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  1. Happy Trans Visibility Day!!! (I AM LATE BUT YAAAY!)
  2. Miyahara Kagero quietly sat in his home, writing a letter to the presiding Jūshoku with his intent. "To the ever wise Yasu-Tori, My name is Miyahara Kagero, a Yōsei from Hoke-Ida. I have done some studying of Kaninokyō before my arrival to Koyo-Kuni a year past. It has been my intention to follow the path of the Kani-Monk, and dedicate myself to being closer to Resonance and follow the path of the Seven Virtues. I have learned quite a bit already under your instruction. It is my hope that I may be able to officially join the temple as a Kani-Monk. Sincerely, Miyahara Kagero" With the letter finally written, Kagero rushed out of him home in the evening rain to send the letter out. He hoped that he may get a response, and begin his journey.
  3. Aster read over his Father's missive, quietly sipping his morning tea as his eyes traced the words. A fury had grown inside him, with the loss of so many dear to him. It seemed his father felt the same, and was taking action. While he bore the Amador name, Aster felt the rage of the Scyfling and Colborn. The astronomer sighed out, with just a hint of rage "Gudi, let the spawn of Iblees know their days are limited."
  4. Off in a small town, outside of the grand city of Valdev, a blonde man mourned the death of a dear friend to him. Edmond had retired, sooner than he would have liked to take care of his mother in her final days. It wasn't long till he heard the news of Queen Amaya's death. Many in his small town gathered to mourn the Queen of the People, The White Flame, Queen Amaya. In the square of the town, they placed flowers at the base of a small wooden sculpture, carefully carved by the retired Butler in his free time. He only quietly said "Y pray the Seven Skies treat vy well, dear Friend". In a seperate space, within Valdev a much younger man sat. Aster Amador had not been as close to his cousin, Amaya, as much as he would have liked. She was dear to him, family who he had cared for like any other. When they worked on the Treatise of Northern Medicine, it had been a wonderful experience for him. He had learned much about the connection of the stars to ones Humors, and was happy to work with Amaya. There was a hint of guilt he did not write to her more, did not see her more, a guilt he had felt with many of his family who had recently passed. When he could, Aster visited the spot they had first found Amaya, looking across the flowers that dotted the ground. He placed a white rose where she had once laid.
  5. Aster had finally returned to Valdev, after his pilgrimage across the continent. He quietly sat in the foyer of his home, carefully holding the letter in his hand. Tears began to well in his pale blue eyes as he read "Oh Modir- Forlati Mik, please! If only I had been with eym.." The astronomer quietly lamented, distraught at the loss of his dear mother. "I promise eym, that I shall name a star for eym! The brightest and most beautiful star!" A promise which echoed out to no one, between quiet sobs, in the empty home of Aster Amador. A promise, which he would uphold.
  6. Aster looked over the missive with a fond smile. While he had only worked with his dear Kusin in the court briefly, he was happy to have. "Truly, eym were a Queen of the People, Amaya." Meanwhile, a particular butler, from his family home peered to the letter in the mail "One moment, Mamej! Y will be back." Edmon carefully tore open the letter, his eyes scanning each word before a smile appeared. "Oh Vyr Majesty, vy finally get the rest vy deserve. It was an honor to work for vy." He briefly wiped at his eyes, a sort of melancholy washing over him, before a shout from inside "Da da- Yam coming to get vyr soup!"
  7. As the rocks and stones of the road quietly crunched under his feet, the man carefully walked along the road. Aster's blue-grey eyes scanned over the pages of the volume, a smile appearing on his face. "She finally went and published them! Gudi." Though, when he read over the Stellarbound Scholar his smile was quickly accompanied by a flush of red upon his cheeks. He quietly thanked himself for traveling alone, so none would see his embarassed look. "Ah, I did nejt expect her to publish that one.. Gudi, though, it is mik favorite." With that, he carefully closed the journal, and continued on with his travels.
  8. From within the guard house, Sadaron read over the missive with a large grin "Utúlie’n aurë! The day has come!" He only hoped that this would lead to a wider peace amongst the Covenant and Canonist nations.
  9. Aster looked over the missive, taking a small break from the panic-induced study of the coming star. A smile formed upon his face at his cousin's words "Well said, Henrik!"
  10. Miklós overheard the conversation between Rozsika and Francsezkia. The old man quickly hobbled over to read over the note, adjusting his glasses "OH! Spasiba! Y must see sto Y can do!" He quickly went to aid his wife in finding gifts for the couple, and preparing himself for the wedding.
  11. For Haense I always enjoy the general RP and community that is there For Urguan I enjoy the community and unique story events :)
  12. Sitting atop a tower outside of Valdev, Aster stared out to the stars before glancing to the Treatise, a hopeful smile upon his face "Perhaps this will get some interested in medicine and the stars..." His gaze shifted back up to the sky "One can hope."
  13. Ser Miklós Korvacz gripped the parchment in his hands, his fingers curling and crumpling the Will that his daughter had wrote many years ago. He never, ever thought it would be needed while he was alive, for he prayed to GOD that the day would never come again when one of his children died before he did. But another had. The old knight sat at his desk in their new home, his glasses ajar atop his forehead as he covered his eyes with his hand. He cried out for the daughter he had lost. All the love he had for his Xenia, and how proud he was only made his sorrow that much deeper. Perhaps a time would come when he would look foundly upon their memories together, but that time would not come soon. The Hound felt nothing but sorrow and despair for the loss of his eldest daughter, and a spite for the aninmal that took her from this world. It was time for him to go on a hunt that day.
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