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  1. i like burgers. i only eat 3 types of burgers:

    bottom bun + burger + cheese + top bun

    bottom bun + burger + cheese + bacon + top bun

    bottom bun + burger + ketchup + top bun

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      i like fries. also fries with cheese sauce. grilled cheese sandwiches are also good with burgers. i think i once had mashed potatoes and a hamburger in the same meal. i like food :)

    3. Ser Paul Ryan

      Ser Paul Ryan

      Have you ever tried a drink with your food? One time I had a "root bear float" with my lunch and it was very good, I suggest you try it! 

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      i usually drink soda, tea, or a milkshake. i don't know if i've ever had a drink that was really really good. the last time i had a food that was really really good was a slice of mint brownie pie (https://www.villageinn.com/pies/special/mintbrownieblast/)

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