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  1. Please can the commentary be kept respectful and constructive there will be further changes announced also soon
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  5. This server has been operating for quite some time, since 2011, and across that timespan its players have seen constant changes. Whether it was in plugins, in maps, in rules regarding various ways players should operate - roleplay applications or default combat systems, etc. Never in that time though has one of the most obvious, and perhaps one of the easiest things to enforce, been clearly defined. Rules of community conduct are a necessity, to give moderators a a system to better assist them in determining punishments and to give players the knowledge that Lord of the Craft can remain a fun and pleasant place to roleplay in and be a part of. “To maintain respect while interacting with other players. Be a builder of this community, not a hinderance or detriment.” Derogatory remarks directed toward those on Lord of the Craft mediums of communication will not be tolerated. This includes racist/homophobic/sexual/otherwise vulgar terms or crude and insensitive comments for the sake of insulting the player they’re directed to. The nature and severity of the remarks and context of the situation will be determined at the discretion of moderators when they are notified of a situation, or witness one. Common sense follows, if you don’t have anything nice to say, simply don’t say it. Do not make this community an unpleasant, nor unwelcoming one. Examples: /t Bob **** you, ******. Referral in RP of terms associated with real world races/groups. It’s RP, if you want to be racist, at least be original and have it make sense with the world you’re in. /looc Respond to the RP you ******* *****. ((The kikery is strong. Etc. First offense - 15 minute tempban with warning message Second offense - 2 hour tempban with warning message Third offense - 1 day tempban with warning message Fourth offense - 1 week tempban with a final warning message Fifth offense - 4 week ban with an appeal required. Harassment - obsessive, malicious or nefarious behavior directed toward another player will not be tolerated. This will apply to all platforms of communication and media. If clear evidence is supplied through means not directly associated with Lord of the Craft, it will still be followed up on. This includes Lord of the Craft forums, the server, and the Teamspeak - as well as - Skype, Teamspeak as a whole, Youtube, Facebook, you name it. Spreading of personal or private information will result in a ban of six months. There will be zero warning, aside from you reading this right now. It does not matter if you were the one to find it, or you were the one to continue spreading it. Media created to isolate and target specific players within the community will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Those found to be generating such will be banned for one month. Those found to have continued to share it once they were shown it, banned for one week. There will be no warning. In-game harassment that includes poor and or malicious RP that is enacted to target or single out an individual for the purpose of harassment, in most cases for OOC reasoning, will not be tolerated. Two week ban, followed by a two week villain blacklist after the player has appealed. Scenarios will be analyzed case by case and left to the moderators to decide if the claims of such are legitimate. Sexual harassment under any circumstances will not be tolerated. This applies to everyone. References to rape, general sexual assault - non-consensual advances or vulgarity of that nature directed to either a player OOCly, with any form of communication, or a character RPly will not be tolerated. Three months, no warning. Behavior that disrupts the flow of roleplay without directly isolating or targeting another player, while not as consequential, shall still be dealt with accordingly with clear protocol from now on. Essentially anything that is considered a joke taken too far. Commonplace stereotypes incorporated excessively in a character to create a blatantly offensive portrayal or reference to real world cultures, groups, races will not be tolerated. Players guilty of this will be banned for four weeks. Pop culture references, real world references* incorporated into roleplay or the creation of a character to an excessive extent will not be tolerated. Players guilty of this will be banned for two weeks. *Anything that can be construed as blatantly ‘modern’ or otherwise sourced from material that has had no prior place in LotC. - TMNT skins, dwarf cops with air support, etc. The use of “memeage” in roleplay will result in an immediate ban of one week without a warning, appeal required. Examples include, allahu akbar or any variations of it, the term ‘edgy’, the word meme itself, rare pepes, mr. skeletal, ayy lmao, etc. You know, we know, don’t act stupid. The ban will be made at discretion of the moderators who witness it. You will not be able to dispute this. Additions will be made if circumstances considered to not fall within any of these categories occur.
