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  1. Razgor'Gorkil, the Last of the Gorkils sheds a tear for his friend, "Lat waz a hozh azh, may lat be redeemed zomeday."
  2. Robert Ludovar would grin at the missive as he finished forging his new blade!
  3. Robert Ludovar would sharpen his sword of slayersteel, and set it onto his horse’s saddle in preparation for the crusade!
  4. Ser Aurion would be sharpening his sword when he got the missive. He would be prepared should there be a battle against the orcs of the Horde.
  5. Ser Aurion takes the missive and shows it to his soon-to-be wife, Giuliana. "I am sure you'd love it!" He beamed to his her. @Mamimiux
  6. Union of Aretheon and Varoche We are pleased to announce that Ser Aurion Aretheon and Lady Giuliana Varoche shall be wed in the Basilica of Saint Alexander of Furnstock during the First Seed of the year of SA 93. Invitations His Royal Highness, Prince Frederick I and his royal pedigree @HogoBojo His Grace, Maciej Jazloviecki and his pedigree @Olox_ The Right Honorable, Drako Darkwood and his pedigree @HIGH_FIRE His Lordship, Vladrick Huntshill and his pedigree @ChirpySquire Ser Apollyon Marshall, and his pedigree @Based1Salmon Sigismund Varoche, and his pedigree @Enlightenment All citizens of Sedan Signed, Ser Aurion Aretheon, Patriarch of House Aretheon and knight of Sedan Giuliana Varoche
  7. X3N02k


    A knight took the missive, and glanced at it before heading out of the tavern, mounting his horse for Vistulia. "Should be fun." he said to his horse.
  8. IGN: X3N02k Discord: X3N012#1000 Persona’s Name: Aurion Aretheon
  9. [!] Flyers are sent out by a capybara to Urguan and Akueli The Funeral of Torsun I Goldhand With the death of the Prince of Akueli, Torsun Goldhand, the Lord Regent calls for a funeral to take place. The funeral shall be hosted within the Freeport of Akueli, in a stone day. Invitations His Majesty, King Bakir Ireheart And the citizens of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan His Holiness, Norli Starbreaker and his disciples His Lordship, Conan Goldhand and his family The citizens of the Freeport of Akueli [Ooc: I suck at forum posts :p]
  10. Aurion Aretheon sighed as he packed his bags.
  11. Dumac Irongrinder wheezed at the missive when he saw it and tore it down. "Grimshites." He scoffed before using it as toilet paper.
  12. MC Name: X3N02k Character Name: Dumac Character Age: 54 Short Bio: Used to live in the mountains, part mountain dwarf. Likes hammers Lineage: Cave Dwarf Discord (Name#1233): X3N03#1953
  13. Aurion would read the paper in his glorious shack in Louisville, wearing the new riches he acquired during the storming. Though there would be a hint of melancholy in his eyes, for reasons unknown to him. “Ave Sedan. Ave House Aretheon!” He cheered.
  14. A young knight-to-be, Aurion Aretheon, would smile at the invitation. He would don his armor and would set off to Balian!
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