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  1. Damn this Server has changed sooo Much XD

  2. Any Old friends Still here?

    - Sissiro

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    2. + Reggieo +

      + Reggieo +

      OH MY! FROTTI! I've been Great Man! How you been, Only seems like yesterday We were all Skypeing it up!

    3. Frott


      Right? I've been great! If you got discord man, you should definitely hmu sometime!

    4. Diddyski
  3. Would anyone be so kind to Recolour and shade a skin for moi?

  4. Love how Sissiro is getting shadowed by nothing but a petty Jester.......  Very Similar Skins Disco..... Tut Tut

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    2. EdgyMagey


      Please pull the rooster out of your donkey



      Tut tut, a spin and a twirl! My Jester's just after a pretty girl.

      You were always an excellent villain and role-player, it's good to carry on the Jestering tradition in your shoes, schizophrenic and bloodthirsty or not. <3

    4. + Reggieo +

      + Reggieo +

      See  lovely rhyme for the one of the same kind! At least you understand as some others seem to not like me haha :D

  5. Where are all my psychos at?

  6. Just wanted to know how everyone's getting on, Any old friends about nowadays?

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    2. mitto


      hows uni bro?

    3. + Reggieo +

      + Reggieo +

      Uni wasn't for me, Around Christmas they changed my course and i decided it was best to leave, I have taken a different path and I am now a Chef! XD

    4. The Green Wizard
  7. Well.... Fallout 4 Hss done stuff to me....

    1. christian2142


      The trailer was a disappointment doe. ;-;

  8. Clicker Hero take two.

  9. Hmm, I seem to have lost the details to my account.

  10. Maybe I should bring back De'Stolistes

  11. I don't want to clog up another pointless post, so have a statement instead, A few months ago I siad I was going away, this was duo to illness, not a nice subject though at the time I was not one for sharing it now i'm just glad to get back into touch with you guys. Please Love me

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    2. mitto


      you might want to update the link in your signature :p

    3. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      *launches his heart*

    4. BartOhYeah
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