  6. Tythus

    War Rules

    Lord of The Craft War Rules This rule set will cover protocol for war between two groups. If any of these rules do not establish a clear foundation for what you or your faction seek to accomplish during a war, contact CosmicWhaleShark or Fireheart for questions regarding your situation. Liberal interpretations, intentional loop-holing, or attempts to remain playfully ignorant of any rules present, will in turn result in punishment accordingly. -=- General Unless requested otherwise, all wars will function under a ‘seize and secure’ method of operation. An initial pitched battle on open terrain will determine who is the attacker, and who is the defender, for the starting course of the war. A field battle every other week will determine the direction of the war. For an attacker to establish siege grounds, they must first win a skirmish in the perimeter outside their target. For defenders to maintain their borders, they must thwart this. Attackers have the opportunity to become the defenders with this established, and vice versa, depending on the overall length of the war. In the event the defenders do stave off the attackers, they have the option to either besiege an opposing fortification or stand their ground. This makes the fortification the original attackers besieged open for a warclaim the following week. To balance this, however, if the defenders stand their ground and hold the fortification three times in a row, the drafting of terms will become mandatory in light of the stalemate. Skirmish Agreements will be effective ‘badlands’ in an approved area of the map, the week leading up to a battle. Large groups of faction endorsed fighters will be obliged to confront one another in these areas from now on, rather than raiding one another’s capital. All warclaims will function under a weekly event schedule. e.g. A warclaim every sunday. With the exception of extenuating OOC circumstances for a majority of a faction or the primary leader, this will not change. Such circumstances will be reviewed by war management - and are not guaranteed approval. Alterations to terrain and structures will be limited once a warclaim has been declared. It is advised that strategic locations are made tactically advantageous, while actually being built, while also reflecting proper RP barricades. “PvP forts” will be outright denied. Checkerboard murderholes, pits of lava, and pitfall [bridges] for example, are not permitted. Pending admin or war management approval - any and all aspects of the warclaim system, or a specific warclaim, may be altered to expand upon, or in worst cases salvage, the experience of the entire community involved. This includes but is not limited to OOC conflict resolution, battlefield fairness, dates and times, etc. -=- War Severity Hide contents Preface: Through experience participating, and observing several different warclaims unfold, I have witnessed a consistent issue that seems to be one of the main points of argument between two factions. They don’t want to do [insert awkward, confrontational situation here]. It is my hope with the ‘war severity’ system, that both factions are able to tell one another what they expect from this particular war, without even needing to establish that initial, clunky dialogue. In turn one faction will be less surprised, and hopefully not upset at all, when a faction leader isn’t taken prisoner, someone isn’t permakilled, something isn’t allowed to be razed, etc. 1st Conquered settlements can receive "ruined" renovations. Pillaging of chests is allowed, anti-griefing rules apply. Leaders upon death in battle face being captured on a +14 /roll (best two out of three) or immediately permakilled. Death while in captivity will be enforced permakilling. If a capital of a settlement is taken, capture is mandatory, unless the leader was not directly involved in the fighting. This will be enforced through kill messages during the battle, keep screenshots handy. Potential to be fully conquered and subjugated. Your nation or faction has the opportunity to be wiped off the map and possibly even the history books. If you are completely conquered, you lose all control OOCly - and naturally RPly, of what happens to the territory and people you once ruled. 2nd Tier Conquered settlements can receive "ruined" renovations. Pillaging of chests is allowed, anti-griefing rules apply. Leaders upon their death in battle will face capture on a +14 /roll (best two out of three) there is no permakilling clause. Death while in captivity will be a permakill only if the player says it is. Staff will not intervene upon the life or death of a character, merely their capture. Potential to be fully vassalized. Your nation or faction will still exist, but as an underling to a more superior foe - now your ruler. 