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  1. To be frank, Olox. My best amigo here, and someone I would follow to Hell (or Poland) with that said, though, I must admit, LithiumSedai is Dewper's no. 1 fanboy, and he's the Marshall... My fondest memories are with the Principality of Savoy, and I am partially inclined to choose this as my answer. But, since Savoy fell, I found myself in the beautiful lands of Aaun, which have grown close to my heart. Difficult question... There are no notable Bulgarians. because it is overall a better option than some barren wasteland of an isle you're from
  2. Haven't played many characters in the time here, to be honest. I prefer to stick to one character at a time, so not many have passed in the 3 years. Jan Jazlowiecki currently aspires to be great, but I would go with Witold - I just love scholar roleplay, and he fills that perfectly. Your characters? The Red Waldenian Knight himself was quite the powerhouse. Sadly for Ulrich, Alstions are the MVPs and James Leopold is a persona I both found great as a figure and a character to interact with. RP encounter? Savoyard Wall. Now and forever. The death and martyrdom of Colonel Jaramy is a web of intricate lies and hidden truths; I trust his heroic ways could potentially bring hope and light to the devastated and depressed Polish lands during the Communist dictatorship, something the Reds could not accept. I believe with all my heart that Colonel Jaramy was murdered, his death a black day in Polish history. May he never be forgotten - jaramy bongo.
  3. the white shirt with poohs all over it clears
  4. I would say, it is a comfy experience. Not sure if I would recommend to others, depends on your bathroom tiles and towels. I'd say 7/10 azdromoth
  5. Hello, good and bad people of LotC, about a week ago, I have celebrated my third year on this peculiar roleplay server. During this time, I would be bold to say I have gathered some experience, memories and "wisdom", and I thought to myself- why not share some of it? Well, then, send them my way.
  6. "Rest to the King," Jan Jazlowiecki whispered to himself, as tears made their way down his cheeks. "Tandem Triumphans."
  7. "And so, the kin grows," Jan Jazlowiecki commented with a wide smile, as he finished reading the announcement. "May a happy life await the little Lorelei."
  8. BOUND BY VOWS It is with immense joy that we share the news of the upcoming union between Jan Aleksander, the esteemed heir to the County of Warsovia, and Catherine de Lewes. Their deeply profound courtship, which has gracefully unfolded over nearly three years, has culminated in the decision to intertwine their lives in the sacred bonds of matrimony. The County of Warsovia is honoured to stand witness to this holy matrimony and hopes that Canonists and allies will join in celebrating the couple’s commitment. THE NUPTIALS The happy couple will exchange vows in the Chapel of Our Lady of Paradisius, with the esteemed Bishop St. Godwin presiding over the ceremony. THE CELEBRATIONS Following the nuptials, attendees of the wedding are all invited to the Seat of House Jazlowiecki, Nowa Warsovia, where they can enjoy each other's company, feast, and celebrate the joyous occasion. FORMAL INVITATIONS EXTEND TO: The Royal House of Alstion The Royal House of Temesch of the Petra The Comital House of Jazlowiecki The House of Ashford de Lewes NOBILITY OF THE PROVINCE OF AAUN Johannes von Alstreim, Prince of Merryweather, and his noble pedigree Siegmund von Reuss, Margrave of Velen, and his noble pedigree Emilio Varoche, Count of Ves, and his noble pedigree Olympe-Regina, Baroness of Rosius, and her noble pedigree Citizens of Whitespire NOBILITY OF THE PROVINCE OF PETRA Aurel von Theonus, Duke of Vohenhiem, and his noble pedigree Wilford and Atticus Reinhold, Counts of Anairgrid, and their noble pedigree Friedrich von Augusten, Count of Hohengarten, and his noble pedigree Aimo Astor, Baron of Fir’steinn, and his noble pedigree Katrin Stafyr, Baroness of Feldkirch, and her noble pedigree Citizens of Vallagne PERSONAL INVITATIONS The Legion of Saint Godwin BOON AND BANE. Jean Renault de Lewes Isabeau-Karine de Rosius George Halcourt Jean Bishop St. Godwin Frantzisko Cardinal Albarosa Boleslaw Jaramy SIGNED, His Lordship, Jan Aleksander Jazlowiecki, Baron of Krakovia Miss Catherine de Lewes
  9. "And what mention would you make of us? I already see the title! Three Aaunite Lords have recently caught a magnificent salmon by Ves." Jan Jazlowiecki responded with a light chuckle to the Alstion.
  10. Nisstar Verethi, a Salvian Knight, wonders where did he leave his gauntlet.
  11. FULL NAME: Jan Aleksander Jazlowiecki AGE: 18 RACE: Human PRIOR EXPERIENCE, IF APPLICABLE: Basic Training METHOD OF CONTACT: DSC: pecenyrohlik
  12. "Who let him out of the bloody cage?" pondered Witold, as he built up defences in his room in Warsovia.
  13. Witold Jazlowiecki sat alone in his chamber. He recalled memories of his brother, over and over again. He may have compiled wisdom and knowledge over his life, but he still could not comprehend the sudden loss. "You always had a heart of gold. We will miss you. I will miss you, brother."
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