcribe the events of the war to paper.
  2. "Grand endeavour," murmured Witold, now safely home from the sail. "We ought to learn how to man a ship more, if we are to face any other challenge. This time felt like a circus upon sea, especially when the Crab nearly tore the ship asunder." "Though, I should have probably helped some more. But the sea was so beautiful..." he then added, wandering off in thought.
  3. Witold Jazlowiecki adds these fine tunes to his playlist on Spotifaaun.
  4. Witold Jazlowiecki lit a candle for the late Barclay Ritter. "Another string for the grey tapestry of death," he whispered, watching the flickering fire of the candle. "May you find eternal peace now, good friend."
  5. "Order and justice have been restored," Witold Jazlowiecki comments with a wide smile upon his lips. "A great day for the Kingdom."
  6. "Tandem Triumphans indeed," hummed Witold Jazlowiecki, freshly home from the battlefield. "This shall be grand written in ink," he added a remark, set to record the battle down into a chronicle.
  7. PecenyRohlik


    Damn. Farewell, Lord of Freimark
  8. "An Aaun for Boon," nodded Witold Jazlowiecki, a staunch Boon loyalist and supporter.
  9. Witold Jazlowiecki perused through the document. "That's a lot of Jazlowieckis," he mused, a slight smile forming upon his countence.
  10. If it ain't me pirate brother! -Lewis Spencer and Henry Bates in the Seven Skies
  11. "Rest now, good Cunimund," Witold murmured as he learned of his the Cingedoz's death. "Tend the libraries in the Seven Skies."
  12. Witold Jazloviecki yawned as he finished reading the document. "Pathetic," he commented, returning to his library duties afterwards.
  13. Nisstar Verethi highly approves of the new posters. He simply loves GOD.
  14. The newly appointed Head Librarian of the Secret Garden Bookstore, Witold Jazloviecki, smiles the Sun's Smile as he reads through the document. "Work is ahead of us. Time to start," he comments.
  15. Upon reading the document, Witold Jazloviecki feels immensely honoured. He especially loves the owl!
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