3rd Tier Conquered settlements will not be tampered with, in regards to builds. The pillaging of chests will still be permitted. Leaders upon their death in battle face zero consequence. Capture and permadeath are subjective and determined by their players, enforced by no one. War reparations will be enforced but ultimately the fate of your nation or faction remains intact. (Subject to be overruled by war management, pending the RP leading up to a specific warclaim.) -=- Established Cost of War Siege Engines - Will need ammunition to use. If you don’t have the ammunition, you cannot use them in a warclaim. All factions will be in charge of building their own siege engines. Success/hit is determined at 15/20. Every two points higher determines a degree of success, aka, making the brush size one point larger to illustrate the damage/movement. Trebuchet/Catapult Cost: 500 Players operating: 3 Ammunition: Stone Shot Result: Moderate to heavy damage to all structures and terrain. Ballistae - Cost: 300 Players operating: 3 Ammunition: Heavy iron shovels or iron lances. Result: Light to moderate damage to a wooden structure. Siege Tower - Cost: 500 Players operating: 10 Result: Movement forward. Battering Ram - Cost: 250 minas Players operating: 6 Result: Damaging gates. Each hit removes health from the gate. Gate health is dependent on the time it takes to destroy the material of the gate by hand. -=- Sieges Artillery Stages - Attacking siege engines will have a period to fire upon the enemy fortifications, at this point in time attacking infantry will not be able to advance due to the risk of friendly fire. Once the besieging infantry is within proximity to the walls, defending siege engines will be obsolete due to both angles and risk of killing their own troops at lower levels. Doors - Coinciding with conventional rules, you require a 17+ to break down any doors or locks. To avoid issues of relocking during the engagement, doors will simply be destroyed. Environmental Hazards - During a siege, the structural integrity of the fortification is obviously compromised. Attackers and defenders alike will have to exhibit caution and prudence during their maneuvers. Otherwise they may find themselves crushed, suffocated, or trapped for the enemy to find. Lifts that are ‘destroyed’ will in fact be destroyed. Soldiers that are within the proximity of a brush damage change will be /kill’d, etc. -=- Skirmish Agreements Skirmish agreements are what will now replace large scale raiding. The established warfront will have a zone of conflict that is to be prepped for the upcoming warclaim, this zone will be where warring sides may skirmish without limitations. Agreeing to a skirmish agreement, showing collective sportsmanship from both sides, and keeping ‘it’ on the field will result in minor perks over the course of the war to both sides. -=- Raid Rules Raid baiting is not allowed, unless it is for the purpose of raiding within the raid rules. Definition of Raid Baiting: 3+ enemy-affiliated players not contributing to non-hostile RP and refusing to leave when requested. -=- Horses in Wars, Raids, or any other conflict may not be used as a means to jump over walls or other fortification 3 or more blocks tall. It may be possible mechanically but it makes no sense in RP. People found doing so will be banned for the duration of the conflict they are participating in, and perhaps longer if they are a repeat or problem offender. -=- Refer to the reply below by Fireheart for further information regarding the types of raids! Hide contents To be noted: + Outlined expectations of captured territory. - Goal when capturing territory is to encourage activity in captured territories. - Occupiers must fix landscar and battlefields post-warclaims. -Make war have a higher cost than simply winning warclaims. Expectations to offensive party victories. Will be noted on a case by case basis. + Outlined requirements and expectations when rebelling from a territory. - Requirements when staging a rebellion which will be dealt by a case by case basis. - Require documentation and RP to support so said rebellion. -Ensure in outlined requirements that rebellions will be based off RP conflict rather than OOC disagreement. For any questions or clarifications do not hesitate to PM Cosmic or myself. Often times situations will arise that do not fall in line with our current rules and for the sake of keeping wars fun and simple we will be the final judge in all matters outside of these war rules.
