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  1. Please can the commentary be kept respectful and constructive there will be further changes announced also soon
  2. Test Me Maybe

    1. Elindor


      Are you missing out on all the finals gossip?

    2. Elindor


      Oh I see. You mean about the thing were you qoute @ski_king3 and then it all goes + shaped

    3. ski_king3
  3. Test+Test+Test

    1. Monkee



  4. Testing+my+Soul

  5. This server has been operating for quite some time, since 2011, and across that timespan its players have seen constant changes. Whether it was in plugins, in maps, in rules regarding various ways players should operate - roleplay applications or default combat systems, etc. Never in that time though has one of the most obvious, and perhaps one of the easiest things to enforce, been clearly defined. Rules of community conduct are a necessity, to give moderators a a system to better assist them in determining punishments and to give players the knowledge that Lord of the Craft can remain a fun
  6. Lord of The Craft War Rules This rule set will cover protocol for war between two groups. If any of these rules do not establish a clear foundation for what you or your faction seek to accomplish during a war, contact CosmicWhaleShark or Fireheart for questions regarding your situation. Liberal interpretations, intentional loop-holing, or attempts to remain playfully ignorant of any rules present, will in turn result in punishment accordingly. -=- General Unless requested otherwise, all wars will function under a ‘seize and secure’ method of operation. An initial pitched
  7. It has become apparent that the forum rules are have become quite difficult to access with these newer forums, so the FM team and I have taken this opportunity to update and repost them. The previous set hadn’t been updated in over two years, so I hope that this update helps to make things a bit more clear. If you have any questions, feel free to contact myself or any of the FMs and we’ll do our best to get back to you. --------------- The Forum Rules No racist or abusive material may be posted at any time, regardless of who it’s aimed at. We’re all here to have fun, an
  8. Hey new avatar day :D

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      There's a day for it?

  9. Fixed Avatar Size I hope

  10. Fast Travels should be fixed

    1. Keldrith


      Bu-But you can fix them...

  11. Signatures have returned all shall rejoice

  12. Fixed the perms for applications

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