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    I was born in a small village to a a seller, Joseph Harrington, and a seamtress named Theresa Harrington. I had an awesome childhood, without any catastrophe like my parents being killed (ha ha). I was always fascinated by travellers that sometimes were buing in my dad´s shop. One of them even gave me a book of his adventures. I stil have it. When I reached the age of 18, I moved to town to get a job. Luck was at my side and I started working with books in library. Here, in free time, I read a lot of books written by famous travellers. I also read books about the world, about Orden Empire, about The Great Northen War and a lot more. In age of 26, I quited my job and started my journeys. My first book, named "Trip To Grand Kingdom of Urguan" had a great success, so I started travelling a lot, wroted more books, became founder of my own library, named "The World of Words", started being a documentary to heroes on their adventures, started loving my life. Now, my books have standard success, and my fame ended little bit, but I didn´t care. If I could do what I love, having fun in taverns, reading books and travelling, I am happy.
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