  7. It has become apparent that the forum rules are have become quite difficult to access with these newer forums, so the FM team and I have taken this opportunity to update and repost them. The previous set hadn’t been updated in over two years, so I hope that this update helps to make things a bit more clear. If you have any questions, feel free to contact myself or any of the FMs and we’ll do our best to get back to you. --------------- The Forum Rules No racist or abusive material may be posted at any time, regardless of who it’s aimed at. We’re all here to have fun, and attacking people isn’t alright. Under no circumstances is pornographic material or material considered to be adult content to be posted. Any material posted of this nature will warrant a harsh ban. Do not post material that is illegal in any way. This includes plagiarism and material that infringes copyright. Example: If you take pictures from DeviantArt and claim them as your own, people do notice, and you will be punished. Do not post or link material that may/will cause harm to other people or their computers. This includes ‘screamers’. Swearing is not to be directed at anyone at any time. Ever. Not only is it rude but it is highly offensive. Keep swearing to a minimum and remember to keep it tasteful and within context in RP threads - just like on the server. Do not double post. If you need to change your post or add something extra, then use the edit button. Adding extra posts is classed as spam and may receive a warn. Spamming of any nature is not permitted. This includes posts, status updates and unnecessarily bumping topics. Do not make a post just to correct other people. That’s not polite, and is simply unneeded. Do not, under any circumstances; troll, flame, cause trouble or behave inappropriately. Creating unnecessary drama is not appreciated, and may be punished. Please write in English on the forums, to keep it easy for everyone to read and understand. Appropriate IC languages may be used in the roleplay section, however “txt l1k3 dis” is not acceptable and WRITING IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS can be constituted as flaming if not done in a RP context. Backseat moderating is against the rules. This means doing the job of a moderator when you’re not in a moderating position. Criticism is helpful and helps us try to create a server that everyone can enjoy. If you have criticism, regardless of whether it’s for the staff or other players, make sure it’s given in a constructive way. Furthermore, if you disagree with what a player or staff member is saying, you should remain mature when expressing it. Attempts to belittle players or acting with an overall destructive manner will not be tolerated. Do not use our forums to advertise other forums or servers unless you can display proof of moderator permission. Most sections of the forums, especially the roleplay section have rules specific to them. Please remain aware of these guidelines, as they’re in place to for the benefit of those trying to roleplay. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/130297-roleplay-post-guidelines/ Try to post things in the right section and when applicable; the right format. If you’re not sure where you should be posting something, don’t be afraid to PM a Forum Moderator or GM. Please keep your signature to a reasonable size. If you want to include a lot of information or pictures, you can use spoilers to prevent it getting the signature getting too large. If your signature is too lengthy, you may have parts removed to stop it clogging up pages. And remember, ignorance is no excuse. The use of “I didn’t know the rules” will not be accepted. If you don’t make yourself familiar with the rules, it’s your own fault if you break them. Especially since we have Forum Moderators and GMs happy to help when you don’t understand something. --------------- Warning Points and Forum Bans If a moderator deems that you have broken any of these rules, are failing to follow the guidelines for sections like the Roleplay forums, or are otherwise behaving in a manner harmful to LotC and its community, they may choose to punish you via the warning system built into the forums. Depending on the severity of your actions, you may receive 0 to 10 warning point. This is up to the discretion of the moderator, and may be influenced by your prior history. When you reach 10 warning points, you will have your Forum AND IG accounts banned. Your first forum ban will last 1 month, however subsequent ones will be greatly extended. When you’re forum-banned, making another account to continue using the forums will not be tolerated. This is akin to ban-evading, and will result in your ban being extended. The ONLY exception to this is making an account specifically for the purpose of appealing your forum ban. If you’re found using this account for any other purpose, it will also be banned. Any forum ban appeals should be formatted and posted like regular bans, and if given by a Forum Moderator should be addressed to the current Forum Moderator Leader. Forum Moderators do not handle ban appeals. Forum bans given by GMs may be addressed to the Forum Moderator Leader or the banning GM. If you believe a warning point you received is unjust, you may send the Forum Moderator Leader or the warning moderator a forum PM to discuss it. There’s no guarantee it will be changed however. Warning points may be appealed after an extended period of good behaviour. If you’re attempting to appeal a point within a month of receiving it or any other warning points, your appeal will not be accepted. Any appeals after this time will be considered based on the behaviour you’ve shown since the warning. When appealing a warning point, it must be appealed to the moderator who originally gave you the point, unless they’re no longer on the staff team. If this is the case, they should be appealed to the current Forum Moderator Leader. It’s preferable that all appeals are done through forum PMs instead of skype or other mediums, so that it can be requisitioned if required. It is NOT necessarily to appeal warning points via the ban appeal methods. --------------- When using LotC’s forums, please remember that this is what represents our server on the internet, and is usually one of the first glimpses of us that potential newcomers will see. We’d like to make a good first impression so that our community can continue to grow, so please do your part to keep the forums clean and tidy.
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